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How To Look After Your Health In The Online World

Technology has certainly become part of the fabric of society. Our workplaces are dominated by computers, regulating every aspect of the daily routine from spreadsheets to diaries. A glance along the average High Street and the one thing that will strike you as different to a similar scene 20 years ago will be the number of people with their faces buried in mobiles. Our phones can ping with incoming texts or emails 24/7 while many people get decidedly fractious if they haven’t consulted their social media platforms for some time.

Obviously, having access to so much sophisticated software and hardware is a positive. The sheer convenience of many aspects of technology means we now take it for granted and simply couldn’t imagine going back to Dickensian activities like writing in longhand or using payphones. But there are also clear drawbacks.

Workstation health

Office jobs might seem far less traumatic than physical occupations such as working on building sites or in manufacturing industries.  But employees whose tasks involve staring into computer screens for long periods of time will be subjecting their bodies to levels of stress.

The common issue with those who are hunched over PCs is failing to pay adequate attention to their workstation. Because they are sitting in the same position for hours on end, there can be detrimental effects on their posture. Chairs are required to have certain attributes of comfort and mobility. They should always be adjustable in terms of height and position. If they do not adequately cope with the way the subject is sitting, long-term damage can be done, particularly to the back.

It is also imperative for anyone who is looking into terminals must take regular breaks. The recommendation is for a 5-10 minute break every hour, which is being far more preferable to a longer break at a three-hour interval. It would always be better for the employee to actually remove themselves from the vicinity of the computer screen to do something manually, or to even stretch their legs. There is always a temptation to take downtime by going onto the Internet or their favorite social media, but this merely exacerbates the strain placed on the subject’s eyesight.

Rationing your time online

If most offices have a high degree of regulation when it comes to accessing non-work-related websites, this constraint does not exist when it comes to your home life. With so many possibilities, it’s no wonder a 10-minute browse can quickly stretch to several hours.

The key to making the most of your online enjoyment is to timetable your engagement. You can even set an alarm clock if you have to. Also, it is far better to look at several different outlets rather than concentrating on one site where there is far more likelihood of you being drawn in, staring at images or video clips, creating the same situation you experienced at work when your eyes were becoming strained.

The positive aspects of going on social media are that it can be an enriching experience. For instance, if you happen to be single and looking to forge a relationship with someone by going onto sites like, say, Naughtydate official website, this will help you relax. Even when you aren’t actually online, the anticipation of visiting this matchmaking website to connect with new friends will ease your stress levels.


With most things in life, the key to well-being is ‘everything in moderation.’ As well as being a valuable tool to assist you while working, the Internet is there to be enjoyed. With a modicum of common sense, it is possible to surf without any major issues.

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