Four Ways To Build A Fort

My sister and I used to drive my poor mom crazy with our obsession with fort building. I grew up in Cleveland, OH and we had a LOT of snow. When the weather would keep us inside, we chose to do one of two things; build a fort or slide down the stairs on a blanket. Since fort building hurt a lot less than sliding down those wooden stairs, we usually went for the fort. We would take all the cushions off the couch and chairs and grab every blanket and sheet in the entire house. As the good children we were, we would of course allow mom the joy of putting everything back where it came from! If you are new to the whole fort construction world or need a few ideas on the best way to build them, this guide is for you!

4 Ways You Can Build A Fort

How to Build A Fort – A Guide For Kids At Heart

  1. Cushions: I think one of the most popular methods for making a fort is using the cushions from the sofa and chairs. We usually took the two side chairs for support and then built the cushions around them. We always saved 2 of the smaller cushions to sit on. Once we were done, we got a blanket or sheet to cover us so mom could not “find” us.
  2. Dining Room Table: We had 6 kids and 2 adults in our house, so we had a big dining room table. When we were feeling less inspired and creative, this was the place to go. All we had to do was hang 6 blankets and sheets and we were snug as bugs in a rug. My dad put a stop to the dining room table fort after my sister smacked him in the leg with a spatula thinking it was one of our brothers. Oops.
  3. Cardboard Boxes: These make great forts IF you can get a hold of enough of them. When I was little, it was easier to get the bigger boxes from the appliance store than it is now. If you cannot get the big boxes, you can always tape several small boxes together to make a larger structure.
  4. A Fort Building Kit: My kids are super creative, which is why building forts is so much fun for them. I think one of them may actually end up as an architect when they are older. My husband is really weird about the kids using the cushions and the table to make a fort, so for us, CRAZY FORTS! is the best way to construct the coolest forts in the world!


The idea for CRAZY FORTS! was inspired by a creative dad with two equally creative daughters. Jim Whitney was watching his two daughters, ages 3 and 5, playing and wondered why there was not a kit on the market they could build whatever they wanted. Instead of being literally stuck inside the proverbial box, he decided to think outside of it. He wanted kids to be able to build anything they wanted, including an igloo, a cave, a ship or whatever they could think of. With that inspiration, CRAZY FORTS! was born.

The CRAZY FORTS! system is a series of sticks and balls with large divots the sticks fit into. The balls have CRAZY FORTS! words at the top to make it easier to know where the balls need to be lined up correctly. You can download the instructions for an Igloo, House, Tunnel, Rocket and Castle from the website or their Facebook page. 2 LED lights that fit into the holes, which sell for $15. We received the 69-piece Glow In The Dark kit which sells for $70, along with The kids had a lot of fun building several forts, especially when we were snowed in so much these past several weeks. I think the favorite design we built had to be the Rocket Ship but the Igloo is a close second. You can buy your CRAZY FORTS! from , Barnes and Noble, and select stores in your area, which can be found through their store locator. You can also purchase the Original or Princess Playset for $50. One USA reader will win one Original CRAZY FORTS!

What is your kids favorite way to build a fort?