How To Shape Your Eyebrows For Your Face With The Perfect Arch

Women’s obsession with the perfect eyebrows is no new story. Few things make a pretty face appear more groomed than a pair of beautiful, perfectly arched eyebrows and a nicely-opened eye area. Follow this simple and easy method to get the perfect brow arch and learn how to shape your eyebrows.

How To Make A Perfect Eyebrow Arch

  • It is highly recommended that you cleanse your brow skin with a washcloth before you begin. Brush your brows in and out. Also, it will be less painful to pluck your brows immediately after a shower, when the pores are still open. In case you have long brow hairs, it would be advisable to trim them with a pair of small scissors before plucking. It will help you know your brow’s natural shape and see where the hairs actually fall. Now before you begin, ensure that you are doing so in sufficient light and have a good mirror.
  • Look into the mirror with a pencil held vertically against one nostril. The place where the pencil will meet your brow is the point where your brow starts. Pluck hairs from between our brows carefully with a good pair of tweezers. Now pluck only from beneath the brow so as to remove any stray hairs. Always remember to pluck in the direction of hair growth. Align the tip of the pencil to the outer side of your pupil, with the unsharpened end at the side of your nostril and the top just past the middle of your eye. The point where the pencil meets the brow is where your arch should begin, approximately three quarters of the way out and create a line that tapers upward to this spot. Repeat the same process for the other brow. Now angle the pencil so as to align it with the outer corner of the eye to find the spot where the eyebrow should end. It should taper slightly down at this point. Fill in the gaps along the entire brow line using light, feathery strokes from the brow pencil and you will have achieved the perfectly desirable brow arch. Mark cosmetics carries a Just Tweezing Hook-Up Tweezer that you can combine with other eye tools with a connector.
  • PANIC ALERT!!  In case you’ve over-plucked by mistake, there’s no reason to worry. Just observe your brow’s natural line and brush your eyebrows outwards. Where needed, fill in soft strokes of brow pencil. Follow up by setting the corrected shape with transparent mascara like Brow Factor Hook Up Clear Brow Gel.
  • There are several types of eyebrow shapes to fins the perfect one to frame your eye.


  • Deep-Set Eyes: use a brow pencil two shades lighter than your hair. Line top and bottom lash line with a pencil in a matching shade.
  • Round Eyes: fill the brows using a shade that goes with your hair. Line top lash line with a fine pencil in a smokier shade.
  • Small Eyes: Choose a soft shade of brow pencil and smudge a deeper shadow along top lash line and finish with Black Brown mascara. Remember, the softer the brow, the bigger your eyes will appear.


  1. Great tips, I like the tip of using a shade that goes with your hair, I tend to just buy a black pencil.

  2. I am obsessed with my eyebrows! I look at them nightly! I find it hard to determine if they are even or not. Using the pencils to outline where they should be is a good idea. I will try that tonight! Thanks!

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