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How Important Is Pretend Play?

Studies have shown that when a child engages in pretend play, he is doing so much more than passing the time. Pretend play is necessary for children learning how to experiment in the social and emotional roles of life. When kids pretend to be pirates, princesses, chefs, or doctors they’re learning how to “walk in someone else’s shoes.” It’s also great exercise for their imagination. But when kids play together, or with their parents (you!) they learn even more. Toys and role playing that encourage co-operation teach kids how to take turns, share responsibility and problem-solve. It also teaches them to understand how other feels, and to look further than their own point of view. My boys love to cook. We play restaurant, adn they take turns taking my order, cooking my food and even giving me the bill!

A cooking kitchen is practically a staple of every childhood and one of the BEST tools for encouraging pretend play and cooperation. Our family received the Playskool Sesame Street Come ‘N Play Cookie Monster Kitchen Cafe. This toy encourages development of Fine Motor Skills, Imagination, Cognitive Learning and Social & Emotional Development. Mason must have spent an afternoon cooking for Abby, Elmo and Cookie Monster.

The more interactive a toy is, the more fun pretend play can be. The kitchen has over 70 phrases/sound effects and plays the Cookie Monster Kitchen Cafe’ Song! It isn’t long before kids are using these phrases too! Which is great for their language and thinking skills.  It comes with 6 pieces of play food a spatula and a frying pan. Food can be cooked on the light up stove burner that makes sizzling sound effects. When the foods all done the boys can ring the order bell and then slide open the serving window to feed hungry customers like Elmo and Abby Cadabby or mommy, daddy and brother! The kitchen also features a fun menu and a door that opens and closes. The oven can also double as storage for the accessories which is super convenient.

At 30 inches tall, the kitchen fits kids 18 months to 4 years. It’s well worth the investment but right now it’s even better, the Playskool Sesame Street Come ‘N Play Cookie Monster Kitchen Cafe is regularly $59.88 online at Walmart!

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  1. I really do love the PLAYSKOOL SESAME STREET COME ‘N PLAY COOKIE MONSTER KITCHEN CAFÉ first and foremost, but I also like the manipulative toys also like the PLAYSKOOL SESAME STREET STEPS TO SCHOOL Ready for School Elmo too.

  2. The Mr Potato Head Tub toy is adorable-I always have had a soft spot for Mr Potato Head 🙂

  3. I love the PLAYSKOOL MR. POTATO HEAD TATER TUB Set and know that my three year old daughter would too!

  4. My son loves EVERYTHING Sesame Street! He has the Let’s Rock Elmo (he calls M0-Mo) and I love that the other characters and instruments interact with eachother! Pretend play is extremely important, and I think if he had this kitchen his imagination would run wild 🙂

  5. The Sesame Street Kitchen – of course!
    DS loves Sesame Street – we watch it everyday.

  6. I like this: Sesame Street

    $21.99 Approx. Retail

  7. Sesame Street Cash Register – right now my daughter has areally cheap one she loves but I want to get her a better one.

  8. I think my son would also really like the PLAYSKOOL SESAME STREET Playset.

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  9. The play favorites busy pop and pals. kids love those. i don’t like branded toys, my kids don’t watch TV so they don’t get it anyway.

  10. my son has rockin elmo and he loves it! he is almost to and he would love the kitchen set! 🙂

  11. I love the cookie monster and elmo kitchen center. My granddaughters come to visit me often and would just love to have this to play with.

  12. I love love love the elmo kitchen. I have 3 little girls who pretend play alot. We have an old beat up play kitchen that they play with, one girl gets to be the customer, one girl gets to be the cook, and one gets to be the waitress. The youngest (26 months) is in LOVE with “melmo” and she would flip over this!

  13. Anything with Elmo is a big hit but think the Elmo cash register would go over very big here. Its so cute!!

  14. Spiderman stunt city… we already have the batman version. sturdy and lots of time using it.

  15. sesame street ‘super grover remote’…my 14 mo. old granddaughter, annabella, would get such a kick out of this.

  16. Abagail has the pop and play elephant and loves it. I love the old fashioned games. She would probley love the PLAYSKOOL ROCKTIVITY WALK ‘N ROLL RIDER (Pink). Thank you, Mary

  17. Along with the kitchen, I also love the PLAYSKOOL WEEBLES TURN ‘N TUMBLE HOME Playset!! Thanks! 🙂

  18. The poppin park elephant. I’ve been trying to save up my pampers gifts to grow points to get one for my son!

  19. I looked for something I like better, but the Playskool Sesame Street Come ‘N Play Cookie Monster Kitchen Cafe is my favorite

  20. My favorite product is the PLAYSKOOL SESAME STREET LET’S ROCK! Singin’ Cookie Monster

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