advertisementEveryone who blogs wonders what there actual worth is at one time or another. When you starting getting involved in groups and as your blog gets larger, opportunities for advertisement come up. How much should I charge for ad space on my blog? What options are out there?

Average-sized ads are usually priced at around $1 for every 2,000 page impressions. An impression is how many time that ad loads – or page view. So this means if you average 2,000 page views a day, you should charge $1 a day or $30 a month. You do not need to charge that amount. You can always charge what you think is right on a situational basis as well. This is just a good basis to start with for a standard 150 x 150 button.

This brings up the size of the ad vs price. The price of each ad is determined by the size of the ad, where the ad is placed on your site and how many other ads are around each ad. You can always charge more for an ad if it is larger, higher or not near any other ads. Usually niche sites can have ads priced higher at $2 or $3 per 2,000 impressions. You would want to base your ad prices on the ad prices in your niche to make sure you get the value that you deserve., and if this is the average for an approximate ad size in your niche, you may want to price your similar-sized ads in the same range or just below that range to get the value that you deserve.

Do not oversell or undersell your ads.

It is important that you don’t price too low or too high. If you set your prices too high, you may not get any ads, ans while pricing too low can get you a ton of fast sales; not only will you be making less than what you should, you can be a contributor to bringing down the value of website real estate all over the world. I do not want to be that person do you? Educate your self on your site’s worth and charge accordingly.

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