Eliminate Odors In Your Home

How To Eliminate Odors In Your Home

Have you tried to find a way to eliminate odors in your home? There are so many products out there that claim they can magically make those odors disappear, but they never do! My husband hates everything I have used so far to get rid of certain odors in our house. Now don’t get me wrong readers, I am not living in a stinky house or anything like that! Everyone has problems with a stray smell here or there, especially if you have active children, pets or an adult with stinky feet (not that I am naming names or anything..my husband). I live in a house that the Keebler Elves would think was small, so if something or someone has an odoriferous moment, you can smell it all over the house! Most everything I have used doesn’t really get to the root of the problem.

There is a new product on the market that doesn’t mask odors but it actually eliminates them. What Odor? Is a completely non-toxic and safe around pets and children, so there is no worry if you spray it in a small space. You can use What Odor? for every odor in every area of your home or car. If you are a smoker and want to cover up that smell on your clothes or car, What Odor? Is perfect for you! If you have pets or kids who are active in sports, you can spray What Odor? Directly on the smells shoes, athletic equipment or pet area. This special formula is so effective that the team at What Odor? Said it can even cover up a skunk’s smell! Now that is some claim!

What Can You Do About Pet Odors

If you have any domesticated animal in your home, at some point I bet you have wondered what can you do about pet odors. My sister had ferrets when we were in high school and I promise you they stink worse than any other animal (except maybe an elephant in a zoo) around. I wish we had What Odor? ($19.99, and is only available online) when she had those stinky things slinking around our little apartment! We have zero space to stash the little box for our two furry babies, Hazel and Meap, so in the bathroom closet it goes! I have been trying to find a solution to getting rid of the pet odors in there and nothing has worked. I did use some powdered fresheners each time I cleaned the litter box, but it didn’t last very long! I was very interested in testing What Odor? to see how it would work on our issues. Believe it or not, it does get rid of the odors! I could not believe it! I have since used it on Caitlin’s sneakers because she refuses to wear socks and they stink to high heaven. My husband has used it in the car after it rained one night and the windows were down. There was such a strong mildew smell that we thought would never go away and it actually did! We were very close to having it professionally cleaned until that 16 oz. bottle of miracle spray was delivered to our home! For the price, I think it is well worth the cost.


  1. I tested out this products and it does actually Eliminate Odors, but it does leave behind a fragrance. The fragrance is not at all unpleasant.

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