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I travel a lot with my family, and then also a lot on my own. I just cannot stand being stuck in a car with nothing to do with the heaviness of all the work that I have to get done weighing on my shoulders. It seems my job is non-stop and I always need to be on top of things. However, play time is very important! What a conundrum. I do not want to neglect my family by working so hard all of the time, but I need to work to accomplish my goals I have set.

I decided that a play vacation once a month was necessary to make sure our family has fun as a unit and gets out of the house. So, how do I accomplish both very important missions I have for myself? I snatch moments on the internet when my family has down time. Times like when they are napping in the car while we are driving or when they are running back and forth on a field during practice. I can accomplish a ton on my phone, but I like to type on a full keyboard. I usually have posts I need to get out or business proposals to write, and I need a full screen to make sure that I am not making mistakes.

This is why I was over-the-moon when I discovered the wonders of tethering and a mobile hotspot. Oh! How the world was opened up to me. I am now able to work in the car on my laptop and I can even take pictures of my kids and post to Facebook before we even get home! I can also save money by not having to pay the $12 logon fee for each airport I travel through – which seems to be too often and sure adds up.

Setting up the hotspot only took seconds and once I was connected I was amazed by how fast the data came through. I was expecting a long wait time while the page loaded because after all, I was connected through a phone connection and not my super fast cable. I really am impressed with the load time and did not get aggravated with waiting like I thought I would. Before I was a Verizon Ambassador and sent the HTC Incredible 4G LTE, I had never experienced tethering (where you connect with the cable) or hotspotting (connecting wirelessly) because I was always leery of the connection speed. This is a feature I know now, I cannot live without and will continue on my Verizon service.

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New “Safely Go” Safe Driving App by Verizon Wireless
 Verizon Wireless just launched a cool new app that I  wanted to tell you about! The free “Safely Go” safe driving app can be set to answer your calls and texts while you are behind the wheel, so you can keep your eyes where they should be-on the road.

Check out this blog post by Verizon Wireless PR guru David Samberg, for more information.

I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product. *This post was written in my car using my hotspot on the way to St. Augustine


  1. Cool. I thought about doing the same thing, but I read some bad reviews and I wanted to wait before deciding which one to get. I’m glad that yours is working out well for you. BTW, which model are you using?

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