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How to Create the Perfect Home Bar

I have wanted to find out how to create the perfect home bar for a while now.  I live in sunny Florida in a house that has the perfect backyard to entertain in.  My kids have one section of the yard where their play area is so why not create an adult play area as well?!  My husband has wanted to put a Tiki Bar outside, and I must admit it fits in perfectly with the vibe here in Florida.  I knew there was more to creating a home bar than just plopping down a Tiki bar! One of the first things that came to mind was figuring out how to keep our drinks cold while outside in the Florida heat.  I knew I did not want to run back and forth to the kitchen for ice. So I was happy to try the AI-215 portable ice maker.

It produces up to 50 pounds of ice per day, making it ideal for kitchens, bars, RVs, and outdoor parties. I love how the ice comes out and that when it melts it is recycled to use again! The ice maker can make 3 sizes of cubes, has a 6-15 minute cycle time and makes almost 30 pounds of ice per day.  This ice machine is just what we needed for our Tiki bar!  The machine is easier to carry than I would have thought and it fits in the space perfectly.  If we want to make a drink, we just open the lid and get a scoop of cubes and we are good to go.

NewAir, which was founded in 2002, is well known for their outstanding products for the home.  Made with the busy consumer in mind, NewAir has a full line of small appliances made to make your life easier.  When you purchase an appliance from your home from NewAir, you will not only get an excellent product that is well made, but looks great as well.  You can find portable ice makers, air conditioners, space heaters, ice cream makers, wine coolers and many other products. The team at NewAir has designed appliances that are portable and compact to fit into even the smallest of spaces.  NewAir has become a leader in their industry for a product line that is on the cutting edge of technology that is as easy to use as they are energy efficient.  To help you with your questions, NewAir has a staff of specialists that have been extensively trained to make your shopping experience a breeze. I am glad we decided on the NewAir portable ice maker to make our home bar a success!


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