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How To Make A Volcano In Your Kitchen

When you home school, you have virtually the whole world as your classroom. We love trying new things, going different places and having fun while we are learning. We have taken nature walks for science, gone shopping for math and have gone to the library story hour for our language arts. We have a love hate relationship with science, so I am always looking for new and different ways to learn this subject. I have found that by doing a hands on project, we retains the information better. I was recently sent a very cool science experiment in a box from TEDCO Toys, a maker of fine education fun for kids. We decided to make a volcano in the kitchen with the Ein-O Smart Box Volcano Kit. Here is how we did it:

How To Make A Volcano In Your Kitchen

The box comes with the following materials:

  1. Plastic volcano
  2. Plastic tubing
  3. Syringe
  4. (2) Packs of lava powder
  5. (2) Containers of vinegar
  6. Pumice stone
  7. Magnifying glass
  8. Map
  9. Instruction and information booklet

  • Step 1: Snap plastic volcano together
  • Step 2: Attach plastic tubing to bottom of volcano
  • Step 3: Sprinkle lava powder in top of volcano
  • Step 4:Draw up vinegar into syringe
  • Step 5: Attach syringe to open end of tubing
  • Step 6:Slowly push vinegar through syringe
  • Step 7: Presto! An erupting volcano!

We had a lot of fun with this experiment and the kids were able to do it without any supervision. We had various ages in the group (8-14), two of whom have special needs. The kids each took a turn making the volcano erupt and looking at the pumice under the magnifying glass.

These Smart Boxes are perfect as a teaching tool that is a lot of fun and are very affordable at $15.00 per kit. You have 16 kits to choose from, and that is just a small fraction of what TEDCO Education Toys have to offer. You can purchase the TEDCO Educational Toys from their online storefront as well as fine toy and hobby stores nationwide.

One USA only reader will win a Ein-O Smart Box Volcano Kit ($15.00)


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