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How To Build A Strong Family Bond With Me In A Tree

As parents, it is our job to create a healthy foundation for our kids that will prepare them for adulthood. We make sure our kids have a safe and happy home, food in their tummies and lots of unconditional love and nurturing. The stumbling blocks many parents face is how overwhelming, confusing and difficult it can be to raise a child. We all want our kids to grow to be happy, kind and successful adults, but how do we do that? We buy books, listen to friends, or go to counseling  for help, guidance and advice, but often, we feel we have come up short. How exciting would it be to find all the information you needed to build a stronger family bond in one place? Well, guess what! Me In A Tree is a comprehensive online resource that can do just that!

How To Build A Strong Family Bond

What happens to a plant if it does not get the water, sunlight and nutrients it needs? It dies, right? Well, the same holds true for our families and children if they are not consistently being fed what they need to flourish. David Royer, Michelle Cochrane and Eva Macyszyn are friends who have 9 kids between them that would talk about the struggles and successes they had with raising their own kids. Through those talks, they discovered there was a need for a place where other families could learn how to build a strong family bond. With Dave’s background in digital arts, Michelle’s in marketing and Eva’s in social work, they realized by combining their strengths  they could build a community parents could go for help. From that desire sprouted the Me In A Tree online program for parents and their kids.

Joining Me In A Tree takes just a few minutes. You first supply your basic family information and create an avatar for each person in the family.  If you click on an avatar,  you are taken to a page that had a “Gratitude” area and a  “Daily Reflections” area. Here you can add things you are grateful for and something you  learned about your family on that day. The next step is to set a date for your “Family Huddle” which is a time you and your family will sit down and talk. You will have a blast setting up the Huddle because as you click on who will be at the Huddle, each person gets assigned a job. For example, if you are given the name of “Gigglin” , you are in charge of making the tone of the Huddle fun. Your husband may be given the position of “Target” who keeps everyone on track during the meeting. From there, you keep going until everyone has a job. During the meeting you all share about your positives and negatives of the day and you even have a timer for the long winded speakers in the group! Once everyone has shared, spin the “Family Fun Topic” and see what your random question will be. Ours was to share which personality trait we thought got us in trouble the most.  Next, General Trinket asks you to pull the lever on what our “Family Challenge” for the week is, which may be to “Teach Your Kid’s 3 New Chores”.  Once you complete the Huddle, you will schedule your next Huddle.

Raising Kids To Be Healthy Adults

There are a ton of  awesome resources at Me In A Tree like articles, videos, helpful websites and even a forum where you can meet and share with other families. One area that is very helpful is “Ask Eva” where you can ask questions and get advice about parenting and it is completely confidential. Another helpful area is the “Family Assessment” section where you can take a quiz to find out what the strengths and weaknesses you have as a family. You have 5 areas you will answer a series of questions for and at the end you will get an assessment based on the information you gave. This tool gives you a clear picture with which to set our goals around.  Another great area is the “My Duties” area where you can create a list of chores for the entire family.

I cannot say enough positive things about Me In A Tree. I think this website is exactly what many families need and have probably been searching for. The experience can give your family the opportunity to see how you can work together to build a solid foundation for your family as a whole. This program gives everyone a voice, which is hugely important in the growing process of a family. The colorful and very fun graphics are engaging and make you want to spend time in Me In A Tree! Kids will easily relate to the colorful and friendly characters from the different areas of Me In A Tree. For just $5.99 a month, any family can join and get started on building the strong healthy bonds every family needs in order to be successful. I look forward to using Me In A Tree daily for helpful information to keep my family on track. You can try it for yourself FREE on a free 2 week trial!

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