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How To Stay Protected From The Sun Dolphin Organics Sweepstakes

How To Stay Protected From The Sun

Living in Florida and having 2 small children I needed to learn how to stay protected from the sun.  When I was contacted by Dolphin Organics to try their DO Naturals 100% Natural Mineral Sunscreen I was so relieved.  My youngest daughter has very sensitive skin and I have been searching for a sunscreen that wouldn’t make her break out for 2 years!  I have tried everything and it all ended with the same result, after applying the sunscreen she would break out with bumps all over her skin.  Luckily the bumps didn’t seem to bother her because I have to use sunscreen we are out in the hot Florida sun year round.  My package with the DO Naturals SPF 32 came at the right time because we were leaving on vacation for a week at the beach!  I was one happy Mama!

Hypoallergenic Sunscreen For Kids

I am always in search of hypoallergenic sunscreen for kids and DO Naturals is amazing.  I received a 3 oz bottle and was a little concerned because we were going away for a week and I needed to reapply to 2 kids everyday so I wasn’t sure it would be enough.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that a little bit when a long way and I loved how it went on smooth and because of the zinc you could see where it was going on and where you missed!  It soaked right into their skin and we all loved that it didn’t have that sunscreen smell.  The kids were in and out of the water and sand at the beach. I have to say this was the best sunscreen we have used thus far.  Not only was it easy to put on, fragrance free and natural it actually worked like it was designed too!  After a week in the sun we went home sunburn free, this was a huge success!  Not only that I still have plenty of sunscreen left to use (I used about half of the tube).  And by the way, my youngest didn’t have one bump on her body her skin was smooth and perfect…ahhh…finally!  I love knowing that the products I am putting on my children are free of parabens, sulfates and other harsh chemicals.  You can purchase a 3 fl oz tube of DO Naturals for $19.99 (it may seem like a lot to spend for sunscreen but after going through brand after brand and being unhappy its the only one I will buy from now on)!

Dolphin Organics also carries a line of personal care products for babies and children including: bubble bath, shampoo/body wash, conditioner and lotion.  All of which I will be trying out to help my little one live a bump free childhood!  Check them out on Facebook for more information!

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