How That Time Of The Month Effects Women

Women are unique, mysterious, beautiful, strong, intelligent and a myriad of other interesting things. We are each as different from one another as one snowflake is from another. There is one thing that virtually every woman has the same as every other woman is their period. Yep, I said it! We all get it, we mostly dread it and we cannot wait for it to be over. We get such lovely things like mood swings and depression, bloating, carb cravings, fatigue and sore and swollen breasts. Other common symptoms are joint and muscle pain, headaches, trouble sleeping, lack of energy, lack of concentration and upset tummy. There are many causes for these behaviors including hormone changes, low vitamin levels, and changes in prostaglandins which cause uterine contractions, which cause cramping.

How That Time Of The Month Effects Women

Playtex, a name women have trusted for years, has a new product called the Gentle Glide 360. This revolutionary new product is designed with your comfort in mind. The Gentle Guide 360 has 3 layers, purse resistant wrappers, 4 sizes and a comfort shaped applicator. To celebrate their newest product, Playtex recently took a “period poll” to see how that time of the month effects women. the poll was conducted among 1,00 women ages 18+ by Wakefield Research, and the results were quite interesting! Here are some of the cool facts they discovered:

Which of the followings is more difficult to satisfy during that “time of the month”— your man or your food cravings?

  • 53% – my food cravings
  • 47% – my man

How many women skipped a hot date because it was that time of the month?

  • (32%) BUT only
  • Only 13% of the women surveyed skipped a hot date because of an acne breakout.

Have you ever called into work sick due to your period?

  • 41% of women responded Yes!

Additionally, of the women polled:

  • 65% of women avoid wearing new clothes during that time of the month
  • 79% of women would avoid white pants or shorts
  • 50% of women would avoid wearing a bathing suit

Which do you crave more during the “time of the month”?

  • 69% – Sweet
  • 31% – Salty

Which of the following foods, if any, do you crave more often during the “time of the month”?

  • 62% – Chocolate
  • 35% – Candy
  • 32% – Potato Chips
  • 25% – French Fries

Have you ever scheduled a trip or vacation around your “time of the month”?

  • 51% – Yes!
  • 49% – No