How To Easily Keep Your House Clean

I realize it is way past spring cleaning time, but cleaning tips are always relevant! With 2 kids, a husband, 2 cats and a creek in my back yard, keeping my house clean is not always easy. I am really bad about getting involved in a project and then I let the housework slide a bit. It seems I go in waves with my cleaning spurts. I will be really good about keeping everything picked up and then I get exhausted just thinking about it and slack off a bit. Now that the kids are older, they do help a bit, but come on! They are the kids who happen to be two of the major mess makers around here! In order to make things easier, I decided to turn to the experts and see what they suggest I do in order to easily keep your house clean. Here are some of their tips:

  1. Put It Back:Once you are finished using something, put it back where you got it from. Not only does this make it neater around the house, but it makes it easier to find what you need.
  2. Find A Place: I am crazy about labeling things so the kids will know where to put things. We have the laundry room bins all labeled and the kids bins are all labeled in their rooms. I also have things labeled in the bathroom as well.
  3. Purge Often:When you noticed you are not using something for a while, you may want to throw it away. You do not want to be a hoarder do you?
  4. Cut Down On Buying: As George Carlin said in one of his routines, people go buy stuff and then they need a bigger house to put the stuff in and then they go buy more stuff. Decide what you need and live with it. Do you need more than 2-3 sets of sheets? You can only sleep on one set at a time, right?
  5. Use Helpful Tools: When you are cleaning, make your tools work for you, not the other way around. Instead of getting a step stool out every time you dust up high, get a duster that has an extendable wand. If you are cleaning your floors, use a tool that cuts down on the effort and back aches like that from Bona

How To Easily Keep Your House Clean

The entrance to our house leads directly into the kitchen. WE have a creek out back and a gravel drive, so the kids often track dirt into the house. I find myself constantly cleaning those floors and the mop I had was killing my back. I needed to find something that would be easy to use and I was not doing a lot of bending with. I was sent the Hardwood Floor Mop along with the Stone, Tile and Laminate refill cartridge.

All you need to do is pop the cartridge in the mop, pull the trigger and start cleaning, The floor cleaner sprays a nice wide path in front of you to make cleaning even easier. The solution does not leave any dull residue, so the floors look nice, clean and shiny. I was really impressed with the amount of solution (33 ounces) that comes in each cartridge. I have a pretty small kitchen, so this will last me for several months before I would need to replace it. Bona also carries cleaners for hardwood floors, polish, and other household cleaners and products. You can purchase the Bona product from their website including the Hardwood Floor Mop, which sells for $39.99 and the solution cartridge, which sells for $9.49. Bona also sells a Hardwood Floor Mop with sonic cleaning power for added bursts of cleaning.

One reader will win the Hardwood Floor Mop ($39.99) and their choice of the Hardwood Floor or the Stone, Tile and Laminate cartridge ($9.49)


  1. The hardwood floor mop. There are so many rooms in our house that I could use it. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  2. I like the hardwood floor mop-motion best. It looks like it would work great on lmy hardwood floors.

  3. I could really use the stone, tile & laminate polish. It would take care of every room in my house with only one product.

  4. My favorite product of their’s that I have tried is the Professional Grade Hardwood Oil-Modified FloorPoly. We used that when we refinished our floors and they look great.

  5. The Bona Premium Spray Mop would do me just fine. Always looking for something to help with keeping up with the cleaning. Even though my kids are grown and on their own now with their own kids, there’s still somehow plenty of cleaning to do!

  6. My mom uses their hardwood floor cleaners and her floors always look so nice. At 50, she still scrubs on her hands and knees – winning this for her would be awesome!

  7. The tile cartridge for the floor mop would be a great way of cleaning my kitchen floor and front entry.

  8. I would love to try the Hardwood Floor Mop,my house has almost all hard wood, so this would work wonderful, thank you:)

  9. I would also love the hardwood floor mop with motion. These look great! Just what I need.

  10. Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner. I have stone floors & laminate that I can use this for.

  11. I like the Stone, Tile and Laminate Cleaner, most of my house is laminate and I usually wash it by hand because nothing else cleans it to my expectations, so I would love to try it!

  12. The Hardwood Floor Mop with the Laminate cleaner cartridge. I have the hardest floors to clean in the universe. They are white laminate and for some reason they attract dust like a magnet especially when they are wet. I sweep the floors then when I try to mop it’s like dirt flies down out of the air and gets all over the floor again in wet globs. I have tried sweeping under all the appliances then buying a brand new mop double swept the floors then mopped with the brand new mop and poof dirty little blobs here and there all over my floor. It’s like it grabs dust out of the air and wets it and sticks it to my floor. Any product that may work around that and not make more of a mess then it cleans up is a winner in my book.

  13. Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner , I have stone floors in my Family Room, so this would be nice to try.

  14. Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaners sounds like it would be the perfect thing for my old floors.

  15. Hardwood Floor Cleaner (36 oz.) is what I want to try, I have hardwood floors and they are old and dirty.

  16. i like the floor cleaner but i also they have different kinds of cleaning products that i would like for hardwood floors

  17. I just started using these products, and love their hardwood floor cleaners. Would LOVE to try the cleaners for tile flooring!!!

  18. I use the Bona microfiber sweeper pad everyday to keep the floor free of dust, dirt, and crumbs.

  19. I have hardwood floors throughout so my favorite product would have to be the Hardwood Floor Mop-Motion .

  20. The Stone, Tile and Laminate Cleaner would be great! I also like that the pads are washable! 🙂 Thanks.

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