Game Day Superbowl Party

Does anyone else husband forget to tell them things? Not little things like I tried that new restaurant for lunch, it sucks. But larger, more inconvenient things. Like “Hey hunny, it’s Super Bowl Sunday and you’re going to have 6 large hungry men invading your living room for an entire afternoon. P.S. There aren’t any groceries in the fridge.” Yes, it happened. No it’s not the first time. You would like with all of my Pinterest pins and recipes bookmarked I would have been able to concoct something, anything last minute without needing a trip to the store. Wrong. After shooting a couple of death glares my husbands way – not that he noticed – I ran across the street to our local CVS.

They have  a bunch of new snacks  and edibles at part of their Gold Emblem Line, available at 7400 locations. How lucky for me?! Their new line has nuts, trail mix, pretzels, candy, crackers and cookies – staples for any Super Bowl party! Even better, their products are MSG free. After a quick shopping trip I was back at home. I love that CVS never has long lines so I can get in and out without a problem.

Back at home I poured my finds into bowls and set them out for the guys. It’s amazing how cute little serving bowls make things look put together. Super wife had struck again. My husband was grateful and I was glad that I didn’t have a group of large, hungry men invading my kitchen. The guys never new I was unprepared and all’s well that ends well. Plus, I did owe my husband. I can’t remember how many times he had to run across to CVS at odd hours while I was pregnant to fulfill my craving for the Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews. They are so divine, they practically sustained me through my last pregnancy. No wonder Mason has such a sweet tooth.