How To Get Teenagers To Open Up

If you currently have or previously had a teenager in your house, you will appreciate this post! I currently have an almost 15 year old daughter and yes, I am going absolutely crazy! Since it has been about 100 years since I was a teen, some of her behavior is slowly reminding me of what I did to my mom. As with most teens, Caitlin is hard to get up in the morning and rolls her eyes if I ask if she brushed her teeth (“Because”  she tells me, “I am not a baby and I do not need reminding ,”)(although she did in deed forget). She hated pretty much everything I cook, everything we suggest to do on family night and has become a hermit in her room. On the flip side, she is on the AB honor roll, reads on a junior college level and still thinks boys are pretty stupid (Yay!!). All in all, we have raised a pretty great kid and I can put up with her teen behavior for a few more years. I do however, miss our talks we would have while laying in my bed and watching Grey’s Anatomy together. I have been racking my brain for a way to get her to open up to me and then an angel appeared! Super Duper, Inc., which is one of our favorite toy and game companies, has the perfect game for Caitlin and I!

How To Get Teenagers To Open Up

I am sure every parent has found it difficult to communicate with their teen from one time to another. We would all love to find how to get teenagers to open up and often fail. With the fantastic game called Topic Talk from Super Duper, Inc., you can make it fun and easy for your teen to talk to you. The game comes with:

Total of 205 cards (2 ½” x 3 ½”)

  • 75 topic cards
  • 70 talk cards
  • 30 question cards
  • 20 doubletalk cards
  • 10 wild cards
  • 5 minute timer

Some examples of the type cards you will find are: “Talk about your grandparents”, “Talk about what you want to be when you grow up” and “Talk about a time when you did not feel good.” So, the day I was taking pictures for this post, Caitlin was on day 3 of what turned out to be a 10 day illness. Guess which card she drew? Yep, the sick card. It was so funny and even though she did not want to, it cracked her up.

What ended up happening was that she told me how much it meant to her to have a mom who stayed home and was there to make her and her brother feel better when they were sick. I told her how much I loved being there to take care of them and see them blossom into such great people. I honestly cannot tell you how much of a doorway these cards gave us and now we look forward to drawing new cards and finding out what our topics are. If you are a teacher, these cards are great for the classroom as well. You can purchase Topic Talk online from Super Duper, Inc. for $32.95 as well as a whole inventory of fun things for kids and families.


  1. Wait till she’s 17 and tells you I am going to do what I want when I want and I don’t care if I get in trouble! Cause all your punishments and restricttions don’t do a thing. That’s my life right now.

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