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Hydrate Your Skin In Summer From Laura Mercier Review

Hydrate Your Skin In Summer

When it gets hot outside you need to hydrate your skin in summer months.  I tend to get really dry skin from the chemicals in the pool and all the other toxins we are exposed to, so I need a good lotion to keep my skin soft.  The one pet peeve I have about using lotions on my skin is that many I have tried don’t seem to absorb completely.  You know you haven’t used the best lotion when you need a towel to wipe away the excess lotion that your skin couldn’t soak in!  The other problem I have when buying over the counter lotions is all the bad ingredients many of them contain.  I read the ingredients on my lotion I have been using and I couldn’t pronounce half of them!

Laura Mercier, my new favorite go to for beauty products has been hard at work adding yummy products to her line.  I have had the pleasure to review some of the Mercier cosmetics and they are just awesome!  If you don’t know about Laura Mercier, she is a make-up artist and creator of cosmetics that are used by Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker and many other Hollywood stars.  Laura was raised in Provence, France and after spending time in painting school, she decided she wanted to take her artistic talents to the art of make-up application.  After moving to New York in 1985, she began working with such clients as L’Oreal, Maybelline and Glamour and worked closely with Madonna for her signature look.

All Natural Skin Care

Laura Mercier has done it again with her new all natural skin care products.  I recently had the opportunity to review the new Almond Coconut Milk Body Butter ($35.00) from Laura Mercier and it is heavenly!  You know that smell you get from certain sun tan oils that make you feel you are at the beach?  That is how divine this body butter smells and it feels so good!  No more wiping excess lotion because my skin just drank this amazing product up! This decadent moisturizer is filled with Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil and Jojoba which work together to make the best lotion I have EVER used!  The Honey and Aloe Vera soothes your skin and it makes your skin feel silky smooth.  Thank you Laura Mercier for creating yet another fantastic product that not only smells good but is good as well.

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