How To Stop Being Late

How To Stop Being Late

I have a procrastinator in my house and I need to find ways to get him to stop being late.  We make fun of my husband because he is rarely on time.  As we have been married for almost 15 years, I have gotten used to his tardiness, although it is still annoying!  I have told him on many occasions that had we not driven together to get married, I would have been a party of one!  I have found a few suggestions to help that annoying person in your life to be on time for a change.

  1. Buy yourself a dry erase calendar to keep track of your appointments as well as all the important dates in your life.  The key to this tool being successful is to actually use it!  At the beginning of the month, write down all the dates that you have and then add to it as you progress through the moth.
  2. Know where you are going!  I know it is a crazy idea, but if you are going somewhere new, get directions!  With all of the places on the Internet that offers directions for free, there is no reason to get lost.  Part 2 of this tip is to know what time you are expected.  It won’t do you any good to get to your destination and then end up being late.  Which leads us into the 3rd and most important tip…
  3. Wear a watch!!  It cracks me up how people, who are regularly late, tend to not wear a watch.  My husband said he couldn’t wear a watch because he would lose it and forget where he put it.  Well, and then have the alarm set!

Modern Watches For Men

In order to help my husband to get places in a timely manner, I decided to look into modern watches for men.  My husband does have an allergy to most metals, so I was looking for a watch that looked great and was affordable but did not have metal that would touch the skin.  Flud is an awesome and innovative online store that sells great modern accessories for men.  Henry from Flud suggested the “Exchange” watch (ARV $90.00), which has two interchangeable silicone bands, which are perfect for my hubby’s tender skin!  This is a great watch that works well for business or casual and with its unique face and off centered dial, this is a perfect watch for the guy in your life.  If you want your man to be on time, get him a Flud!

One reader will receive one “Exchange” watch ARV $90.00, based on availability

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