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If you are trying to lose weight, it is certainly a marathon and not a sprint! You cannot just change your eating, or do a few sit ups and see any real results. You need a program that encompasses all the necessary changes you need to make to be successful. You need to find a food plan that will be healthy, fuel your body and help you lose weight at the proper pace. When you are beginning an exercise routine, you should see your doctor and follow his recommendations on which program would work best for you. A visit to a local gym to speak with a trainer who can develop a custom workout plan for you is a great idea. Even with those items in place, sometimes we would like to know how to get extra help in the gym. With the Workout Band  from Hourglass Angel, you get that little extra boost you want to help shrink your waistline, give you better posture and helps reduce back pain.

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How To Get Extra Help At The Gym

Hourglass Angel is a company that wants all women to love their bodies and have the positive self esteem they deserve. All women, regardless of their shape, size or weight are beautiful and should enhance those areas that makes us the sexy and curvy women we are! The enhancement garments from Hourglass Angel are made to accentuate your curves and boost your confidence levels. You can choose from a wide variety of shapewear, cinchers, girdles, and intimates that are hand-selected to meet the highest of  performance standards are durable and affordable.

The Workout Band made by Ann Cherry is not just another waist cincher! When you put the product on, it has breathable holes allow air in and body moisture out. For your comfort, it also comes with a removable and washable cotton undershirt. The Workout Band helps to strengthen your core, support your spin and by compression, allows you to perspire off the inches. The recommended wear time is 2-3 hours a day, both at home and the gym for 30 days. Many see results of 1-4 inches lost within this time frame, and new moms love how it helps them get their pre-pregnancy tummies back. You could see a more flattened and firm tummy, smaller waist and you quite possibly could be wearing a smaller dress size when the 30 days is up. You can purchase the Workout Band, which is available in nude, from the Hourglass Angel website for $52.99. Now let me not lead you astray. This band sucks the life out of you…or the fat anyways. It took some getting used to and you will sweat like a pig, BUT it works. So I rather sweat like a pig than , well you know…look like one cause I ate like one!