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Hygiene For Kids: Tips To Get Them Motivated

As a parent, there are so many things we are responsible for when it comes to our kids. I was always great in school, so I am sure if my kids had come with a book, I would have nailed this parenting thing! Since they did not come with instructions, often we wing it and hope what we are doing works. I am fortunate to have kids who like school and excel in their studies, are athletic, kind hearted and extremely funny. The one area I have struggled with is when it comes to hygiene for kids. Caitlin is almost 15, thinks boys are dumb, and is a bit of a geek. She is much too busy with her fan fiction, playing guitar and playing Minecraft  to be bothered with her personal care routine. Henry has autism, so he has a lot of sensory issues, making many of his hygiene tasks tough for him. I have a really hard time getting him to brush his teeth and hair, take a bath or change his clothes. I have been looking for some ideas to help them get more motivated to keep up with their personal care routines and I wanted to share a few I found.

Hygiene Tips For Kids

  1. Brushing Teeth: This is a really hard one for Henry because his gums are extremely sensitive. Our dentist suggested letting him try 2-3 different toothpastes to see which he likes best. He also suggested using a softer toothbrush, even if we need to use one meant for younger kids. We found a soft musical toothbrush and he really loves that. The song is timed so he knows if he brushes the entire song, he has done it properly and he will earn a star.
  2. Changing Clothes: We have found Henry is more likely to change his clothes if he is involved in choosing them at the time of purchase. He loves cartoons, Minecraft and other video games, so if we can find shirts with those graphics, he gets excited about wearing the different shirts each day. Each day he voluntarily changes his clothes, he will earn a star, and when he earns enough stars, he can turn them in for a new video game.
  3. Bathing: Like many kids with autism, Henry is not crazy about the water, so getting him clean is tricky for us. He refuses to take a shower because the water hurts his body, so a bath is the way to go. I discovered if I can find something fun for him to do in the bathtub, he is more likely to get in. When I was offered the waterproof Splash Jack Royal playing cards from Winning Moves Games, I knew they may be just would get Henry excited about taking a bath. When I ran his bath water and he saw me dump the cards in, he jumped right into the bathtub! We played Crazy Eights and in between hands, he washed himself and I helped him with his hair. He had such a great time he actually asked me if he could take a bath the next day, which has never happened before!

I am a big fan of Winning Moves Games as is evidenced by the many product reviews I have written over the years. One of the most recent was the “Interesting Facts About Board Games You Didn’t Know” review I did over the holidays. One thing I love about Winning Moves is how the are always looking for new, unique, innovative and fun games kids and their parents to enjoy. They have a ton of classics on their website like Clue, Monopoly and Twister as well as puzzles, card games and more. They have recently added the innovative Splash Cards line to their inventory. In addition to the Splash Jack Royal cards we received, you can also find the Splash Pal cards which help build memory and math skills, the splashimals  or the Splash Pals cards. All the cards are lightweight, washable, waterproof and they float! Your kids can play with them in the tub like Henry does, at the pool, a mud puddle or anywhere between! The cards sell for $16 per pack and can be purchased from the Winning Moves website.

We also received the newest version of one of our favorite games, Jenga. In the new version, Jenga Throw ‘N Go, you get a box full of 52 of those familiar wooden blocks in 3 hot new colors. If you remember, the traditional Jenga had you create the stack and then players would take turns removing the slender blocks from anywhere they chose and place it at the top of the structure. The first person to knock over the stack would be declared the loser. With the newest version, you now roll a die which directs you to remove a particular block or the play could be reversed and make another player remove one or even worse, two blocks. We had the most fun playing this new version of Jenga. The kids and I were laughing so hard, we had tears streaming down our faces and our bellies hurt! Just when you think you have the game nailed, you get stuck removing two blocks and the whole tower comes crashing down! Or at least, that is what my experience was! You can purchase Jenga Throw ‘N Go from the Winning Moves website for $16. One USA reader will win all 4 packs of Splash Cards and Jenga Throw ‘N Go ARV $90.

What is your tip for motivating your kids with their hygiene?

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