Crying babyDo you wonder if you are a good mom? Has your baby kept you up all night and you just need to know how to help an infant to stop crying? Even after the birth of my third child, I still felt lost and useless when my newborn son cried. I remember when Billy my oldest had colic. I was a new, uber-young mom at nineteen, and I had no idea what to do. I walked him, bounced him, sang to him, cradled him, swaddled him, everything I could think of to soothe his uncontrollable wails. I felt bad because I was still living at my moms and I knew we were keeping the whole family from getting a good night’s sleep. I felt “We” were keeping them up even though he was the one crying because I knew in my heart I was just doing it wrong. How could one baby cry so much. I felt like I was not doing a very good job as a new mom. My mom would come out at night around two am and try to help me usually explaining sometimes there is nothing you can do to comfort them and that when babies are colicky they need to cry it out. ACK. Finally, months passed and he stopped crying. So the next boy who was born 15 years later, I knew I could console if this happened again. I was prepared.

Jakobi came home and this time things would be different. Before I knew I was just to young or because I was not married or because I lived with my mom or one of the many things that I felt guilty about. Being a mom will do that to you. I always wondered if I was doing it right – you know motherhood.

Don’t you know Jakobi was not really a crier at first – he was a puker! OMG. I would feed him and he would hurl like the exorcist. Who wants to wake up fully (cause all mothers feed their babies in a half-dead-tired stupor) and clean off 4 gallons of puke. Where did the kid get all that milk? I know my breast was not that full! So after about 4 times of feeding Jakobi in the bed, having him “spit up” a gallon of milk, then having to wake up my husband to get off the sheets so I could change them; I finally got booted to the living-room to feed. Was I feeding him wrong? Did he eat too much? Was my milk bad? Here we go again with the self doubt. I wondered again if I was doing it right. Finally, he kept his milk down and feeding resumed like every other normal baby. If I ever had to go through this again, next time I knew I would feed my child the right way.

Two years later, my husband and I wanted our last child – another boy. Mason, my sweet child. I was 37. I knew how to be a mom again. I had worked out all the kinks on Jakobi and I chalked up my insecurities with Billy to being young. Ha! Don’t you know Mason had the worst crying spells of all. This poor baby would cry from 6 pm to 9 pm every single night … every single night, like clockwork. I tried to let him cry it out, but my husband could not stand it so he would get up and then I would feel bad for not attending to my child properly. I felt I should be able to comfort him, but I could not. I felt like he did not like me. I felt my husband thought I was not a very good mom. I felt silly for feeling this way because intellectually I know my husband loved and supported me, my child loved me unconditionally and Mason just cried like lots of babies do.

It is amusing looking back how desperate and incompetent that such a tiny little thing can make you feel. Each time going into motherhood, I felt secure but all it took was a newborn baby to reduce me sobs. How was I ever going to be a good mom? I read so many books ,researched the Internet, and consulted my friends and family. I learned that what I was going through was normal. Everything would be okay, and I was a good mom. I am a good mom. My boys now 19, 4, and 2 will tell you. They love their mommy. So even though your baby may not stop crying, your infant might not stop spitting up, or whatever torture you feel as if you are going through – it will pass – and you can breathe. You are a good mom. Just by researching “how to stop your baby from crying” you are a good mom.

How To Stop Your Baby From Crying

OH! Here are the tricks I used – do not even know if they worked because I was so tired.

  • Sang
  • Bounced
  • Ran yep mason liked it when I ran in a circle
  • Buy a Moby … I swear by them
  • Trace pictures on their forehead or blow I their face for a few secon of peace
  • Gas x
  • Cry with them
  • Love