Was my password stolen from LinkedIn?

I am sure you have heard that LinkedIn was hacked – but I am here to tell you how to find out if YOUR account was hacked and to see if your password was one of the 6.5 million compromised on Wednesday. If you do not use LinkedIn you can find out more about it here: How To Use Linked In To Help Grow Your Blog or Business.

It is really an easy solution to check now that  the password management firm, LastPass, released a tool to see if your password was among the stolen. Don’t worry it is secure.

Since we are all going to change our passwords, it is a safe tool to use regardless. Right? I mean you are changing your password – right? Just login to lastpass to enter your password and hopefully you will get the following screen like I did, but I still urge you to change your password like I did!

password hacked on linkedin