How To Play Dolls With Your Kids

When I was growing up, my mom was a feminist and a hippy, so we did not play with dolls. She thought it was demeaning to women or something! When we went to a friend’s house, we typically avoided the Barbie thing because we had no idea what to do with them! When I had my girls and they were old enough for dolls, I was completely open to their playing with them. The problem with this was I had no idea how to get on the floor and interact with the girls and their dolls. If you happen to be in my peculiar situation and need help with how to play dolls with your kids, here are some great tips I found to help get you started!

How You Can Play Dolls With Your Kids

How You Can Play With Dolls With Your Kids

  1. Role Play: One of the most popular ways to play dolls with your kids is for each of you to take on a role and interact. Studies show allowing the child to play the parent and vice versa help the child learn the roles of parenting. You can act as the “child” by asking leading questions a child would ask a parent and allow your child to answer. This will open a dialogue which can grow and mature as the child ages.
  2. Dressing: If you have little ones at home who are playing with dolls, this is a great time to teach them some fashion tips! Kids learn by watching as well as doing. If you have a doll who comes with removable clothing, you and your child can practice taking off the baby clothes and redressing them. You can put a shoe on the baby dolls head and ask your child if that is where the shoes goes. This will lead them to show you the correct placement for the item.
  3. Have A tea Party: This is a tradition which goes back eons and is still popular today. This is a fantastic opportunity to show your child how to appropriately behave in a group setting. This is where role-playing can be very effective and you can come up with scenarios and see how your child reacts.
  4. Playing Nurse Or Doctor: A wonderful way to show a child how to nurture and love is by playing a medical themed game. Pretend the baby doll is sick and allow your child to nurse it to health, bandage it or whatever else it needs to get better.

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What is your favorite game to play with your kids and their dolls?


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