Advice On How To Wake Up Your Teenager

If you have a teen in your home, you probably know how quirky and unpredictable they can be. I thought that by already have been through the “terrible teens” with one daughter, I would have been prepared for the second go around. Um. not a chance. I have not had any easier of a time with Caitlin as I did with Chelsea. It is funny though because there are things that drive me crazy that I am still happy to see. When I see Caitlin skyping with her friends or talking on the phone for hours at a time, it means she is liked. It drives me crazy that she eats like a starving person, but that means she is healthy and growing. She sure does bug her brother a heckuva lot, but at the end of the day, they still love each other and are glad for their bond. If there was one thing I had to choose that I was not crazy about would be how hard it is to get Caitlin out of bed. If anyone knows how to wake up a teenager, it is probably with iLuv and one of their amazing products.

How To Wake Up Your Teenager

I made a promise to myself that no matter how hard it was to wake Caitlin up, I would not do what my mother did. We had an alarm clock that only worked about half the time. That means we only got up on time half the time and were late the other half. Mom thought buying another clock was a waste of money so she would put ice cubes or cold water in our beds. So, iLuv to the rescue for the sake of keeping Caitlin from freezing to death each morning! And as I predicted, iLuv came to the rescue with the Vibro II Alarm Clock.

I was already a fan of the iLuv products when I saw them at an electronics conference in January. Their products look smart and are smart and they are one of the leaders in the world for their industry. With the Vibro II, you get more than just an alarm clock that looks great! The clock comes in 4 bright colors and its made for heavy sleepers like my daughter! If the alarm goes off and you do not hear it, you have the Vibro “Shaker” right there to shake you awake! The Vibro II is also a large LED display, an iPhone docker and the speakers have crystal clear sound. We absolutely love the Vibro and I have have not had to wake Caitlin up since we received it. If you have a heavy sleeper or someone who is hearing impaired, this a fantastic product! You can purchase the Vibro II from the iLuv online storefront for $79.99 along with their other many fine products.