How To Make Your Water More Flavorful

Soda Made With Fresh Fruit

I recently discovered that you can buy soda made with fresh fruit!  I know, right!  This is just a genius idea, especially for kids, at least the kids in my house.  My kids love soda, and I let them drink it more often than I should.  I do usually buy the diet and caffeine free soda, so that makes me feel slightly better!  As for me, I LOVE diet soda and although I probably won’t show up on a television show about diet soda addicts, I drink a lot.  With me trying to lose weight and get healthy, I need to get away from the soda and make the switch to water, but I just don’t love drinking water.  I did some research and found some great tips for How To Make Water More Flavorful.  Here are just a few:

  • Herbs:  I would not have thought about adding herbs to my water, but it is more popular than I realized.  The two most popular herbs to add to water is mint or lemongrass.  The mint will leave a crisp and clean taste in your mouth while the lemongrass adds a deeper, earthier flavor.  Both of these are also great as a natural breath freshener, so it is a double bonus!
  • Cucumbers:  Here is one I had not heard of.  If you want a really fresh and subtle flavor, you can cut a cuke into small pieces and let them infuse into the water.  Several spas will serve cucumber water to their guests.
  • Citrus:  We all know you can add fresh lemon to water, but how often do we think about the other yummy citrus fruits you can add as well?  What about a juicy orange or maybe a fresh squeezed lime?  Another neat idea that I would not have thought about was to cut up grapes and add them to the water.  If you want something a little bit bubblier, you can combine the carbonated properties of soda with fresh fruits and you get a company by the name of Spindrift!

Soda That Is Healthy

Soda That Is Healthy

If I am going to let the kids drink soda, the least I can do is to find soda that is healthy.  I was really intrigued when I heard about the Spindrift Company, a manufacturer of naturally flavored sodas and waters.  As a matter of fact, Spindrift is the first company to use fresh squeezed ingredients in their soda.  The soda is made with a triple purified sparkling water and then fruit or puree is squeezed in with a bit of cane juice, which is a natural sweetener.  Each 12 ounce bottle contains at least 50% fruit and what you won’t find in the Spindrift drinks is syrup, concentrate, additive or a preservative.  It may seem trivial, but there is something about drinking from a glass bottle.  Yes, I am old enough to have drunk from a glass bottle back in the old days.  My kids thought the bottles were very..what is the word they used…oh, yes…antique!!!  I am not a fan of sparkling water, so I was happy to see 3 flavors for their water; raspberry lime, tangerine and good old lemon.  We had friends over when the box arrived and we served each kid a sample of each soda.  Most of the kids went crazy for the cranberry raspberry and mango orange.  My friend really loved the half and half, which is tea and fresh squeezed lemon.  With no more than 10 calories in any of the flavors, this is a great way to get great flavor without the calories. Do you wonder How To Make Water More Flavorful for your kids? What do you do?

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  3. They all sound pretty delish, but I’d pick the Blackberry and also the Half and Half as ones I’d like to try first.

  4. I’d love to try the sparkling half & half
    made with brewed tea &
    1/4 of a fresh squeezed lemon

  5. what a great product. you get the best of both worlds. i like the sparkling lemonade pop i buy in cans so for me id love to try of course the sparkling lemonade soda.

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