How to Get Curls Like Celebrities

How to Get Curls Like Celebrities

As I have let my hair grow out, I have been trying to get curls like the celebrities.  I have heard the best styling too to get for curls is a ceramic curling iron.  There are many reasons why you should use ceramic styling tools.  I already have dry hair and if I use a traditional metal curling iron my hair gets frizzy and feels like straw.   Ceramic curling irons give a more even curl, they don’t overheat, they don’t fizz out on you before you finish using it and most importantly, it doesn’t cause breakage.  I must admit that I am a novice at curling my hair.  I usually get one of my daughters to help me straighten or curl my hair because I am just a spaz when it comes to my hair!

If you like curly hair, there is a new product on the market you will absolutely adore.  Curly Pops from Bedhead Styling is a ceramic curling tool that has some unique features.  The reverse barrel shape gives you tighter curls on the and looser curls on the bottom.  Don’t you hate using a metal curling iron and you get a decent curl at the top but it is virtually straight on the bottom. Ugh!!  The Curlypop (valued at $29.99) is made of quality ceramic material so you get consistent heat from start to finish.  The Curlypop even comes with a cool heat protective glove!  No more burns!! Yea!!

Styling Tools for Hair

Are you as mystified about what styling tools for hair you should have?  I have 3 curling irons; a small, medium and large barrel and hot rollers.  Of all the items I have, none of them work as well as I need them to.  Thank goodness for Bedhead for creating the Curlypop!  This revolutionary curling wand is the ONLY styling tool you need to get perfect curly hair.  Since I forgot to cover my gray hair before this review, I asked my ChooChoo (isn’t she beautiful?!)  to take the Curlypop for a test drive.  As you can see, the difference in the before and after pictures are like night and day!  I could not believe how amazing her hair looked after using the Curlypop.

One lucky person will win a Curlypop styling iron (valued at $29.99)

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