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We had been a dog only family for quite a while before we added our cat. Now I cannot imagine live without our crazy feline friend, Cali. It is an interesting adjustment to make when you are used to a dog and how they behave and then a cat gets put into the mix. Dogs are just so different from cats that it took some getting used to. Most dogs are so friendly and playful while cats are more stand offish and watchful. In an effort to understand cats a little better, II went to St. Louis to visit Purina One and learn about their Pursuit Series: The True Nature Of Cats. This journey takes you on an amazing trip to discover what the domestic cat was born to be.

How Well Do You Know Your Cat

It makes perfect sense that Purina One has written a series on what a cats true nature truly is. They decided they were going to get to the heart of the story behind cats and the mystery they have been shrouded in for so long. They wanted to find out where domestic cats originated from, what their behavior was based from and on as well as their genetic ties to earlier species. Once they could get to the bottom of these questions, they could begin to understand an animal that has been misunderstood for so long. It will make you question how well do you know your cat and how you can take the information to learn more about your feline roommate.

The tracing went back to a group of animals called the African Wildcats and with a team of experts, Purina One went on a journey of a lifetime. The hopes for the team was to find out any information that would explain why cats behave the way they do, eat what they eat, interact with each other as well as with other animals, including the human kind! Through videos, articles, infographics and a Facebook community, you can discover the secret for yourself.  You will learn how the African Wildcat behaves in its native environment,  their favorite foods, how they play and their skills needed for survival. You will be caught up in the expedition from the first moment and it will keep you enthralled until the end.

So What Does This Mean To Me?

I took the challenge to start a 4-week program to transition my cat, Cali, over to the Healthy Metabolism food. She was on Purina Kitten Chow, so it wasn’t that much a brand name change at all! I added in the cans of moist food because I learned she gets most of her water from her food. That is why she hardly ever drank from her water dish. I also learned that cats do not like to drink stagnant water. In the picture above she is playing with one of her toys that is to stimulate hunting behaviors. Unfortunately for me, I started this program at 6 am, and now Cali expects to play at 6 am!! Which means by however she can, playing with my toes, biting my nose and even batting my hair while I am sleeping. Silly cat!

Through this program I learned many things about my cat and cats in general that I cannot wait to share with you! I plan on sharing what I know about feeding your feline loved one and how you can make this the best experience possible on my next post. so stay tuned and follow the #TrueNatureOfCats to see what all the buzz is about!


  1. We have four cats and we’re constantly learning about their nature. One of my cats suffered from diabetes for a while. In cats, it’s possible to go into complete remission with the right care. One of the things we did was switch her over to a completely wet diet. I think that, and of course the insulin, helped save her.

  2. Great Post. We don’t have any cats. Used to when we lived on our hobby farm, but just barn cats. Neither hubby or I are much for cats in the house. I like cats, but just not in my house.

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