Pimms #1 Recipe
Pimms #1 is a gin-based drink which is popular in many cocktails like the Peter Rabbit

When in Pheonix Arizona at SearSuckers, I fell in love with the Peter Rabbit cocktail. The main ingredient in this delicous drink is Pimms #1. Of course, my local liquor and grocers do not carry Pimms #1, thus the below recipe to make it yourself!

How To Make Pimms #1 Recipe
Recipe type: beverage
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
If your local store does not carry Pimms #1 This is a really close recipe using the ingredients you usually have around the house.
  • 1 oz Plymouth Gin
  • ⅔ oz Sweet Vermouth
  • ⅓ oz Dry Vermouth
  • ¼ oz Triple Sec
  • 3 Dashes of Bitters
  1. Mix the ingredients together.



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