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How To Easily Remove Tan Lines With Tanee

I live in Florida, so I am tanned most of the year. I am often outside either from being on the run, playing with the boys or relaxing by the tiki hut. I don’t put much thought into my tan lines until I am wearing something that shows them off. I am going on a cruise soon and some of the outfits I plan to take will show my tan lines, which I would rather not show. The Tanee is an innovative beauty product that can disguise tan lines effortlessly. The unique pen gives accurate coverage of your unwanted tan lines and is safe to use anywhere. The Tanee blends with virtually all skin colors and fades naturally along with your own tan. Users will love the no mess applicator that leaves your hands and fingers free of any hard to remove color. The Tanee is all natural ingredients and can be used as often as you like without streaking or rubbing off on your clothing. With the small size of the applicator pen, you can carry it with you anywhere you go and fits easily into your purse.

How To Easily Remove Tan Lines

The Tanee is going to change the way women with tans will plan their wardrobe for any number of occasions. This product can easily remove tan lines with its 2-in-1 bronzer and sunless tanning lotion. Unlike other sunless lotions on the market, The Tanee will not leave you with embarrassing streaks or spots. The all natural and completely safe ingredients in The Tanee include DHA, caramel coloring and black walnut extract. DHA, which is gotten from sugar beets and sugar cane, is the common ingredient found in many sunless tanning lotions on the market. Believe it or not, DHA has been used as a temporary skin color since the 1920’s and has been available as a cosmetic aid since the 1960’s. Since its debut in 2010, The Tanee has been featured on TV shows like Good Morning America and The Today Show. It has also been featured in such magazines as Redbook, Cosmopolitan and Shape and was given the award for the most innovative product at the ECRM Sun Care Show and has won the Drug Store News’ prestigious “Best New Product” award. Currently The Tanee is available for $5.99 exclusively at drugstore.com.

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