Dog Basket For Arc

I have to start this post out with a preface stating this has been the hardest post I have ever had to create. Not for lack of content, nor for lack of love of the product, because I have plenty of good things to say about Milk Bone, Pup-peroni and Milo’s Kitchen as these are already the brands of treats my dog already enjoys. The problem is that they (the kids and dog) enjoy them TOO much and EVERY chance they had they were thwarting my creation and photography of said creation. I made this gift basket, then re-made this gift basket probably 4 times.  I started it on Friday and the Animal Refuge Center would not be open for delivery until Monday. I seriously considered doing a drop-at-the-front-door donation, but I knew the animals would eat it up. (or any rouge children in the neighborhood cause it seems these are really tasty treats!)

Mason likes Pup-Peroni

This Milk Bone Trail Mix, Pup-Peroni Mix Stix, and Milo’s Kitchen Homestyle Treats Gift Basket was created for the Animal Refuge Center in Fort Myers, FL. The Animal Refuge Center is a corporation whose purpose  is to promote the adoption of spayed/neutered pets into responsible homes, to provide outreach veterinary assistance, to provide interim shelter and medical care to homeless, injured or abandoned animals, to provide community education and public awareness as to the needs and care of animals, to develop an advocacy program on behalf of animals and pet owners in the community, to alleviate suffering animals whenever possible, and to uphold the philosophy of non-euthanasia of any healthy animals accepted to the shelter. That is why we chose to support ARC, because they are a no-kill shelter once an animal is accepted, but to be able to keep accepting animals, they need help. So, I figured I would buy a little more than fit in the gift basket to help them out! It is a good thing considering how many times I remade it.

Shopping Trip

Walmart carries so many varieties of dog treats covering the whole aisle. I brought my boys to help me out, but they were to busy looking at the fish at Walmart. It is kind of like a trip to the pet store with the convenience of a grocery store all in one.

Walmart Fish

Once I was able to get them focused on our task at hand, Jakobi spotted our Boston Terrier on the Milk Bone Gravy Bones next to the Milk Bone Trail mix. Of course we bought both. With the low prices at Walmart, it was easy to get everything I needed plus some.

Milk Bone Trail Mix

I think we ended up getting one of everything on the shelf!

Top view of Basket

This is the top view which is stuffed to the top, side, back and underneath of Milk Bone biscuits. I unwrapped all of the Pup-Peroni meat stix out of all of them my favorites were the Pup-Peroni Mix Stix. You can see in the picture below how they have real bits of egg in them. Unfortunately, they were my two-year-old’s favorite too which made trying to get a picture or tie them up for the gift basket a little difficult. Every time I turned my back the little rascal had a Pup-Peroni stick in his mouth.

Pup-peroni Mix Stix

The Milo’s Homestyle Kitchen dog treats come in a variety of options to tantalize your dog into doing fantastic tricks. My dog Fenway is a Boston terrier with very short legs, and he learned a trick for the Milo’s Homestyle Kitchen chicken meatballs. That bugger of a 26-pound-dog hopped from the floor, on to my leather sofa, on to the kitchen bar, over to the kitchen counter and grabbed the bag. Then he took it to his partner in crime, Mason to open it. Do these people (yes Fenway is people) not understand I am trying to create beautiful things? These pictures were takes after I remade the gift basket for a third time. I did not plan on opening the Milo’s Homestyle Kitchen chicken meatballs or the Milk Bone Trail Mix, but Mason and Jakobi had other ideas. So, I turned lemons into lemonade to show you how good they actually look. Tasty enough for my kids, so now I do not have to make dinner! Just kidding!

Milos Kitchen Chicken Meatballs

You can see the bits and pieces of Milk Bone Trail Mix above. Each piece is real beef, rolled oats, and sweet potato to make the very cute idea of doggie trail mix. Well back to the creation of the gift basket masterpiece. I unwrapped each Pup-Peroni Mix Stix packaging and tied them in bundles of six with gold curling ribbon.

Pup-Peroni Mix Stix

Then I laid the open bags in the basket bottom, so the ladies at ARC would be able to repackage them for freshness if they wanted to.

Basket Lining

After I finally got everything arranged neatly, I placed the basket on the floor so I could take pictures in the best light. Bad move…it was the beginning of the end of gift basket #2. Fenway had the scent which lead to the chicken meatball fiasco above. Since he is  a beloved member of our family and are truly a better family for having him, we let his antics slide. He is patient, kind, and lets these crazy kids of mine tug on his ears, pry open his mouth and try to ride his back without a complaint. Then at the end of the day, he shares his love, licks, and even his treats in return. Fenway is a irreplaceable part of our family.

Fenway smells the dog basket

Now, I know I should have stopped him, but I had my camera and well…. it gave me an excuse to take more pictures and re-create the basket.

Milk Bone Is a favorite in our house

Finally, this is the final basket that I made.

Final Gift Basket

When we arrived at the Animal Refuge Center, Jakobi helped me carry in the box of the extra treats.


We were able to tour the outside facilities and learn a little about the animals that were kept here. The dogs are kept in fenced in areas like these puppies here. You can find out which ones are up for adoption and follow along with the happenings at ARC on their Facebook page.

Puppies at the animal refuge center

All of the areas the dogs are kept have air conditioned houses with their own beds, so they are free to choose if they want to be in side or outside. This is one of the “houses” the dogs share.

Houses at ARC

If you want to adopt a dog like this cutie below, you can call  239.731.3535.

Cute Dog

If you like this adventure of my children, Fenway and the dog treats, you can see the whole journey on my Google Plus album. You can find Milk Bone on Facebook, and at Twitter @milkbone and @pupperoni. I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™. #CBias #SocialFabric