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My kids are the messiest little human beings on the planet. If they’re not, your kids probably are. MY brand new truck, the one I’ve worked so hard for, the one I special ordered, yeah well it took all three days for it to smell like I was culturing cheese under the seats. If I didn’t watch my boys all the time i would end up with an indescribable buffet along with an unimaginable smell. It took me a while to figure it out but I finally got my system down, and now I’ll tell you how to get rid of that smell in your car.

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Freshen Up That Ride

First things first. You’ve gotta clean your car out everyday. You leave some left overs in there, or even just an empty bag from a fast food joint, you would be amazed how bad that can smell the next day. Every once in a while you need to get down into the cracks and crevasses with a vacuum, cause god only know what my kids have dropped or spilt down there. If you do spill some sort of liquid, try to soak it up as quickly as possible so that doesn’t soak into the fabric. That’s where the really nasty smells come from. Trust me, I know. That’s why I keep some paper towels in the truck. If it’s really bad you’re gonna have to shampoo the area, or even the whole vehicle. The finishing touch to keep your car smelling awesome. Get yourself a PERK Visor Wrap air freshener.

Like I said. I don’t know what’s been spilled by my boys back there and I just want my truck to smell nice all the time. The PERK Visor Wrap is so easy to use. It just wraps right around your visor and doesn’t interfere with using your visor the way it’s made for. Equipped with their StediScent technology, you get the same level of freshness from start to finish. There are so many different fragrances that is sure to be one for even the most discerning car owner. The PERK Visor Wrap PERK Visor Wrap and other PERK products can be found at most auto parts stores and any where automotive air freshener are sold.PERK’s Facebook $1 off PERK coupon


What was the cause of the worst smell you ever had in your car?

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  1. with kids my car always has a weird smell .this would be great to keep fresh smelling

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