If you’re into boxing and other combat sports, then you’re around at a great time. The betting opportunities for your favourite sports have gone through the roof. That means all sorts of fights are covered from the biggest Pay per View bouts to local fights in your area. The betting opportunities really are endless. If there’s a fight going on somewhere, you can probably bet on it. But if you’re new to the world of betting on boxing, then check out this useful article for a load of info that could be interesting to you, and much, much more.

Betting online

One of the easiest ways to place a bet these days is online. That’s thanks to one of many online bookmakers. If you haven’t done it before, it’s really easy and something you should be able to get the hang of in an instant. Simply pick the right bookie for you, sign up and enter your payment details then you can get betting.

The good thing about this sort of betting is that you can find almost any fight or contest (as well as many other sports) in an instant. And you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.

Another great benefit of online bookies is that there are so many first deposit and welcome bonuses you can make the most of, as well as matched bets. These are where a bookmaker gives you extra money to play with when you make a deposit at their site. You don’t get this sort of incentive for betting when you use a normal bookmaker.

Betting at the venue

Depending on which boxing venue you’re at, you might have the ability to bet legally at the venue. There could be a number of betting counters or individual bookmakers offering odds on the fight, so keep a look out for this and get your bets on. Don’t lose your slip!

Betting with peers

If you’ve got a few buddies round for the fight, you can always make some informal bets between you. Just make sure you keep things friendly.

Betting at casinos

Casinos like those in Las Vegas tend to have their own range of betting options. When there’s a big fight on, these will be some of the busiest places and best atmospheres to enjoy the fight itself.

Betting at a regular bookmaker

There are always regular betting options at standard bookies. These have been around for ages, but you have to live in an area where this type of betting is around. That’s actually the case for all of these bookies, but finding a bricks and mortar bookmaker can still be hard in some areas. There is one benefit of these compared to online betting—you can get access to your money straight away if you win. However, actually getting there can be less convenient. That’s why more and more people are using online bookmakers these days.

Different combat sports to bet on

You don’t just have to bet on boxing to enjoy betting and combat sports. There are loads of different variations that you can bet on. Remember, the best online bookies will offer odds for all these things. If you can’t find the fight you want, then consider moving to another bookmaker where you can.


Mixed Martial Arts like UFC have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Many view this sport as bigger than boxing. While you could argue about that for hours, what is for sure is that you can place bets on all sorts of MMA events, not just the UFC. Have a look at the odds and pick your own potential winning bets.

Bare knuckle fighting

Bare knuckle fighting remains controversial and is not regulated in every area. Finding odds and bookies that offer bets for bare knuckle fighting is a bit harder than for many other types of combat sports, but there are still options available if this is what you want to bet on.

Regular boxing

Regular boxing is perhaps the easiest sport to find odds for. Almost every bookie will cater for the biggest PPV events, but many good bookies can offer odds for lots of smaller fights, like local bouts. If this is the sort of thing that you want to bet on, then have a look and find the best bookie for you.

Martial arts

Rather than Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) you can actually bet on traditional martial arts like Judo and Karate if you find the right bookie. These sports might not be as popular or easy to find, but it is still possible.

Types of boxing bets

If you need a bit more help knowing what sorts of things to bet on when it comes to boxing and other combat sports, then check out the next few tips.

Of course, you can bet on the overall winner of a bout. That’s a standard way to bet, but you won’t find massive odds there unless you’re backing a huge underdog.

One bet people like with boxing is betting on the round that the fight ends. This can be combined with the winner to make a more appealing multiple. You can also bet on how the boxing match might end, either by TKO, decision or other. Again, this can be combined with the winner and even the round again in a multiple.

There are all sorts of bets like this and you really can make up your own combination. Think that there’s going to be a TKO by the underdog in the 4th round? You can bet on that.

Betting on boxing gives you loads of ways to enjoy the fight. Try placing a few side bets so that when the next mega-fight is on, you’ve really got something to cheer for.

When you combine these betting possibilities with a welcome deposit bonus at a new casino, you could be onto a winner. You might even be able to use your free bet before you even touch your own deposit money. That’s a great way to bet on boxing.