FitnessIt can be tempting to slack off a bit once your sports season is over, particularly if the season was a successful one. After all, you’ve worked hard for your coaches and your team, and you deserve a break. However, if you use the end of the season as an excuse to forget all of the habits and practices that led to your success, you could compromise your ability to perform next year – and you could give your competitors a big advantage.

Maintaining Your Physical Edge

You don’t have to keep up your full training routine all year in order to stay in great shape, but it is important to have a plan for maintenance so you don’t have to play catch-up next year.

  • Consider joining other sports in your current sport’s off-season
  • Commit to a reasonable workout routine
  • Don’t slack off when it comes to nutrition and hydration

Your off-season workout should include not only appropriate physical conditioning, but exercises or activities that keep you in your game mindset. For example, if you’re a volleyball player, keeping up your strength and speed won’t be enough; you’ll want to do drills or exercises that help you maintain your ability to make fast moves and split-second decisions.

Keeping Your Mind Sharp

Success in sports is about more than physical strength or ability; it’s about a winning mindset.

  • Set clear goals to help you maintain motivation
  • Stay in touch with teammates to help you stay grounded and connected
  • Partner with a workout buddy to keep each other accountable

Your approach to off-season fitness should help you sustain your mental acuity when you’re away from the daily routine of games and practices so that you can come back sharp and ready to perform when your season starts up again.

In the off-season, you have to be your own coach – but you’re still part of a team. Don’t let your teammates down by letting your training slide; make a commitment to show up for next year’s season fit, focused, and game-ready.