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How To Protect Your Pet From Fleas And Ticks Year Round #TickFreeFall

I am being compensated by PetArmor for my participation in this campaign and I am part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. If you have pets, they are probably like one of the family. Many people feel about their pets as if they were their children. They care for them, love them, spoil them and protect them the best they can. We take our pets to the vet for regular check ups and vaccinations, feed them the best food available and give them shelter. If you have a pet who stays outdoors, it is recommended they have a shelter from the sun, easy access to food and water and a fenced in area to keep them safe with plenty of room to exercise in. The one issue that gives pet owners a run for their money is how to protect your pet from fleas and ticks. With the extremely effective formula in the PetArmor products for both dogs and cats, you can kiss those fleas and ticks goodbye.

How To Protect Your Pet From Fleas And Ticks Year Round

Many pet owners believe fleas and ticks are only a threat to their dog or cat during the warmer months. The truth is they are around well into the cooler fall months and certain species pf ticks, such as the American Dog Tick and the Deer Tick, are more active during this time period. Although fleas do not survive outside in the colder months, they can do quite well in our warm and cozy homes. Another tick to look out for that begins its feeding activities in around early October, is the adult stage deer tick. This little bugger can latch on to any larger host, like a cat or dog or human, as long as the temperature is at or above freezing. The adult female deer as well as the Blacklegged tick can transmit Lyme Disease. Fleas and Ticks can be dangerous to pets and humans and ticks carry Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

PetArmor is a product that is the perfect solution to ridding these potential dangerous critters from your pets, your home and indirectly, yourself. PetArmor contains Fipronil, the effective ingredient found in Frontline, but sells for much less. This is the active ingredient that is the most recommended by vets and provides protection against adult fleas and ticks. This formula, when applied as directed, kills fleas, ticks and chewing lice and protects your pet for 30 days. If fleas are in your carpets, furniture or other areas of the house and they jump on your pet, they will die as well. When the 30 days is up, you just give your pet another application to keep them free from harm. You can purchase PetArmor from your local Walmart, Target, Walgreens and other select stores that carry flea and tick products. Prices will vary for cats from dogs and depending on the number of treatments in the package. You can stay current with the latest products, deals and coupons from PetArmor by visiting them on their website, liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter. What do you love best about your pet?


  1. We have one cat now that we absolutely adore (was two but one of them recently passed) . Havig battled fleas, I know how expensive Frontline is so I think it’s great this has the same stuff and is less expensive.

  2. I have four pets and what I love about each of them is different from the other. I have a 17 year old iguana and what I love best about her is she is the coolest pet ever!!!! I have two poodles that are 14 year old sisters and what I love most about them is they are so loyal and loving. Last, we have a 7 week old kitten and what I love most about him is he’s cuddly. 🙂

  3. What do I love most about my pets? Probably that they love me unconditionally, with all my faults, and do not judge. Plus, they are really cute and snuggly too! 🙂

  4. I don’t have a pet right now, but when I had a dog years ago, my favorite thing was the love you could always see in the dog’s eyes. A pet’s love is like a baby’s love.

  5. We have a dog who my FIL has totally adopted from us. I love the cuddles I get from him and how excited he still gets when he sees me. Great post… I have never heard of Pet Armor. Thanks so much

  6. My pets are my babies!!! We have a dog, cat, and rabbit. My dog, Valentino, has been mine since I was single and I got him at a few weeks old! I’m sad that he’s getting older, but I cherish every day I still have with him. He’s a good boy!

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