How to Foster Artistic Expression In Art With Your Teen

Both of my girls are incredibly creative in many areas, including art, music and writing. I am not trying to brag, but I must admit both my girls are also very intelligent. I had heard there may be a connection between a high IQ and a penchant for creativity, so I wanted to research that. I read a few articles online that explained why creativity is important for children. The main point of the information I gathered was there were two main areas effected when creativity is used and why creativity is important. The first is it helps children express themselves and gives them the safety to share their feelings either through artistic expression or verbally. The other point was it also taps into something called “divergent thinking”, which is a 2 step thought process. The first step is the brain is searched for prior knowledge on how to do certain tasks. This is actually a great exercise for your brain. The second step is when the creativity to make something new is used, it makes the brain generate new ideas and gather new information. Again, this is an exercise that makes your brain stronger, because like other muscles, it needs to be worked out. With the huge Arts and Craft Supply Center from Lakeshore Learning, Caitlin can flex those brain muscles all day long!
How to Foster Artistic Expression In Art With Your Teen

Artistic Expression In Art

I love that my girls are so artistically talented and I have a treasure trove full of their past projects. I have both girls on video singing and playing the violin and ukulele. From the time they were both very young they seemed to always  have a crayon, marker, pair of scissors or a bottle of glue in their hand. They also were constantly in my pantry getting macaroni and other interesting things they could glue onto something or make into a piece of jewelry. I can assure you with the huge Arts And Crafts Supply Center, which sells for $49.99 from Lakeshore Learning, Caitlin has been kept VERY busy!! This collection has 20 clear view drawers filled with everything your artist could want. You will find pom poms, glue sticks, glitter, foam pieces, ribbons and a million other cool things. With the activity book which is included, your child find their artistic expression in art and can do one of 20 projects included in the book. Caitlin decided to go old school with her painting, but as you can see, she is quite the Picasso lol.

Lakeshore got it’s start when in 1954, Ethelyn Kaplan, a single mother, decided to pack up her family and move to California. She to open a toy store selling toys to parents, but soon, local schools were calling her for art materials and other supplies. Mrs. Kaplan listened to her customers. Sensing an untapped market, she sold the store and started Lakeshore Learning Materials. Recently, Lakeshore Learning added a new line of educational toys that kids can play with at home. This extensive line can be purchased from and the products are designed to inspire kids to discover, create, build and much more. As part of the company’s long-standing dedication to making a real difference in the quality of children’s education, Lakeshore will donate $1 from every Learning at Home order through December 2013 to, an award-winning nonprofit organization that supports classrooms across the country.

One USA reader will win one Arts & Crafts Supply Center ($49.99)


  1. We looked together at the options my daughter loves everything, but really wants the a Three Way Table Top Easel

  2. I know it sounds crazy, but the Round-Edge Big Bins Storage Unit – 12 Cubby would be perfect for my house. I have 4 kids in various stages (11 months to 13 years) & school things are everywhere!!!! Organization would rock witht his!

  3. I have always been a painting geek, and think every kid in the world should be. So the choice of My first Painter kit is obvious.

  4. Wooden Bead Jewelry Kit is a great deal and my four year old would love making her own jewelry and The Grandma’s Dress-Up Trunk is amazing but $99.50 is way out of my price range.

  5. I really like the Write & Wipe Alphabet Practice Cards, these would be so helpful for my daughter!

  6. I love the File Folder Pocket Chart – I use it in my office at work because I have tons of wall space and not many drawers!

  7. I’d love to have the magnetic counting maze for my 2 year old son. He’s doing very well with the alphabet, numbers- not so much.

  8. My fav is Beginner’s Science Lab

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  9. I would love to have the bristle builders set in the kindergarten section. My 5 year old is loving to build everything right now.

  10. It may not be a toy or a game, but we like to encourage kids to want to learn with science gifts. The Learning Science Activity Tubs are great. Thnx! E

  11. I would love the wooden banjo for Abagail. All my children can play several types of instruments and I hope she has the “Music Gene” as well, lol

  12. So difficult to select just one item….kk early Math activity Center….( and the soft Building Blocks,
    & washable Alphabet blocks…and those Giant Soft Building Blocks….oh yes…The Tabletop paper center…and…..LOL)

  13. I know my 4 girls would love the bead set. They love to make jewellery!!and the Log Builders master set for the boys.

  14. I love so many of the items at their site that it is hard to pick one favorite; so, here are my favorites in descending order: All-Purpose Teaching Easel, Lakeshore Heavy-Duty Hardwood Easel, Non-hardening Modeling Clay Bucket – Dozen, Magna-Tiles – Master Set, 3-D Magnet Builders – Master Set, Self-Teaching Math Machines – Complete Set, Lakeshore Creature Builder, Log Builders – Master Set, Question of the Day Chart Kit, Bristle Builders® – Master Set, People Shapes™ Project Kit, All-In-One Craft Tub, and so many more that I haven’t listed.

  15. i really do not know much about the products.i am a older great grandma,doing crafts with the great grand kids.i do love the arts and craft center

  16. I like the Wooden Bead Jewelry and the Air-Dry Sculpting Clay. Both my young nieces love doing crafts and my sister(their mom) is an artist. It’s a hobby but I always tell her she should use that God givin’ talent. Thank you 🙂

  17. My granddaughters loves to paint. I really like thos No-Spill Paint Cups & Brushes. They would need about 50 colors though! They are very creative.

  18. I am going to buy the Write & Wipe Alphabet Practice Cards for my son.. Thanks this is perfect to teach him with!!!! THANKS

  19. This is hard question for me. For little ones I love the large letters. For older children I love all the art materials. I have a nine year old grandson who is very artistic. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter this wonderful contest.

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