How To Get Your Laundry Really Clean

How To Get Your Laundry Really Clean

Have you been searching for how to get your laundry really clean?  Me too.  I have two very active children who have a dirt and stain magnet hidden in their bodies somewhere.  We have a creek behind our house and you can usually find the kids in there looking for animal and insect life!  I cannot tell you how many times they have come to the house, dripping wet and full of mud.  When it rains, there is a little hill that gets slippery, making it perfect as a built in grass slide.  I am not doing laundry a few times a week; rather I am doing it almost every day.  I know what you are probably saying; tell the kids to stay out of the creek and away from the slide, right?  I know they have a blast playing there and I don’t want to take that away from them, I just need to find a good solution to fighting these mud and grass stains.
Laundry Detergent PodsTide is probably one of the most recognizable names in the laundry product industry.  Tide was the brain child of a researcher from Proctor and Gamble back in 1949.  Interestingly enough, the same year Tide was first introduced, the automatic washing machine was made available to the public.  These two products together brought cleaning laundry to a completely new level, making it much easier and faster to keep clothes clean than ever before.  Fast forward to now and it is the incredible persistence of the Tide company to being you the best products at an affordable price that work better than any other laundry product on the market.  I want to mention a very important service Tide provides to those who have lived through a natural disaster such as a flood, tornado or hurricane.  Tide provides a mobile laundry to assist those in need of fresh clean clothes where they would otherwise not be able to do so.  I love that program and I love that Tide filled such a hole for these survivors.

Laundry Detergent Pods

Laundry Detergent Pods

Tide recently announced the development of the innovative Tide Pod.  This product has 3 chambers; detergent, stain remover and whitener.  The pod itself is a thin film that disintegrates when it hits any temperature of water.  All you need to do is pop a pod in the washing machine, add your clothing and start the cycle.  There is no need to pre-treat stains or add any color safe bleach or brighteners because the Tide Pod already has those items.  There is no measuring, no need for several bottles of products to clutter the laundry area.  If you take your laundry to a public Laundromat, there is no more pouring some detergent from its larger bottle into a smaller bottle to make it easier to carry.  With the Tide Pods, you can just take the number of pods you need and put them in the laundry basket.  They won’t dissolve until they hit the water.   The day my container of 57 Tide Pods ($15.99) arrived, the kids had been playing in the creek looking for turtles. Henry came back with his white tee shirt stained with mud and grass.  I was nervous about not pre-treating the stain, but I had to trust that Tide would live up to its claim of no need for pre-treating.  I put the Tide Pod in, added the laundry, including the stained shirt, put the dial on cold and started the cycle.  I was absolutely gob smacked!!  (do you like that one?!).  That stain came out completely!!  I could not believe it! I think the pictures above are testimony enough on how well the Tide Pods work!!  I admit I was not a frequent Tide user because their prices are higher than most detergents on the market.  My mother used to say there is value and then there is time vs. value.  If I am using a Tide Pod and eliminating the pre-treating spray, bleach and/or brighteners, I am saving money in the long run.  Add the incredible convenience of the Tide Pods and you have a new customer for life!!

One reader will win a tub of 57 Tide Pods ($15.99).

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  2. I do not see a place to confirm the entry for tide sweeptakes. please help. Please tell me this is not just a ploy to get names and addresses for advertisement. Thank you.

  3. I love the Tide-To-Go stain eraser! I try to keep one handy in my purse and in the car for emergencies!

  4. the only product i’ve ever used by tide is the tide pods and i love them so that would actually b my fave product.

  5. hardest thing for me is my cats towels that she sleeps on…she 17 years old….loosing a lot of hair and sickly….I do a load to two a day to keep her towels clean and fluffy….this would be a great help

  6. I can never get all the BABY STAINS off of the baby clothes! As hard as i try, they’ll never fully go away!

  7. hardest thing to wash is my hubands clothes after he has been working on the manure spreader…grease and cow poop is so disgusting, the smell and the touch makes me want to vomit

  8. I really like Tide products not only that they are the best product on the market, but for all the help your company gives to people that have been in a natural disaster. I am always impressed when I see on the news the big trucks with washers and dryers for the people to use. I think this speaks well of your company and even thou I can’t be there to help, buying your products is helping many people. I know if it were me I couldn’t thank you enough. KEEP UP ALL THE GOOD WORK THAT YOU DO.

  9. I had some black stuff on some towels and those pods got it ALL out, I am hooked on them now! My new favorite for sure!

  10. I follow on twitter but don’t get to count the entry because I won’t let the giveaway app post as me not a good idea for me wish it was like before

  11. For anything or for laundry? Actually, for laundry, it’s Tide, now. Used it once by accident – I love it! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  12. I love color catchers – they’re a huge help when you just don’t have enough laundry to separate, or really don’t want to!

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