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How Would You Like To Win A Trip To Paris? #BuddyFruitsSmurfs2

I have been a huge fan of the Smurfs for a long time now. My oldest watched them when as a child and now my two younger kids have also become fans of the little blue folks. I decided to do a little research on the Smurfs as I was not sure where they originated and when. I found that the characters were created by the Belgian comics artist Peyo, which is the pen name of Pierre Culliford in 1958. The word “smurf” is a made up word which came from the French word “Schtroumpf”,  which means salt. Peyo and a fellow cartoonist were having dinner off the Belgian coast and he could not remember the word for “salt”, so he said “Schtroumpf” to his friend and they made it a running joke the rest f the weekend. After gaining popularity overseas, the Smurfs landed in America in 1983 and have become one of the most popular characters in the cartoon world. Now people are anticipating the release of “The Smurfs 2” which reaches theaters on July 31st. To celebrate the new movie, the people over at Buddy Fruits have teamed up with the Smurfs 2 movie to run an exciting new contest! Two lucky families are going to win a family vacation to Paris, where people use the word Schtroumpf” pretty regularly!

How Would You Like To Win A Trip To Paris?

Buddy Fruits is a company that has roots that reach all the way over to France where the people regularly eat fruit from pouches. While a French family was visiting America, they quickly found the fruit pouches they were so used to eating from were not available in the States. The French chef and his family returned to America with as many fruit pouches as they were able to bring. When the American people they met were so enthusiastic about the product, this smart and savvy chef decided to start Buddy Fruits. With Buddy Fruits, a gluten free healthy snack for your family, you will only find 100% pure fruit and nothing else in Buddy Fruits.

You can find Pure Blended Fruits, Blended Fruit & Milk, Pure Fruit Bites, Jiggle Gel, Coconut Milk & Fruit, Superfruit and Apple Chips.  Buddy Fruit comes in a mess free, easy to squeeze pouch in flavors like Apple & Multifruit, Apple & Banana, Apple & Strawberry, and Mango & Banana. Some of the Buddy Fruit products, which can usually be found in the produce section of most grocery stores, have been Smurfified, like their pure blended fruit and fruit smoothies. Not sure where to find a store nearby that carries the delicious Buddy Fruit brand? Just use their store locator to find a store in your neighborhood. Head over to your nearest grocery to see what Smurftastic Buddy Fruit products are available. So, how would you like to win a trip to Paris? Entering for a chance to win a trip valued at over $5,000 is very easy. You just need to head over to the Buddy Fruit Facebook page where you can enter the Paris contest as well as weekly prizes of yummy Buddy Fruit products and other Smurfalicious prizes. While you are on the Facebook page, be sure to use the fun app that allows you to Smurfify your photo! What are you waiting for?

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