Choosing Flattering Blouses For Your Figure

Choosing the right items for your wardrobe can be quite confusing and overwhelming. When I was working in an office, I was always concerned about how I presented myself on the job. I know how to put together a nice outfit, although it may not be the best outfit for my body type. When I am at my optimal weight, I tend to be be more like an hourglass. I do have a waist but my hips have never been what you would call small and I do have a full chest. If anything, I am usually self-conscious about how I look and dress to not emphasize my curves. Now that I have gained a good bit of weight, I realize how celebrated those curves should be. I am working hard to get this weight off and I have made a promise to myself to dress to flatter my figure. If you aren’t sure of which body type you are, this may help:

  • Round: If you gain your weight around your middle, you are considered a round body type.
  • Pear: This is you if you have your weight mostly in your lower body and are wider on the bottom rather than the top.
  • Wedge: This body type has a broad chest and wide shoulders and a narrow waist and hips.
  • Rectangle:This is a more slender and athletic build and you won’t have any body features you want to downplay.  What you do want to consider is accentuating your figure to make it more womanly and soft than boyish.

How To Dress For Your Body Type

Now that you know what your body type is, we can see what clothing would be most suitable for you. Keep in mind that although these are styles the fashion industry has suggested, you should always wear what you are comfortable in.

  • Pear: You would look best in clothing that will show off your small waist and flat tummy. A cowl or square neck would look great and lighter colors on top are best.  Wear darker colors on the bottom and do not wear pants with big pockets or skirts with bold prints.
  • Wedge:  Do not wear a boat neck or spaghetti straps but do wear a waist cinching top that accentuates your tiny waist.  Do not wear a full skirt or wide leg pants and wear bright colors on the bottom and softer colors on top.
  • Rectangle:  Wear a scoop neck or a sweetheart neck to create some curves.  Add layers to give your body some dimension and wearing rouching is a great way to add a waist.
  • Round: This is me! Wear tops that are loose in the midsection like an empire top, a tunic or baby doll.  Cowl necks are OK but don’t wear belts, high rise pants and waist cinching blouses.

When it comes to choosing flattering blouses for your figure, Igigi, one of the leaders in the plus size fashion industry is a great choice. The new Retro Collection has arrived at Igigi  and you will be happy to see the gorgeous prints, colors, styles and available sizes.   The clothing from Igigi are contemporary, beautifully designed and immaculately made.  Igigi believes you should not need to forfeit fashion and taste for a larger size. If you are lacking in nice tops, the perfect top from Igigi  the gorgeous Cameron is a perfect addition.  The beautiful cowl neck and roomy midsection are flatteringly beautiful for a woman with some extra weight in her tummy as well as a full bra size. The Cameron can be machine washed and hung to dry and retains it shape.  This is a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe!  You can purchase the Cameron at Igigi online and it sells for $64.00.

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  1. I love Igigi! Their Leigh Lace Dress in Red has always been a favorite of mine, one day I will own it!

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  3. Nice outfits. I really liked some of the evening gowns, but would never use one. I like the Mara Dress in Majesty Purple.

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