Make A Family Trip Fun
My family and I are planning to visit our relatives in Ohio and I need ideas to make a family trip fun.  When the kids were little, we could count on them to sleep most of the way there.  Now that the kids are older, they don’t sleep much on a road trip!  I am great at packing for a trip, but when it comes to entertaining the kids, I am at a bit of a loss.  I decided to do a search and find some good tips on keeping the kids occupied for our long road trip.  If you too are traveling this year, you may find some useful tips as well.

Ideas For A Family Fun Day

  • Music: There is nothing like singing like a rock star when you are in the car. It seems there are two places you get a free pass on not being able to sing; the shower and a road trip! Get the family to make a list of their favorite songs and make a compilation for the trip.  Don’t forget to bring your charger!
  • Games: Pack each child their own special trip bag filled with their favorite indoor games and toys. For Caitlin, we always pack a lot of paper, crayons and markers and her jewelry making kit.  She can go for hours creating pretty pictures and when she gets bored with that, she will read one of her favorite books.  Henry will play his 3DS for hours, so if he has enough batteries and games, he is good to go.
  • Snacks: To save money as well as cranky passengers, you need to pack food and drinks to keep their bellies full.  I have a little collapsible cooler for their drinks and yogurts and their non-perishable foods go into their lunchboxes. This makes it easier for the kids to grab a snack whenever they want instead of pulling over a million times during the trip.  I found a great company that sells the best lunchboxes that are perfect for a road trip.  Yubo has designed a lunch box that has plenty of room, is durable and can be individualized for your child.

Cute Lunch Boxes For Kids

Cute Lunch Boxes For Kids

If you are looking for cute lunch boxes for kids, I think the best choice would be Yubo.  These lunch boxes are BPA free, dishwasher safe and can be recycled.  The lunch box comes with 3 separate containers, has a custom built ice pack and interchangeable face plates, which you can have customized with your child’s name.  We received Orange Lunchbox with the Jungle Fun Faceplate Set and Henry’s name ($39.90) and the detachable drink holder ($5.95).  I love how sturdy and well-constructed the lunch box is. The plastic is nice a chunky, the illustrations on the faceplate are bright and cheerful and the containers inside are the perfect size to pack a well-balanced and healthy meal.  With a huge variety of colors and graphics, I am sure you will find just what your child you fall in love with.  Henry will not get in the car without his Yubo lunch box and has now made his sister very jealous that she didn’t have one!

One reader will win a Yubo lunch box in their choice of color/theme, ($29.90-$39.90), based on availability

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  1. Orange Lunchbox with PERSONALIZED Under Construction Faceplate Set is my favorite. It would be for my little grandson my daughter adopted in February and his daddy is a crane operator.

  2. What a great way to organize lunch. I have a cousin who ois not getting much for Christmas because he mother left and her grandfather doesn’t have the resouces this would be a great a present for him.

  3. Pink Lunchbox with PERSONALIZED Fairy Princess Faceplate Set. This would be Great for my Autistic Daughters school lunch as she can not have any of her items touching another

  4. My son is a bit older, but still takes his lunch in a lunchbox. I think he would either like the blue lunchbox with the photo faceplate (so we can use a picture of his choosing) or the one with the military (i.e. camo) faceplate.

  5. My favorite would be the pink personalized fairy princess! My Daughter would want to even sleep with this LOL

  6. They are ALL REALLY cute! I love the fact a child’s name is on it 🙂 Nothing worse than sending something to school and ….SURPRISE nothing comes home!

  7. The green lunchbox with the PEACE faceplate (the one with the rainbow) is my favorite. Tied very closely with the grey lunchbox with the Lil Monsters faceplate!

  8. They’re all so cute, but I especially love the pink lunchbox with the personalized cupcakes faceplate set 🙂

  9. My favorite product is anything that makes my life easier without making clean up a nightmare (such as hand mixer). This looks easy to use and quick to clean.

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