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Today I am ready to see how much I can save with Progressive and the #TrySnapshot program. I have teamed up with Flo and am ready to get rolling. I am actually a little bit scared my rates will go up – I am not the best driver in the world, and prior to being married I had a 7-page driving record! ACK!
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However, installing the device might get me to pay attention to what I am doing since I know I am being monitored. My husband drives mostly when we go on trips so we will actually be in good hands. How is your driving record? Do you travel often? I would love to hear your travel stories.

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  1. My travel story takes place about ten years ago. A friend and I were traveling from L.A. to Chicago in a rented vehicle with our two dogs. Our families were worried for our safety, even though we were independent girls who had each made the trip several times before, and they begged us to take a weapon of some sort. We took her boyfriend’s samarai sword! Still a hilarious memory! I always kind of wished somebody had actually messed with us…! ๐Ÿ™‚

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  2. My mom-in-law had never seen the ocean. On the way to Florida, the grandson got sick. The girl in front sat her purse on the car when they stopped. A long way down the road they realized the purse was gone. She had the money for the trip so they had to turn around and come home.

  3. My vacation story is that I visited my sister in Honduras when she was teaching English there right after college. Being young and stupid we thought it would be “fun” to rent a crusty old pick-up truck and drive across the country to get to the beach area. We finally realized it was a bad idea when the truck started leaking battery fluid and we broke down in a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere. It was a great adventure and a memorable experience, but one I would never repeat!

  4. My driving record is blemished by two speeding tickets, lol. Not good for our insurance rates, so not a good situation there. We have Progressive too, LOL!

  5. My travel story is about an airport mix-up. One year at Heathrow, British Airways lost our luggage before we even boarded the plane! What happened was the woman at the check-in desk sent our luggage down the conveyor belt without putting any of the sticker tags on them. It was too late by the time we noticed. For our troubles, we were bumped up to business class and luckily our bags didn’t stay lost for long.

  6. My travel story is about the Thanksgiving trip when our car really started acting up when we were on the way to my mother’s . My husband wanted to turn around but he saw tears streaming down my eyes at the thought of missing my mother’s cooking . We ended up having to drive 20 miles an hour on the interstate with our hazards on the rest of the time. The trip took hours and hours more than it should. Luckily, my stepfather is a shade tree mechanic, and was able to fix the car the next day. My poor mother had kept everything warm for hours, and it was still delicious ! ! !

  7. My travel story is a crazy one! The first time my best friend and I took a road trip was right after graduation. We put our graduation money together and decided to head out from California and start driving east. We had no destination and no plans. We were so excited to be young and free that we didnt realize we were traveling in 100 degree weather in the middle of the summer, with my old VW cabrio that had really bad/air conditioning. We drove for 12 hours straight until we were both about to pass out from heat stroke. The next morning we woke up feeling horrible and realized that we should turn back. We didn’t though! We were stubborn and drove another 4 hours into new mexico before we realized we should go home and call it a bad trip! It was a horrible trip, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We bonded and learned from valuable lessons along the way!

  8. My travel story is about a recent flight. Our in flight entertainment devices (TV/radio) didn’t work so we were moved to an extra leg room row at no extra cost. Love the silver lining!

  9. My travel story is about transporting two cats across the Atlantic. I was lucky enough to have been bumped up to first class, which on a transatlantic flight is fabulous, but I was so stressed I couldn’t relax. Finally, at about 3am I nodded off, only to be woken about fifteen minutes later by a flight attendant who was shaking me and saying ‘Ma’am, one of your cats is out of the bag!’ She was roaming around the First Class cabin and could not, WOULD not be caught! I was mortified! The situation was especially bad because I am paraplegic, so I couldn’t get out of my seat to retrieve her. The flight attendants eventually trapped her in the Captain’s closet and she spent the rest of the flight there. When we landed I was wheeled to the closet and rescued my poor cat who, by this time, was absolutely terrified and probably wishing she had never snuck out of her carrier! Argh…one of the worst travel experiences ever!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  10. My travel story is the first time my husband and I went on a road trip out of state to visit relatives my truck ran fine the whole way there but on the way back we had to stop every 30 minutes to fix something, luckily my husband was able to fix all the issues it just made it a long trip home.

  11. My travel story is a happy one. I won a trip to Santiago, Chile and Patagonia for 10 days. All flights were on time. Our luggage followed us where ever we went. Beds were comfy. Food was great. Penguins were cute. Mountains and glaciers were fantastic. Truly the trip of a lifetime.

  12. My travel story is about the time my family was headed to Disney World when I was about 11 or 12. My little sister and I were SO excited. About halfway there, my poor sister got terribly sick to her stomach. So much so that we had to pull over on a deserted stretch of road so she could take care of business. Needless to say, we had to turn around and head home so she could recover. We were pretty bummed, but she healed quickly, and we headed back the next week!

  13. My travel story is from my childhood. My parents always took us somewhere during the summer, and I loved it. We didn’t wear seatbelts, and the backseat of the car was big enough for us to lay down (one on the floor on blankets/one on the seat) if we wanted to sleep a bit. We’d stop at gas stations and get snacks and pop in glass bottles out of the old machines they used to have. We took books to read, or a radio with batteries. It was always fun trying to find the local stations! Those were the days!

  14. My travel story is a trip to Bamfield on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The only place to stary was the “overflow” room, which turn out to have a big picture window facing a cliff – not view over the cliff – a view of the wall of the cliff. Bunk beds that wobbled each time the top bed person (me) rolled over, owner’s wet suits in the closet all at the bargain price of $89.00/night. It was an adventure. Luckily the scenery made up for the shortcomings.

  15. My travel story is that in May of 1998 (I know it was a long time ago, but it was a very memorable trip…lol), my husband and 3 children decided to move from Boston, Massachusetts to Okeechobee, Florida!! Yup! We did it very quickly, packed everything in UHaul Truck and drove the truck and our station wagon down. We thought it would take only a few days. Well, it took us 8 day!! I learned that I can not drive at night because I have very bad night vision problems. We learned that our youngest son cant even take a little sip of a drink without having to stop to go the bathroom, and we learned that our daughter gets car sick…….often!! It was a trip that we will all remember and talk about for a very long time, as you can see. Thanks for bring back the memory. We can laugh now, but at the time…… was a very frustrating 8 days.

  16. My travel story is about a trip to Busch Gardens park in Va. with my aunt and Uncle==totally a great place for anyone

  17. my travel story is when i went to new orleans and to cafe’ du monde. they have the best beignets in the world and if you are a coffee drinker, the coffee is so rich and dark and full-bodied and there is no other coffee like cajun coffee! well, after spending a few hours in the french quarter, i decided to get to my car and head home! i live only approximately 4 hrs from new orleans, and i couldn’t remember where i had parked my car! i walked for over an hour trying to find my car, and then had to call the new orleans police department to assist me! gosh, i was so embarrassed, but they helped me to locate my car as they went to every parking space/lot available near cafe du monde! a trip i will never forget–lol1

  18. My travel story is back when my mom passed. It was 2001. She lived in Maine, it was January when she passed. I like in NC. My daughter and I flew to CT where my brothers lived at the time. We then had to drive 500+ miles to get to where she was. When we returned back to CT. My daughter and I were on our way back to NC. Well of course we were emotionally drained. We were on the plane ready to take off, when we were backing away fron airport there was ice on the runway and the plane slide in the ice. We had to sit in the plane for almost 3 hours waiting to leave. That was not fun children crying people getting frustrated. So that was a rough few days on that trip

  19. My travel story is when I was moving back to Idaho from California. I had been having minor car trouble for several weeks. Sometimes you had to jump the battery to get the car to start but the battery tested good and it would only happen once in a while. So I loaded up the car and headed home. Made it all the way to the middle of no where between Jackpot NV and Twin Falls, ID. Car dies. I am close to one of the few houses that were on that streatch of road back then (26 years ago pre cell phone) so I walk there to call for help. No one home. I wait no luck, I see a phone box on the shop wall and check there yea a phone. I call my hubby collect nothing just rings this goes on for hours. I finally call hubbys ex wife who lived in Twin Falls and she came and picked me up. Every time I tried to call home nothing. The next morning I called my in-laws and they found my hubby. Turns out phone company was doing line work and our phone was one of 2 that was left with no service. He came and picked me up changed the battery in the car to the pickup and we drove home. The battery ran the pickup for several more years with no problems and the car never quit again. Go figure.

  20. My travel story is one that happened on our last family vacation. We were driving to Denver to spend the week. Right before we left, I had to take my son to the doctor as he had a very sore throat. He spent most of the 8 hour drive sleeping, and taking meds to feel better. The next day, my other two children woke up in Denver, running fevers and with very sore throats. I called our doctor back home and luckily, she called in prescriptions to a pharmacy there for us. Needless to say, my vacation was spent cooped up inside a hotel room with very sick kids. We did manage to make it out to explore some of the city on our last day there.

  21. My travel story is that I wish I could travel more. The only travel I seem to get is back and forth to work anymore ๐Ÿ™ The last time we did travel for fun was to go to the mountains a couple of years ago and it was so much fun to take the kids and see the sights. We went to the spot where you can stand in four states at once and the kids enjoyed that and the train ride up the mountain.

  22. My travel story is very recent. My daughter was supposed to get married this past August 4, 2012 but they postponed it so my “Best Friend for 41 years, Anne, still flew in from Missouri anyway and she & I traveled from the Beaches of SC to the mountains of NC and felt like we were “Thelma & Louise” having the time of our lives for 2 weeks. We left our husbands home (somebody has to work:) I cherish the time that she and I are able to spend together. TRUE FRIENDS… last a LIFETIME!

  23. My travel story is regarding currency conversions and bad math. My husband and I took a backpack trip through the Greek islands and used a prepaid credit card. What we didn’t account for was the exchange rates of the balance of the card! By the last island we were down to $150 or so to pay for two ferry rides back to the Athens port, plus food for 3 days, plus transportation back to the airport. Luckily our Athens hotel was already paid for. The ferry tickets were around $80 total because we were traveling in the beginning of the season so only the fast expensive ferries were going from Milos to Athens. So now we were down to $70 for food for 2.5 days plus subway to the airport which was something like $6 or 10 each. Guess what?! The hotel required a deposit of about $200. Which we talked them down to $50. Luckily we got to stay there because of hotel points my husband had earned and stayed on a floor with complimentary spirits and food in the mornings and evenings. LOL Now everything seemd smooth sailing until the day before we were to leave, there was a transportation union strike! eeek! So no cheap subway ride. Thankfully, we had that $50 deposit to get back and it just barely covered our ride to the airport. WHEEWWWW! Airline food never tasted so good!

  24. My travel story is one that involves flying. I boarded a plane which was headed to Jamaica, and it was being delayed, so I was allowed to get on another plane. I asked if my luggage would be switched accordingly, and the attendant the “it should…” answer, which was not very convincing. Sure enough, I land in Jamaica and my luggage is nowhere to be found. I got it a few days later. Then, on my way back home, my luggage was lost a second time, and by the same airline. When I got my luggage back again, it was damaged – the handle was gone. Moral of the story = don’t fly with United Airlines!

  25. Won airline tickets to Ireland from aer lingus airlines and booked my stay at a hostel which I had never done before! The whole week only cost me $20.00 per night and I only spent $50 on food which I bought to cook in the kitchen! Great vacation at a could not beat price!

  26. my travel story is just last weekend I had to go to cleveland to see my dad in the hospital.Why did I bring tons of pants and underwear and no shirts.Lol my 2yr old ended up throwing up on her self so I had to go buy a shirt.And they are super expensive in Cleveland.Next time I will remember to bring a shirt.

  27. we’ve developed a plan for traveling to grandma’s house. we stop halfway and let the kids run free at the local amusement park. and then relax in the hotel pool. it’s now part of the tradition

  28. My new husband decided to visit his brother in Green Bay, about 1ยฝ hours away from us. We made sure they would be home and started out and everything went well until we neared the city and I found out he had never been to brother’s house before! My disabled mother-in-law lived here so brother would always be the visitor. We took off with no directions, even no address, just a phone number. So we exited the highway and called brother’s house —- and we were one block away! Awesome!
    And DH is never, ever, ever again in charge of any kind of plans in our house.

  29. My travel story is about going on vacation with my family as a child. My dad, terrified of heights, drove UP the mountains in Colorado, but too scared to drive back down. It is a wonder we didn’t just pitch our tent and stay. None of us were old enough to drive, everyone was crying, including dear old dad. I don’t remember what transpired, but we did make it back down, very slowly….

  30. My travel story is about my BFF and I trying to surprise her 5 year-old son. We took a road trip to Disney but told him we were going to a new zoo. We thought it would be fun to surprise him. When we arrived, he never did believe or get that we were at Disney World. He kept asking about the zoo : ( Eventually he did just enjoy himself but we never had the super excited kid meet Mickey Mouse kinda moment we hoped for.

  31. My travel story is the trip of a lifetime with my best friend – my sister. We spent 16 days together traveling from the East Coast to the Pacific Northwest. While flying out to Seattle, through Atlanta, our plane completely broke down. Due to weather delays, we spent 9 hours waiting to board another plane. We met the most delightful, funny man. After many hours of laughing and sharing travels tories, he gave us his business card. Several weeks later we learned that our “new best friend” is one of the most viewed speakers on TED! Check out and see if you can guess who it is!

  32. My travel story is when we were traveling to WI dells with a big group of people and we had a new born in the car. The trip was suppost to take us about 3 hours to get there but the people we were following took the senic route and many stops. It took us 5 hours with a crying baby in the car to get to WI. By the time we got there I was crying to. Hormones, crying baby, and road trips don’t go together.

  33. My travel story is about flying to FLA to help a friend move to Maryland and then get her to CT for her wedding. It was August and it was blazing hot. We were driving back up north and I had to drive her future husband’s car. It had no a/c and tended to overheat so the best way to avoid that was to keep the heat on! That was one long drive!

  34. My travel story is that I just got married in July and….
    my honeymoon was with 3 guys! lol My new husband, and 2 of the groomsmen– my husband’s son and also my husband’s best friend! These 2 groomsmen are from Europe, so we planned a ‘honeymoon’ that included a whirlwind trip to Yellowstone 2 days after the wedding so they could see more of the U.S. before they had to fly back home to Holland! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. My travel story is that I drove cross country with three other girlfriends without any hotel stops. We stopped at all the state signs, and these pictures made excellent scrapbook pages. At the end of the trip we came back a different route and saw some of the best architecture and sights of the U.S. It was definitely a memorable trip that I will always treasure.

  36. My travel story is a local trip to Blueberry Hill. My husband remembered picking wild blueberries that were plentyful and delicious in a nearby location. He convinced us that it was a perfect short trip for vacation. Out to the sandhills we went to Blueberry Hill. We walked in the hot, dusty sand, and finally reached the blueberry bushes. What a disappointment-we found only a few small seedy blueberries. We returned home, hot, sweaty and tired. From then on we picked on my husband about the vacation to Blueberry Hill.

  37. My travel story is when my sister and I took a two week vacation to Seattle, Vancouver, BC and Portland this past June and paid for the entire trip with our sweepstakes wins! I planned it and made reservations for different fun things, like a helicopter ride over Seattle and ziplining in North Vancouver on Grouse Mountain. Since there were no men with us we could go to the Washington Park Arboretum, Portland’s International Rose Test Garden and the Washington State Salmon Hatchery! We decided to do non-traditional non-touristy things and had a blast! I also volunteered to drive and my sister got to read the maps – paper and phone. Lots of funny stories from that trip.

  38. My travel story is certainly crazy! When I was studying abroad in England I took a trip to Greece to check out all of the historic architecture. On my way to the island of Santorini our large ship (filled with trucks and cars in the cargo bay and the passengers on the top decks) sank in one of the inlets of the Mediterranean Sea!!! Thank goodness all passengers ended up safe, but having to evacuate, crawl on an inflatable “bridge” to a rock and then board life rafts was one of the craziest things that has ever happened to me in my entire life!

  39. My travel story is actually a sad story. When I was 13 years old, my Mom and I went to the beach with friends that we had know forever. We were all supposed to stay a week. But after day 4, my mom decided it was time to go home. I asked why she wanted to leave early, she said “I just feel the need to get back home”. So we left and went home. When we got there my grandmother (my mom’s mom) told us that her mom (my great grandmother) had passed away the night before… but didn’t want to upset us on vacation so she did not call and tell us. My mom just had a sixth sense and knew something was wrong. Well we washed all our clothes that night. Got up at the crack of dawn and drove across 5 states to make it to her funeral. I’m very glad we were able to say our last goodbyes but its a vacation I will never forget.

  40. My travel story starts with an old 1951 Chevy that needed an engine job so badly that we had to check the gas and fill it with oil every few dozen miles. But it was our only car so we took it on a trip from Vancouver to the British Columbia interior. Needless to say, that was a bad idea! We were a few miles from the nearest town when it finally gave up the ghost – we had to call for a tow, hitch a ride in the tow truck, then take a train to get back home!

  41. My travel story is once my boyfriend and I were hanging out and he wanted to surprise me by taking me to a spot he used to go to when he was younger with his family. We got there okay but that’s where things turn a wrong turn-Literally! We took a street we thought was one that would bring us back to his house but we kept going and going. And going and going. Until we ended up in a town nearly an hour away! o.O

    Definitely an ooops story, but a fun one ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. My travel story is when my husband and I went to California and we were in the mountains near Shasta. We drove around the windy mountain on the kind of mountain road I had only seen on tv up til then, one twitch and off the mountain we would go. We made it to the top of the mountain and decided to take a walk around to check things out. Crazy as it is we began to undress and next thing I know I have my shorts around my ankles and he is running for the car yelling, bear bear! he jumps in the car and locks the doors on me. I was so scared and then realized he was laughing. Jokes on me. I went from calm to terrified to laughter of embarrassment. What a memorable day, there was not a single emotion that I did not experience all in a days adventure in the mountains.

  43. My travel story is when my husband and I went camping one year in Montana. He wanted to try a different area to camp that was more in the wilderness. I let him pick the location. As we were driving the road began to get a little rougher then it turned into a dirt road. As the trip got a little rougher, I asked if he knew where he was going. We kept on driving and finally we are driving into an area that is in the middle of the wilderness and I wouldn’t even call it a road. He kept on going until there was boulders in the road. He finallly stops and I look at the map. It was not a road at all, it was a service road for snowmobiles. Needless to say that was his last time picking the location without my help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. my travel story is our worst vacation. We travelled through through 8 states, stayed with several family members visited a clinic for an ear infection (son #1), an ER (on the road) for pneumonia (son #2) , and my husband ended up with bronchitis and I came down with pneumonia, too.

  45. One of my most memorable car trips was when my mom packed up some of the kids (there were 7 of us) and drove up the California coast for a day trip. She assigned each of the kids a task. One kid was in charge of keeping Mom beverage and snack-happy. One kid was in charge of the radio. And my little sister, the youngest, was in charge of the map. Occasionally my mom would ask how far until the next city or town, and my sister would check the map and reply with “one paw” or “two paws” which meant the length of one of her teddy bear’s paws. This was the beginning of our family tradition of measuring distances on maps with bear paws.

  46. My travel story is that when I was younger, my grandmother, brother and I all drove to Florida. On the way, we kept seeing signs for an “amazing attraction” called South of The Border. My brother and I were very young at the time and got excited every time we saw a billboard for this “magical” place. When we finally arrived, we were completely disappointed it. It was just a gift shop with lots of chintzy souvenirs! We walked around the place for about 5 minutes and then hopped back into the car. We lovingly renamed it “South of The Dump” and haven’t been back since!

  47. My travel story is about our first vacation with our two children, ages 3 and 5. My youngest son was almost potty trained but still having trouble with number 2. I think we found every bathroom in the town because he kept having false alarms. Mostly we walked back out of the bathroom with no luck. My oldest really just wanted to catch a fish. We spent hours fishing with again, no luck. It’s a good thing our resort had a pool area with an awesome slide because we all had a blast splashing in the pool. It’s the simple things in life, right?

  48. My travel story is my life actually. We travel 8 months of the year for my husband’s job. we go all over North America. We fly some and drive some depending on the distance. Thankfully, my husband drives mostly. I sleep as often as I can. LOL!

  49. My travel story happened many years ago when I was 5 months pregnant with out first child. We decided this would be out last opportunity to take a “just the two of us” vacation so we decided to take a 3 day vacation to LasVegas. I wasn’t a fan of flying but got over that fear. We landed in LasVegas and before disembarking the piloting kindly informed us that it was 108 in Vegas and they were experiencing the highest humidity in their history. Not good news to a pregnant lady. Especially seeing we had flown into a charter airport and the luggage carousel was outside. While waiting for our luggage I became deathly ill and after many minutes had passed by we finally retrieved our luggage and headed to the hotel. By this time I had almost dehydrated and spent the first night of our vacation in the hotel room ill. Needless to say it wasn’t a great vacation and we have never returned to Vegas. We did get to gamble some and see a couple of shows. Haven’t been back since. My advice don’t go to Vegas in the summer pregnant!!!!!!!!

  50. My travel story is when I was a teen traveling home from work on 95 I was cut off by someone. I jerked my car over to avoid hitting them and ended up in a tale spin. Did a 360 on a 6lane highway. I got control of the car and everything ended up okay. I could not believe it. Just recently a drunk guy hit me. Thank god he just rolled out and tapped me. I called a cop over who was directing traffic. He lifted the man out of the car. There was a bottle of vodka on his floor board. Coming home from work can be interesting!

  51. My travel story takes place in London, England. We lived over there for a year in 1988. We did a lot of travelling while we lived there. On one of our many roadtrips we decided to visit Wales. Our car was called a Rover and it was pretty old- made probably in the late 60’s early 70’s. The first day into our roadtrip, our car stalls going up this huge hill in Wales. Thankfully my dad was able to get it stopped before we rolled too far down the hill. The next incident happened the following day when we were driving through the rocky hills. My dad must have run over a rock and we got a flat tire. This was way before cell phones. Thankfully, we got the flat tire right in front of a farmhouse and my dad was able to use their phone. To end a long story, we had to take the train back to London because they couldn’t get tires for our car because it was so old. My dad had to special order them in London and take a train back (with the tire) to Wales to have the mechanic put it on the car. At the time it was a major pain but looking back now I am so happy to have these special once in a lifetime memories.

  52. My travel story starts at my friends baby shower in Rhode Island. That week my husband and I got the news that because of his cancer as a teenager he only had a 1% chance of getting me pregnant. In other words we had to have IVF in order for us to get pregnant the doctor told us. Being at her shower we were both happy for her but sad because we could not afford the IVF treatments and didn’t want to go bankrupt trying to conceive. Our baby was not to be. A month later after going to her shower, we got the news that I was pregnant. The doctor told us that there was always a possibility that it would happen the old fashion way. Our daughter just turned 12 months old and this past weekend started walking.

  53. My travel story is relatively the same every time I travel ๐Ÿ™‚ Being partially blind, I cannot drive, so I take the Greyhound bus every time I visit friends or family. One year, in winter, some roads were icy and some buses broke down. I ended up spending two extra days, sleeping in cold bus stations on my way back home! That made six days spent on the bus & in bus stations that winter ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. My travel story: I have a daughter who has lived in a few spots all over already. When she was living in St. Louis, MO, we wanted to go visit her, along with another daughter and her FOUR kids. All under 5 years old. My husband had this “great” idea to do this drive from MN (near Minneapolis) to St. Louis, all in ONE drive, AT NIGHT. He thought oh it’ll be just great, the kids will fall asleep while I drive. I did not like this idea ONE BIT, we usually began trips at 4 AM, they did nap until breakfast then. Then we’d quit by 4:30.

    Well………………….the kids did NOT SLEEP the night away. All I heard was moaning and crying. The baby kept screaming so we had to stop a lot. This became a NIGHTMARE. My hubby has made me insane with stuff like this- I refuse to do driving marathons anymore with him. We did stuff like this when we were 20 but I’m done. The daughter and mom of the kids even admitted well that was a bad idea.


  55. My travel story is when I was about 8 yrs old, my family was driving home from a vacation at a cabin by a lake. My brother, who was 9 at the time, loved the outdoor critters & decided to bring home a souvenir from the trip — a snake & a frog. As we were traveling down the highway, my brother suddenly started screaming at the top of his lungs. Unfortunately he didn’t know enough not to put the frog & the snake in the same shoe box. As we approach the one year anniversary of my Dad’s death, I will forever remember with a smile the memory of him on the side of the road, trying to pull the frog out of the snake’s mouth. It was definitely a “daddy” moment in time.

  56. My travel story is last summer we went on a road trip from Texas to California hitting a bunch of sites along the way. We were going from the Grand Canyon to I think it was Yosenite (or Sequoia – I can’t remember anymore – mommy brain). Anyway the trip was supposed to take around 5 hours. We started followin the route the GPS was giving us and it took us through the mountains. A 5 hour trip ended up taking around 9 hours through twisting and winding roads with a few stray cows in the middle of the road coming out of a twisty turn! I’m so glad my dh is such a great driver and was able to avoid them! Myon the oter hand had to sleep through most of it becasue everytime I woke up, I started to get ar sick! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  57. My Travel story is about our trip to the Grand Canyon. Last year I was taking my 2nd oldest off to live in Flagstaff for college. We planned on having some last minute fun and visit the Grand Canyon. This was going to be a very sparse supply kind of trip. We flew in from Spokane. I had a cooler filled with our 2 sleeping bags, the tent also fit inside. The tent poles stowed niceley in my luggage. We had a wonderful 2 days and one night in the canyon and took so many pictures and made lots of great memories. This proves that you don’t need to bring everything but the kitchen sink to have fun. Just snuggle a little closer and enjoy the ride!

  58. I remember when I was around twelve years old going home after a family trip at my grandparents home in Brazoria, Texas. My father was driving on the highway and it had been pouring down raining . He would slow down then return to speed limit several times. After a few times of me feeling car slowing I asked him what he was doing driving that way. My mother told me not to bother him at that time cause he was busy paying attention driving. I was kind of upset until about ten seconds later the car in front of us starting hydroplaning and flipped over three times and landed right side up in the center medium. That is a lesson I will never forget. I never bothered him again while he was driving nor anyone else for that matter. I am a very good driver and always pay attention to my driving and others that are on the road with me.

  59. My travel story is crazy! My husband and I went on a very long, long road trip a month before we got married. The trip should have taken us about 13 hours to get from North Carolina to Wisconsin BUT we had quite a few obstacles. When we left Charlotte, NC there was a rock slide! The detour was so long, but so pretty. I now dream of going on vacation in the mountains. Hours and hours passed and we were barely into our trip. We got a call from my son’s Dad and we had to pick him up in Mlwaukee, WI! Wow! When will get there?! This just addded an easy 4 hours to our trip. By 5 PM we had been on the road for 12 hours and we were not even to IL! We finally pick up my son at 10:30 PM. It was now my turn to drive. I am the better driver :). I was determined to stay awake and get us home. Two hours later we were finally home. This was on a Sunday. I had to call in sick the next day for work. Even though the trip was way too long I think that this is why we are married now for over 2 years.

  60. My travel story was last summer we went on a family vacation and strapped our canoe on the roof of our vehicle, we left for our vacation (a 8hr drive) once we hit 50 miles an hour the noise coming into the vehicle was unbeleivable, did you watch the Fifa game, you know the sound of the trumpets, the sound of bees, well that’s what we heard for 8hrs the sound of bees,..we litteraly had to scream at each other in the vehicle so we could hear each other. At least we could laugh it off…ha ha ha

  61. My travel story is that just last week I took my boyfriend of four years and brother up to Sandbanks for a camping staycation. As a new driver (just started less than 5 months ago) this was a big deal to me but I got through it safely and we all had a great time exploring the outdoors. During our trip we got to see some new species of caterpillar, go fishing, see the sand dunes, go swimming, cook outdoors, and go hiking. I am so excited already to go on another camping trip next year and to keep improving my driving skills.

  62. My travel story is when i went to the Bahamas. I thought it was going to be a great vacation because of the clear blue water and the wonderful hotel we’re staying at. When i got there, my dreams of the Bahamas were nothing like the real thing. The street were poor;y made, and the only clean place was inside the hotel.

  63. My travel story is from this summer. I was taking a trip from St. Louis to Quebec with my daughter. This was her college graduation gift, so when she wanted to stop at Monticello (in Virginia and not really on the way), I told her that was fine. Needless to say, we had a lot of driving to do. She is really picky about public bathrooms. Our first stop was at a Cracker Barrell to use the bathroom since she wouldn’t use gas station facilities. She got locked in the stall and the Cracker Barrell employee had to crawl under to get her out. The poor woman said she did that several times a day. I’d want more money for that! Anyway, the first night she ate something bad and over the next few days she got used to all types of public restrooms. We never made it to Quebec due to her illness, and I now think that getting stuck in the stall was a sign of things to come.

  64. My travel story is we went to the beach in Delaware for our senior trip, and planned it all online!
    It ended up being a gay beach, which we were fine with, but it was a little awkward!!

  65. My travel story starts in college on a spring break to Tennessee. We actually left Mi knowing that our windshield wipers did not work………Of course in our minds we would never run into rain or snow in Mi…..
    Well lets just say on the the way home after rain, snow, sleet, and a trip into the median of the expressway we decided to take our shoelaces from our sneakers and manually pull the wipers back and forth and back and forth for 5 hours …………..the passenger in the front seat and the passenger directly behind the driver had a great sense of timing to say the least… We actually had a great trip and the four of us still speak of it to this day 25 years later

  66. My travel story is one that my mom has told for years and years. We were at the Royal Gorge on a family vacation. I was about 6. My dad and my older siblings were going to cross a bridge that had “HUGE” spaces between the boards. I started to walk over the bridge with them, but my focus was on that little tiny river at the bottom and I was sure that I was going to go right thru those spaces and fall all the way down there. I got to stay behind with my mom and baby sister! I still do not like heights to this day.

  67. My travel story is, I drove to Roswell, New Mexico to see the alien crash site and go to the UFO museums (but I will rarely admit it in public.) And now here I am, posting it on your blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. My travel story is an important lesson for those traveling to Berlin, Germany. You do not have to pay the .50 to the lady/man (Asian, usually-not quite sure) at the door to the public restrooms in order to get your paper towel and access to the toilet! We sat next to a nice German girl on her way to the States and talked of what we liked and so forth. When this topic came up, she just smiled and told us that the $$ was merely a suggestion (akin to begging, but with a service-sort of) and was not required! Of course we felt foolish. Makes for a good memory!

  69. My travel story is from the year of 9-11. When airline travel came to a screeching halt and was slow to recover, my trip to Hawaii went from a simple 2-leg trip (Phoenix to LA to Kona) to a confusing Phoenix to Sacramento, then LA to Kona, with no suggestion from the airline on how to get from Sacramento to LA in 90 minutes to make my connection. After several hours on the phone, my short trip became a mind-boggling Phoenix to Albuqueque to Santa Fe to Dallas to Las Vegas to San Diego to Honolulu to Kona, and took almost 36 hours as opposed to the original 8. In spite of all this, my trip was fun, I got comped 2 flights, and all my luggage was waiting for me in Hawaii ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. My travel story is a trip from Chicago to Reddington Beach Florida in August 2001with my 10 year old cousin. My air conditioning was out on my car and I’d gotten fixed, at least the dealer told me it was fixed. On the first day we discovered the air wasn’t working about noon or 5 hours into the drive. We rolled all the windows down but then couldn’t hear anything and I was getting a headache from the wind. We stopped at a Walmart and bought 2 clip-on fans that plugged into the cigarette lighter and a splitter that made allowed 2 items to be plugged into the 1 receptacle. That worked for a while but still the heat was unbearable. Since we had a small cooler for drinks and sandwiches and ziplock baggies with ice we started placing the ice bags on our necks, our legs and even had a mini ice cube fight while we were driving. That cooled us off for a while. The second day of our drive the rain hit and with huge semi’s on the road we couldn’t see anything in front of us. I wanted to pull off but road construction meant there was no shoulder to pull off to so I was doing 40 mph on a highway with posted limits of 65-75 and the semi’s were passing us up. We finally made it to the small resort/apartments in Reddington and the office was closed. We went to eat dinner and I kept calling the resort but my calls kept going to voicemail. We found a motel and after explaining my plight to the owner he gave us a discount on the room but I kept calling the place we had reservations. The next morning I called again and the young owner explained that her husband was at school the previous evening and a storm came in and she got scared so she closed everything and went home to her apartment across the street. Seems there was a phone around the corner from the office that connected directly to her home phone but there was nothing explaining that so she agreed to pay for the night we spent at the motel. We had a great time as long as we stayed on Reddington Beach which was across the bay from Tampa and had great breezes but the minute we went across to Tampa the heat in the car was unbearable. Needless to say the minute I got home I started looking for a new car and traded that one in.

  71. My travel story is from when my father and I went down to Florida one year. I was only 14, but I was the one who gave directions from the map. (This was well before mapquest or google maps.) At around 1AM we pulled off in West Virginia to find a bathroom. The signs off the interstate took us to a gas station on a one way road. All was well until we tried to find our way back. It took us over a half hour to find the interstate again! There were no signs or streetlights, and I’ll never pull off in West Virginia again.

  72. We drove to Spokane,Wa from southern Oregon.We being my Mom and I you see she takes a trip up to Spokane every year so she can visit her other two daughters and grandaughter and great grand daughter.I always Volinteer too go with her or to drive her,Knowing that she’s Older now and needs a “Backseat Drvier”too keep her AWAKE!!LOLI Enjoyed this trip because its the first time I Drove,My Car!!She only had to ride..I Sure could use this gas card then maby I could fill my Lexus up and go too see the Redwoods with my son,he has never been and I already think he won’t get the same affect as he’d have gotton if he’d been younger but he’d Love it anyway!I have no Doubt!Thanks for oppertunity!Peace!

  73. I got a ticket when I was a teenage, but not one since…..I love to do road trips, especially camping/hiking ones in the summer or skiing ones in the winter. The only travel mishaps I have had was one I locked my keys in the car and we were10 miles out on a forest service road/no reception. Had to wait for someone else to come and had them drive us to where we could get phone reception.

  74. My travel story is when my best friend and I jumped in the car at midnight and drove (it was just 8 hours) to Los Angeles for a cd. We were going to be going to the Garth Brooks concert and really wanted to know the words to Aint Goin Down Till Th Sun Comes Up, and for some reason we thought that music was released sooner in LA than in Galt CA. So we drove the 8 hours waited for the music store to open only to find out that no cd’s do not come out any sooner in LA. So rather than be bummed we drove back home (another 8 hours) took naps then got up showered got all gussied up and then went line dancing. We finally did learn all the words to the song, I taped it and then played and paused until I had all the words written down. The concert was great and hearing that song now brings back such fond memories ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. My travel story is I always get lost. One trip trying to get back to my sister’s house in Florida I drove so far out of the way we almost got to Georgia.

  76. My travel story is about the time I was coming back from Germany. The plane was late out of Frankfurt and after getting through customs my connecting flight had departed. They put me on a flight to St. Louis which had a mid-air emergency and had to return to Cinncinati. Another flight to St. Louis with a refugee ticket in hand. The next day I arrived in Omaha to see the plane I was originally supposed to be on still sitting there and then finding out that my bag had arrived before I did?

  77. My travel story is… about 9 years ago my son (who was 4 months old) and I flew to Chicago to go visit my sister. It was in October and my son was in the cutest Halloween costume outfit thing. We were about to land and all of a sudden my son had the biggest blowout ever! He and I both were covered in poop. I was so embarrassed and everyone on the plane tried hard not to laugh (and throw up). So much for the cute Halloween outfit.

  78. I drove to Hot Springs Arkansas on a regular Hurricane Evacuation, thinking that it was just the usual. So our evacuation was really suppose to be a short vacation for us. Two days later I realized that I wasn’t going home and that I only had two changes of clothes. However, I had tons of souvenirs.

  79. Pick me, pick me. Your next winner!!! Show me the money! I was on a road trip to go to a white water rafting. I was using both the maps and the GPS. I remembered people got lost and trouble in some off road using GPS . So I rely mostly on maps. I was right, GPS leaded me to off roads several times. It would be a dream come true and means a lot more to me than anyone else to win the prize. Starving artist here desperately needs the gas card to go to work and eat again. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list.

  80. My travel story is from 9 years ago, almost to the day. I was taking a trip to San Antonio from Arkansas with my 3mo old son. I decided to take my mom and grandmother with me and make it a weekend trip. I drove to Sulpher Spring, TX to also pick up my grandmothers sister. She wanted to drive and knew the way and I said that was fine. I am the map reader on trips when I’m not driving (no gps or mapquest directions!). When we hit Dallas My mom and I decided to take a nap. We wake up and we are about 2 hours outside of El Paso! Ended up stopping at a gas station to figure out where we were. Needless to say my great aunt had us a few hours out of the way. By the time we made it to SA and called my great uncle to let him know, he had already called the state police. They were looking for us! Then we couldn’t find the base that my best friends wedding was at and the people at the hotel kept saying there was no such base in the area. Yet that is where her and her husband were both stationed at. After driving around for a while we did manage to find it! It was a very interesting and memorable trip! I can’t wait to see what our FL trip will be like next year! We are driving and it will be me, my son, my mom, our friend and her 19 yo old son (if he can talk her into letting him go too)! Oh, and our pit bull!

  81. My travel story is about one of the times we took the two kids to florida in our 1990 Civic. We drove that car for about 9 years and by the end of its life, we were all really too big to fit comfortably for such a long drive.

  82. My travel story is that I hardly ever travel! I used to when I was younger growing up with my family. We used to go to every family reunion that is held in a different state every 2 years (depending upon who is in charge and where they live). As I got older I have developed this terrible fear of the expressway. This has really limited my traveling. I will sometimes agree to be a passenger, but they have to go around 60mph and nothing more! Seeing Final Destination 2 did not help my traveling fearsโ€ฆ.

  83. My travel story is from when I was a little girl and we drove from RI to FL for a permanent move. We had a great time together, took our time, and ultimately arrived at our new home. It was a really special time and a memory I will treasure forever. There’s nothing like spending several days in a car with your family on a road trip.

  84. My travel story is long, but I will condense it as much as possible. I was taking a road trip to visit family quite a distance from my home. I intended to do this alone but my mother’s friend’s daughter wanted to go…my mom talked me into taking her. We were nearing Las Vegas when I noticed we were extremely low on fuel, we barely made it near a gas station when the car stopped. I looked at my passenger and told her to get out and help me push the car a few feet to the gas pumps. She looked shocked and said, “I can’t push a car!” Needless to say I was a bit annoyed and assured her in firm language that she could and would. She actually felt good when we successfully pushed the car to the pump. ๐Ÿ™‚ She did something she thought was not possible and I praised her efforts.

  85. My finance now hubby took me to New Orleans for my birthday. After we arrived and rented a car, I depended on him (since he was in the Navy) to guide me to the hotel (near the French Quarter). He got us lost (we were headed to Baton Rouge) because he had the map upside down ๐Ÿ™‚ We needed the GPS then in 1998 !!

  86. My travel story is when i was in college trying to come home for my girlfriends prom, i ran out of gas 170 miles from home and had to have my dad come rescue me. Girlfriend thought that was hilarious and never let me live it down! Worked out in the end, I’ve been married to her for 31 years!

  87. My travel story happened just a week ago and involved an airplane and not a car. We arrived at the airport at 11:30 am and boarded around 1:30 pm. Our flight was supposed to take off at 2:05 but was delayed because of bad weather. We spent 3 hours on the runway and had to return to the gait (because of the passenger bill of rights) and get off the plane. We then reboarded and slowly made our way to the runway again. We ended up sitting on the runway for almost another 3 hours while we waited out the storm. We finally took off and had a smooth problem free flight to Chicago. After landing we waited 1 hour on the runway for a gait to open up! It was 11:30 at night before we finally got off the plane and into the airport. We missed our connecting flight and spent the night in the airport (a first for me.) We were able to catch the first flight out the next morning. It will definitely be a long time before I fly again and look forward to hopping in the car for our next getaway!

  88. My travel story is that whenever my cat has to travel in the car with us, he howls and pukes the entire time. It’s going to make our cross-country move from New England to Texas very very difficult >.<

  89. My travel story is about the song Had a peanut that we all had to sing first on day one. The song involves a peanut that rolls on the ground and the boy eats it any way. This song would not only make my mom mad enough to cry but put us in hysterics, She had a thing about food of the floor.

  90. My travel story is that we go on a road trip as a family every year to the Okanagan. Its the one time each year we are all together for a length of time and I love it and so look forward to it!

  91. My travel story is a few years ago my best friend and I took a road trip so that I could get a free car! The deal was that if I flew to NY I could pick up this brand new car but I would have to drive it back to AZ in two days and although we were extremely tired we managed to drive across the whole country in two days and I ended up with a brand new car =)

  92. My Travel Story is when a friend and I drove from Raleigh to the Outer Banks. We both had ended a relationship with our respective boyfriends. We got to the camp grounds just barely when 10 minutes before we ran over pins that someone left on the road. It flattened both my back tires but we found a place to seal it up. We had a cookout and had the seagulls take the hot dogs from our hands. We had a great time for the rest of the trip!

  93. My travel story is that I remember when I was a child we’d go for a drive every Sunday afternoon. We’d go visit friends or family and just drive all over for the afternoon. We kids would often borrow a hymnal from our church and sing hyms while we traveled. I still know the words to numberous hyms that we sing at church.

  94. My travel story is about our annual beach trip. we go every year to Gulf Shores with family and extended kids as always so excited to go we tried last year to leave around 1 am with hopes the kids would sleep the whole way. it was a good idea that did not pan out. the kids (5 and 1 at the time) states awake the entire way! and almost the rest of the day. needless to say, we did not try to do that again lol!

  95. My travel story is from when my hubby, then fiancee, traveled half way across the country to move from AZ to NE. I had never driven anything bigger than my old beat up 87 Ford Ranger yet I somehow ended up being the primary driver of our U-Haul, which was towing our station wagon….Long story short, after running people off of the road and quite a few cans of Red Bull, we made it safely to where we now call home. Gotta learn sometime right? LOL!

  96. My travel story is about my first big trip when I was 21. We drove down to California in a little Honda. We didn’t have much money so we would spend one night in a low priced motel and the next we would sleep in the car in a truck stop….so classy but we had a blast.

  97. My travel story is about our planning our trips out so that we could make long road trips with toddler twins! We would actually start driving at bedtime so the kids would sleep on the way. We’d take turns driving and sleeping and a 6 hour road trip was a non-event even with two two year olds!

  98. My travel story is when we went to Seattle, Wa. We rented a car for a drive up Mt. Rainier. It was a beautiful day in the fresh air. Coming down the mountain, my husband who was a passenger, fell asleep with his face pointed to the ceiling reclining back. He was snoring loudly. My son was driving and saw the “bump in the road” sign ahead. My son gave it the gas, hit the bump straight on, and my husband did a face plant on the ceiling of the car.My saon said “that’s what you get for facing asleep on the most beautiful mountain of the west.

  99. I am awful when it comes to driving on trips! Mostly, because, for some reason, I have to stop every 30 miles to tinkle! I try to go as fast as possible so we make up for lost time…. but I usually get pulled over instead….

  100. My travel story is we drove from St. Louis, MO to Orlando FL with family. It was an adventure. It took what seemed like forever, but was so fun!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. My travel story is while driving home to Texas from visiting family in Ohio, we were pulled over by a policeman in Alabama. Only given a warning about not giving enough passing room, the policeman then asked me a question that almost made me laugh hysterically. My kids, 2 & 9 at the time, were in the back seat. My son (9) is a mini me and my daughter looks very much like her dad. This officer asked me …. “Are those your kids?” After a pause I told him of course. He then posed for pictures my son was taking during our trip. In hindsight, I wondered what he would have done if I had told him…. No, officer, I found them alongside the road and the little one had her thumb stuck out, hitch hiking. So I had to stop…….

  102. My travel story is when a group of friends and i decided to go on a road trip from houston to miami and make a few stops along the way in new orleans and other beach destinations in florida. let me tell u it was a fun and wild trip and some of the stuff cannot be repeated. needless to say we all enjoyed ourselves and can’t wait to do it again.

  103. My travel story was way back when….we had a newer car that forever misbehaved only when I was driving. The headlights would shut off and stay off for a few minutes at a time. It NEVER happened to my husband, and we finally sold the car. TOO scary driving down a rural road with no overhead lighting or headlights!. Good old GM and their electrical issues!

  104. My travel story is that my husband and I just returned from a road trip to Gatlinburg, TN. It was our summer vacation along with my birthday. We had a wonderful time. I can’t wait to return again. The road trip was a perfect way for my husband and I to reconnect!

  105. My travel story is I recently went to NYC to go to blogher12. On the way, at 70mph, I got a flat tire. Pretty scary right? But I got slowed down and we got towed. It was over in about 2.5 hours. Just enough time to make me terribly late to a party, but at least we were all safe!

  106. When I was about 12 we took a “vacation” in our home state “Nebraska. I was so irritated but it ended up being fun. We b orrowed a van from a family friend, took out the back bench seats and put a Full Size mattress in the back. I slept on the front bench seat and the rest of the family shared the mattress. What I remember most was that I got sick the last 2 days of the trip and being sick in the campground bathrooms and also had to stay in the van while everyone went into Pioneer Village. I was so sick I guess I went white as a sheet waiting in line to get into Pioneer Village. It was awful:!

    I would love to WIN your giveaway. =D Thanks so much!

  107. My travel story is the first time we moved half way across the country in the summer it was extremely hot. We were doing okay drive wise, then my son got car sick, in my brand new car…in the middle of the desert. The car was never quite right again.

  108. My travel story is when we were moving to NY from AZ traveling with a moving truck and vehicle – trying not to lose sight of the truck my husband is driving because I have no idea the route or where to go! What an stressful adventure! But we made it!

  109. My travel story is from several years back when my kiddos were still young babies/toddlers. At the time I had a two yr old daughter and a five week old son who was still nursing. I lived in Colorado but was raised in Oklahoma where all of my family still reside. So it has always been important to me to make an annual trip down south to visit and stay connected to my family and friend. But this particular year I had doubts about making the trip since I always make the journey alone. But I decided that there was no way I was going to let having my young children prevent me from being able to see my family and I also wanted my parents to have the opportunity to meet their newest grandson. So the trip was on. I buckled both the children into their carseats and we were on our way. But when we were only a few hours into the 16 to 18 hour drive, my toddler began to express stomach discomfort. Unfortunately we were right in the middle of a mountain canyon with NO exits which had return access to the interstate we needed to be on. So I tried to soothe her and hoped we would make it out of the canyon before she really felt the news to get sick. Well, we didn’t. She was sitting directly behind my driver seat and her carseats, clothes, and entire body was covered in yucky not to mention the back of my drivers seat, floorboard, even my hair was saturated in it. I had no choice to pull over and tried my best to clean everything with my stash of baby wipes, but it did little to help the growing stench in our car. We were then forced to drive an additional 75 miles to reach a gas station which had a car wash with carpet cleaner at which time I cleaned everything (and everyone) as best as I could before completing the remaining 15 hours left of our drive. I gagged the entire way despite my cleaning efforts and purchase of numerous forms of air fresheners to try to mask the odors which had impermeated my entire vehicle. Most miserable road trip I’ve ever taken! I waited a few years after that to make my annual trip and all my kids continue to suffer from motion sickness, so I’ve learned that a bottle of Dramamine is my best friend. : )

  110. My travel story is driving with my family from Houston, Tx to just inside the Oklahoma border to visit my Dad for a week. Hubby and the boys left from there to drive our new RV back home. I stayed a week with Dad, then drove to Amarillo, Tx to visit my mom for another week and then drive back home to Houston – all by myself. It was the first time I ever drove that far. Honestly – I really enjoyed the quiet time to myself!

  111. My travel story is when I was younger and moving myself in a U-haul truck, I ran out of gas (although the tank measured 1/4 full) about 2 hours outside of Nashville at 2am! Almost no traffic on the road and the nearest exit was several miles down the road. A trucker finally stopped to help. Drove me to the nearest town to get gas. I told him I would just get a taxi to go back, but there were none in the area at that time of the early morning hours. He was going to radio another truck driver to take me back but then decided it would be safer to take me back himself. I tried to pay him for all his troubles and more than an hour out of his time, but he wouldn’t accept it. Just asked for my name and if he could call me sometime for dinner. I feel so bad that I lied to him and gave him a false name. I was young, scared and didn’t want to give anyone my real name. Needless to say, that was my last moving trip by myself.

  112. my travel story is that when i was kid ,i could not go anywhere in a car. i would get sick and puck. whenever i did go ,i always had to take a bucket to puke in. the worst travel trip was when i went to michigan as a was 500 miles. i sure was glad to get there. i have grew out of that now and i dont get sick anymore,even when im looking out the side windows.

  113. My travel story is when I was a teenager my family decided to take a trip up CA 1/101 in a RV. Dad had never driven one before so scraped a few mountains on those windy roads. Then came “dumping”. Dad asked me to hold the hose while he turned the crank. I flipped out with the pressure and yep – let go. Needless to say was smelly and messy. Haven’t touched a RV since.

  114. My travel story is nuts! With my husband being in the Army we travel a lot! Which is fun but can be annoying too. Our recent adventure brought us to west Texas. We now have two vehicles so we both drove. I had the pleasure of driving with our 5 yr old chatterbox son and our 10 month crabby baby boy. It didn’t occur to me to trade vehicles with him so he could also share in the “fun” we were having until we were an hour away. Yeah- not my finest moment- next trip he’s driving with the kids alone!

  115. My travel story was a surprise! My hubby picked me up from work and started driving. It wasn’t a special anniversary or anything. I thought we were going out for dinner but instead he took me to a beautiful bed and breakfast for the weekend. He packed EVERYTHING I need for a fancy dinner out, my remade wedding dress, no jewelry, no nylons , no make up and no strapless bra. I was au naturel for the weekend and loved every minute of it.

  116. I drove from FL to NC for my little brother’s wedding and I thought the drive would never end. Traffic was great until I was like 30 away and the highway was like a parking lot…I couldn’t believe. Thankfully I knew back roads to take but I was just so exhausted. I always fly now:)

  117. My travel story is when my husband and I drove 8 hours and four states away with our three month old baby with colic. She cried for hours on the drive and all we could do was TRY to soothe her and listen. It was quite an experience.

  118. My travel story is when my parents and I would drive to Vermont for a vacation in August to stay at an inexpensive cabin near a lake. They would sing, play games with me during the trip and it was always a lot of fun.

  119. My travel story is last year my husband and I were travelling from VA to NJ for a Bat Mitzvah. The trip, which should take 6 – 7 hours took over 12 hours due to road construction everywhere!!!! When we arrived at our hotel, the room was dirty and the hotel was sold out so we could not change our room.

  120. My travel story was back in 1993. I was a sophomore in college & driving to Myrtle Beach in two card with 4 other girlfriends. One of the girl’s father had a timeshare that we used. However, a day or two short of when we due to come back (this was in March – college spring break early time) – all of our parents started calling one after the other telling us a hurricane was coming. They pretty much made us leave right then. We were heading back to Pittsburgh but got stuck in Virginia – literally couldn’t drive any further the roads were so bad. There was a little inn that we stopped at – and all shared one big room. The cable went out and everything. We were stranded there for like 2 days before we could continue on home. Two of the girls helped waitress at the inn! It was very memorable to be caught in the Blizzard of ’93 and it’s something we all still talk about to this day.

  121. My travel story is my best pal and I travelling from NJ to the outer banks of CA with a truck full of gifts and toys to play Santa to a family that was in the midst of some very tough times.

  122. My travel story: I was flying home from Nashville. I caught my first plane no problem, but my connecting flight was cancelled and I had to drive home in a rental car because the earliest they could fly me out of Chicago was after I had to be at work the following day. Four hours of heavy traffic.

  123. My travel story starts when my brother and I were kids, traveling down the Atlantic coast with our single mom. Times being tight, we all slept in our station wagon behind some grocery or gas station. I remember laying in the way back on a twin size mattress, counting the wires or telephone poles or red lights.

    I’d love to take my son on an equivalent road trip down the Pacific coast, someday…

  124. My travel story is: My family thinks I’m joking when I say I got married so I wouldn’t have to drive anymore! I’m not joking! My husband is a much more comfortable behind the wheel and actually enjoys driving everywhere I want to go. I drive if I have to, but I go too fast because I just want to get it over with!

  125. My travel story is I was going to Atlanta from Lexington,Ky. I wanted to travel while traffic was light so I left at 3 am, in a state of sleep deprivation and the dark, I turned right on 75 instead of left,about 225 miles later I realized my mistake and stupidity.

  126. My Travel Story is a short one that ended up a long one.I come from a small town of about 10,000 ppl and I was dreading a trip to Chicago with all that traffic and a kazillon lanes but I had no choice. So I hooked up my GPS and away I went. I got to where I had to be and was ready for the trip home…have you ever had to “in 500 feet turn left” and you find yourself in the right hand lane with 6 or so lanes to change in Chicago traffic! I was alone so couldnt watch traffic and the GPS screen at the same time so I had to depend on the voice directions.The next thing I hear was “you missed your turn,turn around at the next available place”. Well thats easier said than done! 6 miles down the road was my first available spot only I couldnt just turn around there,I just asked how I could get going in the other direction. There is so much more to this story but to shorten it I will just say I think I went thru every suburb there was and what was a 2 hour drive home took me 4 hours just to leave chicago!!I will never willingly make that trip again but if I have to…..I am packing an overnite bag!!

  127. As a child, and being the youngest and most petite of the bunch, when the family packed up the car for a vacation it was not uncommon for me to be “fit” into a hole in back between the luggage.

  128. My travel story is from 6 years ago when I drove 30+ hours from central Florida to Colorado. It was a long drive! Everything went well and there were no breakdowns or anything, but it sure makes you want to stay away from cars for a while! And to think, I’m going to do the same drive again next month! ๐Ÿ˜›

  129. My travel story is from when I was probably 13 or 14 and we were going to Virginia Beach. My parents, my two sisters, and I were on our way south from Ohio when we hit a snag. A traffic jam that lasted more than 2 hours. People were getting out of their cars to see what was wrong. I don’t know that we ever found out, or if we did, I can’t remember. The worst part of this was that we had no A/C in our car and it was the middle of summer. So it was hot, we were thirsty, and knowing us 3 girls, someone probably had to go to the bathroom! I’ll never forget that trip. I think it was the same trip home that we were almost in a tornado driving back! Not good!

  130. My travel story is my boyfriend, myself, and our first born (she was about 9 months old at the time) drove down to his hometown of Paris, TN (we live in Indianapolis, IN). It was a very long drive and I expected our daughter to be upset during the ride but she slept most of the time there and back too. She woke up on the way back when we stopped at a gas station and the light was bright in her eyes. She falls asleep in the car even on short trips.

  131. My travel story is I drove to see some friends in Virginia. We went to the beach and to the lake and had a great time. The trip is a long one, but it was worth it to see old friends.

  132. I dont drive, but when I do travel long distances, it is usually with family. Just recently, I went on a long greyhound bus trip. That was the first time, I have ever done it. It was very stressful.

    itsjustme62613 at

  133. I love to drive any place any where. From Maine to Pa. it’s as far as I’ve been. I get lost alot too but who cares you get to see some sites.

  134. My travel story… We recently drove from kentucky to Arizona, our 3 cats hated the trip, but my daughter collected souvenirs at each stop to remember her trip.

  135. my travel story is when we were driving to California from Utah for my sister-in-law’s wedding, my daughter was only 4 months old. We didn’t want to make a million pit stops so I pumped while my husband was driving so we could feed her in the car.

  136. “My travel story is” my parents and I(I was 15 at the time) decided to go to florida at the last minute by car for the week. We stopped in Georgia to sleep for the night at a motel. When we woke and were headed out the door to go to the car the next morning we were shocked to see my grandparents parked and sitting in the car next to us just about to leave. No one told them we were going to florida and they decided at the last minute also. NOW THATS WEIRD!!!!.. SAME HOTEL,LEAVING AT THE SAME TIME ETC.

  137. I went through a rough patch when I was younger. Every year, three years in a row I lost someone very important to me. The last of these people was my beloved grandpa who we buried on my birthday. The day after I died I was supposed to start a family vacation to Gulf Shores AL. Luckily we were able to finagle our condo reservation to start our vacation a few days later. So, immediately after my grandpa’s funeral on my 25th birthday my hubby, my daughter and I set out on a 700 mile road trip…only to get a flat tire. Again, we were lucky that it happened within a few miles of home. EVENTUALLY, we made it to our destination and proceeded to have an absolutely wonderful vacation. My daughter got to captain a sailboat that we rented out for the day. It was just what we needed ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. My travel story is that I didn’t get to travel this year. Our air conditioner went out so all the money we saved for a vacation had to go toward that. Maybe next year I will have a great travel story to share ๐Ÿ™‚

  139. My travel story is not that interesting, but it used to be. I now safely drive in a 2011 Hyundai Tucson and have Progressive Insurance. I just returned my snapshot about a month ago and saved 17%. Prior to getting the 2011, I drove a 2006 tucson that excellerated on its own and would spontaneously shut off while driving. Corptorate said there was no proof that there were any errors on their part, but after thousands of dollars in car rentals paid by them and the perserverance of myself and mom, it shut off while a mechanic was test driving it. They had to replace my vehicle. This took over 2 years of intense aggravation and nonstop work on our part to prove I didnt drive like a 90 yr old that hits the gas instead of the break – i told them so….now i have a 2011 Tucson Limited with the new body lineup, leather, rearview backup camera, xm radio, dual sunroofs, and most impotantly a safe and reliable car with Progressive Insurance

  140. My travel story is…My husband and I will take little over night trips in the summer, we just drive until we are tired, stop and enjoy where ever we end up. Thanks for the chance for a prize.

  141. My travel story Is a warning!! Don’t travel on Amtrak as you can get stuck far away from home and they do not care what happens to you!! Went on amtrak for my son’s graduation from Navy Boot camp !! We got stuck due to a tornado !! We could not go back to Charlottesville, Va from Chicago for over a week!! Nothing was said other then we can not get you back, because their is no power in West Virgina!! No help with living or any other assistance even offered!!

  142. We recently traveled to Kings Island with 22 Preteens. It was wild, exciting, and way over the top. Gave me a new respect for quiet drives.

  143. My travel story is that I recently travelled to B.C. for a friends wedding. Late (like 11pm) the night before we leave we found out by checking in online that our flight was cancelled. This was my first time travelling to BC and travelling with West Jet. We then had to stay up late to try and re-book our flights. West Jet gave us options but none that would allow us to make our connection in Vancouver. Therefore, we had to re-book with Air Canada, which cost me another $1500 for more tickets (I wasn’t expecting this), in order for us to make our connection. We were up until about 1am and our flight left at 7:30am that morning. Needlesss to say very little sleep. On our way back we found out after checking out of our hotel that our flight was delayed (everything was fine the night before, we checked). When we go to the airport, the seats that we had selected, and paid the fee for, were given to someone else. Not happy. Luckily the actually visiting with my friend, and the touring of Vancouver was really fun! I can’t wait to go back. But I wish the actual getting there part would have been easier.

  144. My travel story is…I get lost very easily, I’m awful with directions. Traveling up north I think I’ve gotten lost at least 4 times ๐Ÿ™

  145. My travel is story is that we always drive instead of fly, when taking trips to nearby states. Years ago we were never sure about paying for the extra insurance on the rental cars. One time we came THIS CLOSE to not getting insurance, but went ahead and got it. We were on the highway less than 5 minutes when a semi-truck flung a huge rock and cracked our windshield! Ever since that trip, we ALWAYS pay for the extra insurance, because ya just never know!

  146. My travel story is years ago, My kids lived in Spokane and I live in Shoreline (Just north of Seattle) I had never driven that far before and I was scared to death. But found out it was an easy drive and I got to this enjoy my granddaughter’sth birthday. She will be 7 this year and they now live in Seattle. Unless I visit my sister no more long drives.

  147. My travel story is the day we were leaving Florida to go home from vacationing, we filled up with gas and our transmission dropped and we had to get towed and stay an extra two days. When the tow man came we had to fit two adults, one 13 yr old and two pomeranian dogs up front with him. The problem was we had planned my daughters 13th bday with her friends for when we got back and had to cancel everything. At least we got to enjoy our vacation and go home with a new transmission for $3000. Ugh. Now we laugh at it and every year we stay clear of that gas
    Hugs Jen

  148. My travel story is love to take short day thrifts and hit some thrift shops and watch the scenery along the way. We have out favorite eating places we like to stop at along the way.

  149. My travel story is… we drive to most of our vacations every year to save money instead of buy plane tickets for everyone. We both have old cars, so its nerve wracking on what ‘might’ happen on our way there and back.

  150. My travel story started in July of 2005, when my husband’s company went bankrupt: We lost our home to foreclosure, so we packed up the car and hit the road; we’ve lived in 9 states during the past 7 years, moving whever creditors came after us.

  151. My travel story is about my family’s trip from California to Louisiana last year. We hopped in my convertible and drove from the coast of California to southeastern Louisiana. On the way, we had many enjoyable experiences. We saw the Alamo, The Guiness Book of World Records Museum, a memorial to Davy Crockett. We had the chance to dine in some really great restaurants that we never would have known existed if we hadn’t taken this trip. At one of the restaurants, I even took a picture (we documented the trip with lots and lots of pictures) of what looks like a ghost!

    For my kids, I think the most memorable thing about the trip was the chance to stay in hotels. They love doing that. For them, it’s like the ultimate luxury and treat. For me, the best part was having the chance to expose us all to so many wonderful places that the United States has to offer and to build many wonderful memories for my family.

  152. My travel story is on our way up in Northern Michigan on a snowy road a deer ran out into the street right in front of us. We had to swerve but we did not hit the deer. They do a lot of damage up there.

  153. My husband is a Truck Driver and when I go with him on the road, I am always seeing wrecks and people driving carelessly,maybe because we go through so many big cities, I seem to pay attention more to my driving habits after we return home,I had the plug in with progressive a few years ago I seemed to just break even with my good driving discounts and the monthly fee for the plug in box I just broke even.I hopw that maybe things have changed and they have gotten the program in order now and it can save you money.

  154. My travel story is that when I was 16 my parents, brother and I hooked a tent trailer up to our van and drove across the US during the summer to the East Coast, going through AZ, New Mexico, Oklahoma, etc. to Florida, then up the East Coast to New York, up into Canada, then back down across the US through Montana, the Carolinas, Utah and back to the West Coast. I didn’t want to go because I was 16 and didn’t want to be seen with my parents. But after the trip was over I was glad I did because we saw so many amazing things that I know I would have never been able to see otherwise! ๐Ÿ™‚

  155. My travel story is that I pretty much just drive between my house and work. I’ve never really gone anywhere and never had an accident. Pretty boring, I know.

  156. My Travel story is about a trip to Venice. The hotel where we were staying had a fire and we were evacuated safe and sound but the best part was seeing the arrival of the bombadieros (fireman) speeding to the site in a fireboat. Then after the fire was extinguished, 2 of them walked us up 3 flights of stairs with flashlights to get our belongings….what a great memory of Venice!

  157. My travel story is about years ago, driving to AZ from Arkansas for my brother’s wedding. We took I-40 and when we were pulling off the interstate in Elk City OK our CV joint broke. We were stuck in Elk City for 2 days waiting on the car to get repaired. I didn’t think we’d ever get to Mesa AZ! We finally got there, went to the wedding, had a huge celebration and no more problems after that.

  158. This spring we went to Florida to Disney which was suppose to be the best trip our family ever had but turned out to be the biggest disaster ever. My husband ended up in the emergency room because he had pneumonia and my kids ended up not feeling very well either. I was the one that had to do all the driving and driving in Florida was so hard I got lost so much. It is so frustrating when you get lost.

  159. My travel story begin in good ol’ SoCal with a hubby of almost 11 years, 5.5 year old daughter, a 3.5 year old son and a 8 month old baby! We drove…yes drove 5,033 miles round trip to attend a wedding in Chicago. It was crazy…maybe even ambitious by what we heard, but it was surely memorable. Lots of crying,whining, laughing and questions of when are we going to get there and how long till the next stop and I need the pottie where thrown left and right. But with all that we can’t wait till next years trip!

  160. My travel story is about cooking food on the engine. We have traveled cross-country (NY to WA and back) twice in the past 3 years. On the most recent trip, we decide to use the heat from the engine to heat some food, so that we could limit of costs and still eat hot meals. We removed the plastic-like access panel so the food had heat and wrapped the food in heavy-duty foil to protect it (and the engine). We mostly did this with hot dogs, but we also made egg sandwiches this way. I had scrambled and baked some eggs in muffin pans and cooked up some bacon before our trip. On the trip, we heated up the eggs and bacon (I kept them in the cooler until we used them the first morning of the trip) on the engine and then added them to English muffins and a slice of cheese. Due to the fact you can not ensure a high enough temperature to thoroughly cook raw ingredients, I only suggest using the engine to re-heat foods, not to cook them.

  161. My travel story is when I tried to go from Virginia to Pennsylvania (to visit family) only to end up in Delaware by accident. I tried to make the journey for the first time on my own and took a wrong turn on the very confusing DC Beltway and ended up in Delaware. I didn’t even know I had went the wrong way until I saw the ‘Welcome to Delaware’ sign. I ended up just getting gas and coming back home. I haven’t tried it again on my own since.

  162. My travel story is when I used Yelp to check out a hotel before we made a reservation. The one review on Yelp made the hotel sound pretty good, but it was a totally different experience when we checked in. It must have been someone who worked for the hotel who posted the review because the place is horrible! I made sure to write my own accurate review to warn future potential guests.

  163. My travel story is when on my way to Florida with friends our FIAT broke down in North Carolina. It was late at night and the gas station couldn’t get parts till the next day. We wound up waiting for four days, but turned our vacation into a fantastic party in North Carolina.

  164. My travel story: We decided one year to take our 3 kids to branson ,Missourri,,We packed our stuff and 3 kids in my little car for a 8 hr trip,,at 10 hrs going we got a flat tire, at 11 1/2 hrs going we had a car sick child and had to stop at every rest stop for her to catch her breath ,,finally at 13 1/2 hrs we arrived..Moral ..Never plan on a 8 hr trip with 3 kids,,,hahhah.Flying next time.

  165. My Travel Story is…going to the grand canyon there is this stop on my way called Bedrock! LOVE this place it looks just they way you would imagine the Flinstones land looking like ๐Ÿ™‚ it helps I live in AZ and already had that part of the landscape done!

  166. My story is….My family of six were driving to the beach, bikes loaded on back of van. It was pouring down rain. All of a sudden, traffic started slowing as there was construction and the lanes very quickly narrowed down to one lane. I looked in my rearview mirror, and all I saw was a line of cars slowing down behind me and a tractor-trailer tried to slow down, and as he did, his truck folded sideways and he kept skidding sideways, knocking all of the cars behind me , one by one, into each other. Thank God, the car behind us just tapped us as we were near the end of the line, but it was such a scary sight to watch cars being taken out one by one by this huge 18-wheeler.

  167. I have very little travel experience, but have recently traveled by train for the first time. It was an experience to say the least. The train was late and overbooked, and there was a funky smell in the air. It was definitely a trip to remember, but I got there in one piece. I can honestly say I’d rather have gone by car, but you don’t know until you try, right?

  168. My travel story is that we haven’t been able to get away as much as we would like to. However, we did have a weekend trip to Gatlinburg, TN this spring. I think the off seasons are the best time to enjoy cheaper hotel rates and smaller crowds at local attractions.

  169. My travel story is known as the “vacation from he&$” in my family. I was elementary school age, and we were trying to go skiing for Christmas. I came down with strep throat right before we left, then we lost mine and my sister’s luggage off the top of the car in a downpour in the middle of no where in Kansas. Then it was so cold it was miserable to ski and then several minor injuries while skiing. Lesson, when the world says “stay home”….listen!

  170. My travel story is one of seldom occurrence, but long in duration when it occurs. I just got back from an 8 hour trip to Twin Cities, MN from Chicago.

  171. My travel story is about when my sister and I took a road trip to Atlanta, Georgia…for no reason, other than to get away! We had fun on the way down, stayed in a nice hotel, went to the zoo and some other nice places, BUT…when it was time to leave, the oil pan broke on the car. We had to bring the car to a mechanic, and while it was being fixed, we decided to sit on the stone wall outside. Five minutes after sitting, my sister started screaming and running around the lawn, and STRIPPING HER CLOTHES OFF! “FIRE ANTS! FIRE ANTS!” She was getting chewed up by a whole army, all over her body, including inside her pants! They didn’t even touch me and I was only ONE foot away from her! So, we went in the Mechanics bathroom, and made sure all the ants were washed off of her poor backside. She cried and complained the entire drive back to New York, because she had bites and blisters all over. Poor sis.

  172. I love to travel and LOVE doing the driving except for major cities. I get out on a straight road with little travel I enjoy myself so much it’s unreal!!

    • I meant little traffic…and I have a spotless driving record-not even a traffic ticket and I have been driving for 38 yrs.

  173. We haven’t traveled much in the past couple of years, but we have fond memories of our trips to Georgia and Tennessee in 2008 and 2009, as well as our last trip to Nova Scotia, Canada to visit my family in 2005. Would love to go on another road trip now that the children are even older.

  174. My travel story is about the fantastic cruise we had touring Europe. We visited Barcelona, Nice, Cannes, and Rome. The architecture in Barcelona was breathtaking. The food especially the tapas and the Cava wine made our trip even better. People were very friendly and very helpful in directing us to different areas. Our cruise was very smooth sailing so I was happy there was no turbulence. We enjoyed it so much we want to do it again.

  175. My travel story is that my husband and I took a 2-week vacation this year for the first since we were married 19 years ago. We drove to see my family and we drove to see my husband’s mother and then to see the kids and grandkid. All in all, we ended up driving for over 60 hours on our trips. We had good visits but it was nice to be home and not have to get in the car for a few days!

  176. My travel story is that I am from south west country Virginia and we were vacationing to New York and around 5 o’clock traffic I was driving through new york and it was INSANE! I almost had a panic attack from all the people cutting me off!

  177. My travel story is that I remember going to the beach (we dont have beaches here). It was a wonderful experience going 5 hours away from home. I like to look at the scenery to and from and just relax. We experienced different foods that we wouldnt normally eat.

  178. My travel story is never drive a lemon truck without an unlimited bank account to deal with all the various incidents and misfortunes you will come across while going from point A to point B. I take the bus now or unhappily walk in the heat…I am still an unhappy gmc sierra 4×4 diesel ex owner.

  179. My travel story is when I flew into San Diego for a vacation, and went to get my car rental. We traveled in the car we rented and we traveled from San Diego to Los Angeles. While we were driving at highway speed, one of the tires went flat! No one was injured, but when we pulled over on the side of the road, and went to check in the back of the trunk for the spare-THE SPARE TIRE WAS FLAT! We were mad! It tool over an hour to get air in the tire! A good samaritan helped us or we would have been stranded even longer! Oh, by the way did I tell you it was 95 degrees outside! We were not just hot, we were hopping mad!

  180. Don’t get out as much as I’d like with my schedule. Last time I left, I got up first thing in the morning after working til midnight. Drove 8 hours to see a concert. Slept in my car. Then drove back the next morning so I could be at work that night. Concert was awesome and totally worth it!

  181. My travel story is that my husband and I discovered on our honeymoon that Chicago is a terrifying place during rush hour!

  182. My travel story is that we don’t travel as much as I’d like. We did get a good vacay in this summer to Schlitterbahn and float the river but with so many other commitments travel just isn’t top of our list. But my driving record is pretty good ๐Ÿ™‚

  183. My travel story is that I have never had good experiences in Chicago – but a Disney event in June lured me into trying again. While this trip wasn’t as dreadful as some in the past, it’s definitely not “my kind of town” – but we stopped at the Fort Wayne Zoo on the way home, which was awesome! So next time, I think I’ll just go to Fort Wayne and consider that far enough west for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  184. My Travel story is i have been across the country numorus times driving and miving but i must say when i lived in Colorado and we drove to Las Vegas it was awesome and the scenery was so beautiful for the desert also incrediably hot. I remember going through a short part of Utah and wondering if we were ever going to there it was a short trip about 12 hours of driving, i recommend do not wear flip flops and drive as i was so uncomfortable from it but when you pull into Las Vegas from looking at nothing but desert scenery it is pretty amazing .

  185. My travel story is when I drove from northern Illinois to Florida to start a new life. I didn’t know anybody in Florida; but leaving all the problems behind was well worth it. Now living in Florida for 3 years now I could not be happier .

  186. My travel story is from back in 1995! I was a junior in college and it was the end of the winter semester (May). My hubby had just lost his job and I wasn’t due back to work on campus until mid-June! We had just inherited some money and after paying off all of our bills, including our car, we decided to take a 100% unplanned vacation to FL! It was a secret and still is a secret from our familys because they would have wanted us to save that money. LOL We spent two weeks at a cheap Days Inn hotel across the street from the beach and an short drive to Orlando. We were the only guests in the hotel all week and had the pool and hot tub to ourselves. It was the best vacation ever!!! It didn’t rain once and we went to Epcot, Sea World, and Universal Studios. It was amazing!

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