How To Make Spring Cleaning Count1 Spring is finally here! In Florida talk, that just means that it’s going to go from being hot to getting even hotter! It was 85 degrees out today! Regardless, the holidays are over and done with, their effects finally beginning to wear off. Our sleep cycles from Daylight Savings Time are back on track and we finally have the energy to approach the inevitable. Spring Cleaning. Yeah, I said it. It’s a must! It’s time to shed yourself of the junk and other “stuff” that has seemed to accumulate over the past year. I wish I was immune from this, but looking around my house it has become quite apparent that I probably need to Spring clean more than anyone else I know. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult or tedious, in fact, it can and will make you feel very accomplished!

How To Make Spring Cleaning Count

5 Areas Of Focus When Spring Cleaning

  1. Closets. Organizing your closets is fastest way to feel organized and accomplished. Closets are dumping grounds for junk throughout the year. There is nothing worse than opening a closet and seeing all of your homes dirty little secrets. Begin by taking everything out of the closet. You will then want to go through each item, whether it be clothing or accessories or other items. This is a great time to donate or sell anything that you haven’t worn or used in over a year. Once you have sorted through the closet’s contents, begin putting things away in an orderly fashion. Taking the time to organize clothing by color and type can even be helpful and time saving in the future.
  2. Walls. If your house is anything like mine, there are scuff marks and who knows what else on the walls. It’s easy to look past these spots but when you really take the time to notice, the spots are everywhere! Get a small bucket with warm water and a sponge or a rag and get to work. If you need to use soap, make sure it is mild. You don’t want to eat the paint off of the walls!
  3. Tiled areas. It’s amazing how fast a tiled floor can get filthy, especially if you have light grout between tiles. Fortunately, there are simple and easy cleaning techniques that are safe for anyone in the family to help with. Baking soda and water work wonders on tile and grout. You can even employ the kids to get down and dirty with a scrub brush!
  4. Make a schedule. Go room to room, cleaning everything from the light fixtures to fan blades to baseboards and windows. Once each room is spotless and glowing, make a cleaning schedule. For example, every other Monday you can wipe down baseboards. Every other Tuesdays are the light fixtures and fan blades, and so on. Once a schedule is in place, follow it! You can ensure that you will never have to intensively clean your house like this again, because it will always be clean!
  5. Floors. Floors are always the last thing that should be cleaned. As you work your way room to room, you will be lifting dust and other allergens into the air. Eventually, they will fall and probably will end up on the floor. Make sure you use a vacuum with excellent suction, filters and the ability to easily travel from room to room. You can use the vacuum attachments to clean the walls in the closets and in desolate corners of your home. Once your carpets are vacuumed, check for any spot or dirt that isn’t lifting. You can then use a spot cleaner to carpet cleaner to lift any set stains or dirt.

I was able to get my entire house cleaned and organized in just two days. I even made money by bringing loads of baby clothes and old work clothes to consignment shops in town. I was sent the new Eureka AirSpeed UNLIMITED Rewind to use during my cleaning challenge.

The Eureka AirSpeed UNLIMITED Rewind is available for purchase at Best Buy and Kmart for around $130. I am in love with it’s features such as the extra long cord and the cord rewind feature. The suction is fantastic because the dirt feeds directly into the canister, instead of going through tubing before reaching it. Any vacuum that can hold up to my two dogs, 2 1/2 year old and husband is definitely a vacuum worth keeping around! What’s better, 2 lucky U.S. readers will win a new Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum of their own! Then check out the rest of the blog giveaways in the Blog Pop Spring Fling!

What is your least favorite Spring cleaning chore?


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