Online blogging can be personally rewarding and a source of side income. While you can’t rely on your blog income to pay all your bills at first, the extra money will help you save. After you’ve planned your blogging strategy, check savings at Money Supermarket so you can make your side money go further.


Content is the key to your blog’s success. Blog income is often generated from advertisements and placed website links, but you need readers to visit your page for these items to work.

Identify your audience and what topics you’re good at writing about. Generally, you’ll focus on areas of your personal knowledge and interest. Writing a blog on technology trends, for example, won’t work if you don’t know enough about technology.

Once you’ve picked a subject, narrow down your content and gauge your audience to find a focus. A blog on latex paint might interest you, but you may have trouble finding a solid audience for it.

Research other blogs and forums to see what topics in your content pool draw attention. Be careful with popular topics, as you might have stiff competition for readers. Try putting a different spin on popular content if you’re going with a hot issue for your blog.


Placing advertisements on your blog will generate income. You can choose from different types of advertising, such as pay-per-click, pay-per-impression and contextual advertisements.

Pay-per-click earns you money each time a reader clicks on an advert on your blog, while contextual adverts work with your blog’s theme. Experiment with the different advertising types to see what you and the readers prefer.

Check the rates and availability from all the advertising partners, such as Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. Each partner has different requirements for bloggers and varying levels of compensation. You may have to maintain your blog for days or months before you can join some advertisement programs.

When you’re placing adverts, consider how the reader will see the advertisements. If your blog is full of adverts or the reader can’t navigate your webpage easily because of them, you’ll lose your audience.

Link Placement

Strategic link placement is another way to generate money from your blog. You insert text that is actually a link to another webpage into your blog post. When your readers click on the links, you earn money.

If you decide to use link placement, make sure your content has quality and the link text fits into your post. You will lose readers if the text doesn’t fit your blog.


  1. i would love to make a blog and make money from it and host giveaways i just dont know if i would be any good at it or where exactly to start

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