how to show your pet you love them

Do you know how to show your pet you love them?  I am sure you do and you have many ways you demonstrate that love.  I grew up around dogs, as my mother trained and showed Irish Setters.  As I became older and lived in apartments that didn’t allow dogs, my preference shifted to cats.  I have had cats in my home for about the last 20 years and they are extremely important to my family.  We currently own two sisters: Hazel and Meep.  Hazel Fantazal, the fattest cat in the world and Meep, the narcoleptic cat who can sleep sitting up (as evidenced by the picture below!).  I love these furry girls and they have been kind enough to allow my family and I live among them!  I wanted to be sure I was showing my appreciation for them, so I did a search for ideas of showing them I care about and love them.  Here are some great ideas:

How To Show Your Pet You Love Them

  • Exercise: Pets, especially dogs, need plenty of exercise to keep them healthy.  For cats, there are a ton of available indoor structures that your cat can climb and stretch those muscles.  So, give your pet the opportunity to run, chase, stretch, crawl and climb at least twice a day.
  • Petting: Pets love to be stroked and we are always happy to oblige out cats and pet them all the time.  Again, we all know cats allow us to pet them on their schedule, not ours, so when the girls hunker down on my lap, I know it is time for some heavy petting (hee hee hee).
  • Health: All domestic pets need to visit their vet on a regular basis to be sure they are up to date on medications, vaccines and other pertinent health care.  If you have a pet that goes outdoors as well as in, you may need to speak to your vet about any special attention they may need.
  • Food and Water: Make sure you are feeding your pet not only the correct food, but the correct amount of food.  Pet’s nutritional health changes as they age, so you need to speak to your vet when you visit about your pet’s diet.  We have let Hazel gain too much weight and our vet recommended a special food that had fewer calories while giving her all the nutrition she needs.
  • Shelter: Does your pet have adequate shelter indoors and out?  Many of us only think of an outdoor dog house or cat trail, but they need to have a place they can rest inside the house as well.  If you don’t want your pet to sleep in your bed or on your furniture, you need to provide them with a place to lay their heads.  When finding a place for Hazel and Meep, I wanted something comfortable that also looked great.  When I found Pet Tents, I knew I had found the perfect solution for our needs.

Luxury Beds For Pets

Luxury Beds For Pets

When I was looking for luxury beds for pets, I had no idea what I would find.  I wanted the girls to have a nice place to sleep that would also look nice in the family room.  I was so excited when I found Pet Tents because they made such gorgeous pieces that were almost too nice to put a pet in!  When our Pet Tent came and we put it together, the kids said they wished they had a big one to sleep in!  Of the seven styles to choose from, we decided on the Vive le Chocolate ($129.95) which matched our décor perfectly.  What I love about this product is that it is extremely well-built and I know it will be in our family for years to come.  The tent was very easy to put together (it took 5 minutes), is lightweight and easily fits both cats.  With the raised platform, the girls aren’t sleeping directly on the floor, so they are much more comfortable.  One of the most important features to me was that the cats are almost completely sheltered, which is very important to me.  Henry can be really rough and tumble and sometimes those wrestling moves scare the heck out of the girls!  With their being sheltered, the noise is lessened, and therefore the girls aren’t as bothered by the boisterousness of the scary human boy!!  I absolutely, hands-down love, love the Pet Tent and I could not be happier knowing my sweet girls have a lovely and comfy place to lay their furry heads.

One reader will win a Pet Tent in the Café au Lait ($129.99)


  1. My kitties would really enjoy the Sugar Plum Princess – because they act like royalty lol

  2. I like both the Vive le Chocolate & the Cafe Au Lait.

    Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your site!

  3. Oh, my cat Felix would love this – he just had an emergency surgery on Friday. He had a hernia, which apparently he had since before we adopted him from the shelter. It became so large that it had torn large enough that his intestines and bowels were hanging through. What a mess. It was bleak, but we decided to do the investigative surgery just to see how bad the damage was, he might have had to be put down. The vet called to say that it was better than expected and his bowels and intestines were not tangled or damaged so he simply put them back up in his abdominal wall and sewed him up. This wall though is tissuepaper thin – just bad luck from birth – so it could happen again. He is the best cat I’ve ever encountered so we were so happy to have him back. He’s still on pain meds and antibiotics – this prize would be a special treat to welcome him home.

  4. I love these! I really love the Sugar Plum one. I need two of these. lol My daughter is about to get a little yorkie, so she needs one, too.

  5. I absolutely love the cafe au lait pet tent. I have eight dogs, including three rescues and two rescue kitties. I know Atleast one of the kitties would love this and one of my shelties who is a teeny tiny thing for the breed being only aboit the size of a cat would absolutely love hiding in here to sleep. She loves sleeping under the coffee table or in the little cubby hole made by the end table or in a crate with a cover on it, so I know she would love this cute little pet tent and it would match my living room furniture perfectly. We would very much like to win this for our fur babies as they are very important to me and I love getting them nice things to enjoy.

  6. All of them are really nice. If I had to choose I would say the “Cafe au Lait”. I love the look of the micro suede fabric and that is it also a little more modern looking.

  7. I wouldn’t know which one to choose. The Posh & Pink, the Chocolate or coffee one, and the Sugar Plum one. They’re so cute!

  8. of course, the pet tent. i also have two cats. i didn’t want to disappoint them so i didn’t show them the picture. they would really love it. i hope they win!

  9. I love the camelot. Great idea. I plan to adopt 2 female kittens or dog loving 2 female cats, from the killing center to save their lives for my female Golden Retriever who loves cats better then competing with other dogs.

  10. Lovin the Camelot. Have a feeling that the boys would love the tassels too! LOL Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  11. I like the Vive le Chocolate Pet Tent. I have 3 cats. 2 get along at a time. 2 are big cats and my oliver picks on zoey who is 6 to 8 pounds more than him, but he scares her. My little one Angel gets along with both because she thinks she is queen of the house. They would love this especially my big girl Zoey.

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