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iD Gum Is Kinda Amazing

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Advantages To Chewing Gum

Are you a gum chewer?  I think for the most part either you are or you are not.  We have always been a family of gum chewers.  We have just always enjoyed the taste, and the fact that it prevents you from putting other things in your mouth, such as snacks.   There is now documentation on all the advantages to chewing gum, such as enhancing your memory, reducing stress and tension, helping with weight loss, and more.  What can be one of the most enjoyable components of chewing gum is the variety of flavors.   Gone are the days when there were just spearmint, mint, and bubble gum flavors.  Now, the variety of flavors just got a little more confusing with the introduction of iD Gum by Stride.

Unique Gum Flavors

What exactly is iD Gum?  Each pack of gum is rather rare since each pack features artwork by an emerging artist.  Each pack is a unique creation based on the artist who designed that specific pack.  Not only is the pack design exclusive, but it also had unique gum flavors.  The flavors are injected with other flavors.  There are three flavors in all:

  • BerryMelon: Which kind of tastes like berry, but also tastes like watermelon.
  • Peppermint: Which tastes like peppermint and a little something else.
  • Spearmint: Which tastes like spearmint and a little something else.

One other unique feature of iD Gum is it has a magnetic closure so all your gum stays where it is supposed to stay – inside the pack!

Now that you are introduced to iD Gum, let’s talk about iD Arcade.  ID Arcade can be downloaded from the App store for Android from iTunes for your Apple gadget.  You will be able to play the games from that point forward, but if you want to play any of the previous games then you need to unlock them by purchasing a pack of iD Gum and scanning in the pack is scan your gum pack.  New games are released each week.  The next game release date is October 16th.

You can find Stride iD Gum at Target, Walgreens, and most other retail chains.


  1. I didn’t know there was so many advantages to chewing gum. I love gum but I can’t chew it too often. I tend to kill the gum by putting all my frustrations into chewing (stress n tension release) and end up with very sore temples and a headache. It’s a great ‘quit smoking’ aid though.

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