Make Bike Riding Safe And Fun

Although my kids are older, I still need make bike riding safe and fun for them. I know that when you ride, it can get a bit monotonous if you ride back and forth on the driveway.  Also, the safety gear you can get for kids can be a bit boring, so that was something I wanted to find.  We don’t have many kids in our neighborhood so I am always on the lookout for ways I can tweak our daily activities’.  Here are a few suggestions I found:

Make Bike Riding Safe And Fun

Do It As A Family: Get mom and dad to join in on the fun of bike riding.  Not only is it fun for a family to ride as a group, it is also great exercise.  With Henry being homeschooled, riding our bikes can be a great outdoor classroom for us.  We will look at different critters, leaves and other surprises that nature gives us.

Bring It With You: If you cycle a lot in your family, you should look into getting bike racks for your car.  There are so many beautiful places here in Tennessee to ride, that having a bike rack is a smart option.  With the Great Smoky Mountains in our back yard, there is such amazing bike trails, that we could bike there for years and never repeat the same path you were just on.  Just enjoy the beauty of the world around you!

Caitlin Front ViewLook Cool While You Ride: My kids hate to wear their protective riding gear, but they know if they plan to ride, they must have their safety gear on at all times. A friend of mine told me you could find helmets that were really unusual and that kids loved them.  Well, low and behold that one of my favorite companies sells some of the hottest helmets you have ever seen. C-Preme is the parent company for Raskullz, which you may know from their awesome backpacks and luggage.  Now C-Preme has come out with their newest line of gear for kids: Krash helmets.

Unusual Bike Helmets

Unusual Bike Helmets

I knew that if I could find some unusual bike helmets for the kids, they would be more likely to wear them.  My kitchen window looks out on our dead end street, so I can see the kids while they are out biking or skating.  They are amazed at how I seem to look out the window and catch them with no helmets on.  When my fav guy Sean Paris contacted me about the new line of helmets, I was so happy with the timing!  And to find out that Makobi Scribe was the first blog to review the Krash helmets was like the cherry on top of a delicious ice cream sundae.  From the 17 styles, Caitlin chose the Skeleton Kitty I Purple ($27.99) and Henry chose the very cool T-Rex Bonez Liberty I in black $27.99).
Caitlin Side View
Let me tell you how perfect Sean’s timing was on send those helmets to us.  Two days after we had the helmets, Caitlin was out riding her bike and hit a rock. She fell backwards off the bike and smacked her head on the pavement.  There is a dent in the back of Caitlin’s helmet and the doctor said if she had not been wearing a helmet, she would have most certainly had a brain injury from the impact she experienced.  Statistics show that wearing a helmet will reduce the possibility of a head injury by 88% and reduces the fatal bike wrecks by 75%.  I firmly believe had Caitlin not been wearing her Krash helmet, she would have had much more than a sprained wrist.  So usual, you rock and my family loves all of the C-Preme products.

One reader will win their choice of one Krash Helmet ($27.99)

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