If you have decided to move to Brooklyn, it is more than ideal to move into an already furnished room. But, how do you find the right one?
You must first figure out what is important to you the most. If it’s privacy, you should rent a room that has a single bed, private bathroom, and ideally, a dressing room. 

If you don’t care about privacy, you can rent a shared room which will be a little cheaper. If you have made a decision, it is then necessary to answer other questions, especially pertaining to room equipment. If you are moving, it is best to move into an already fully furnished room.
There are many ads on Coliving that will have you bring your own furniture. From our point of view and from the perspective of the simplicity of moving to Brooklyn, it is best not to pay attention to them. This is because there are many advertisements on the market, where you will find already fully furnished rooms with many advantages. In addition, the rooms are often furnished with high-quality furniture, sometimes even brand new.Why is a furnished room better?You don’t have to haul your own furniture, rent a big moving vehicle, and carry a lot of things with you. You don’t have to worry about whether something will be destroyed in the course of your moving, and you don’t have to visit a new room several times to see if your furniture will fit there at all. Also, a furnished room is clearly a better choice because it is furnished completely and specially planned so that the potential tenant is satisfied and has everything necessary in the room. >The fully furnished room should be clean and undamaged. When moving in, you should always obtain photo documentation of what the room looked like and what condition the furniture was in before you moved in. 

You should also have a list of what the room specifically contains. However, this is now common practice when signing a contract, but it would be a mistake on our part not to tell you. Imagine moving into a new room by bringing just one or two backpacks of your personal belongings, which you place and store as you need. Unpacking will take you an hour or two at most, and then you can hit the streets of Brooklyn, to work, school, etc. But here is another question.

How should the room be furnished?

In order to talk about a fully furnished room, we must explain the word “fully”. This means that you will have your own bed in the room (bed size depends on you and the size of your bank account), wardrobe or space for hanging clothes, your own safe (especially if you share a room with one or more persons), bedside table, internet connection, and complete bed linen. 
We are only talking about the basic furnished room that you share with other people. If you pay extra, in addition to a larger bed, you can have your own work desk, private bathroom with bath or shower, private toilet, private dressing room, air conditioning, faster internet, TV, etc.

How to find your furnished room?

The answer to the question of how to find the right room in Brooklyn is diverse. In this Internet age, it’s really easy and there are plenty of Coliving offers in Brooklyn. 
Now that you know how your room should be furnished, you just need to find the most suitable one for you. 

Of course, it depends on many factors. It mainly depends on where specifically, i.e. what part of Brooklyn do you want to move to? What kind of person are you? What is your nature? If you don’t mind the night bustle, or you are rather looking for peace, and so on. If you have also chosen the part of Brooklyn where you want to live, then just use one of the many available coliving options to find the right room.


Friends are one of the best resources a person has. So try to ask them if they know someone looking for a roommate in that part of New York, or if they themselves need someone to share rent with. But if you had such friends, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article, would you?

Social Networks

Social networks are a bit like friends. In any case, you can join groups that are specifically dedicated to Coliving, and where specific people advertise that they are looking for a roommate. You can even join groups that deal with Brooklyn in general or a specific part of Brooklyn, and you can inquire directly in these groups. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky. However, the best, fastest and most advantageous is another alternative.

Internet Coliving companies

Coliving companies are companies dedicated exclusively to Coliving, and renting their properties and rooms, which are already completely and elegantly furnished. They also have offers specifically for Brooklyn. 

Coliving companies offer quality rooms that are already fully furnished, and as well offer you a really wide range of rooms to choose from. In addition, they provide security and cleaning, and you will also know in advance who already lives in the apartment. 
These types of companies are the best platform for finding an already furnished apartment in Brooklyn. 

Through the various Coliving websites, you can choose from different parts of Brooklyn, from different rooms that will be furnished according to your ideas and your financial capabilities. 

These companies are definitely one of the best ways to find an already fully furnished room in Brooklyn.

If we search, we might find other ways to get a suitable furnished room for you. 
However, we do not have to look any further, because the above options are the best and most reliable. 

If there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about, it is that you won’t find the right room. You just have to spend a while searching, and who knows? It may only take you only half an hour and you’ll know where your new home will be.