kids tree house

Building a tree house can be one of the most memorable and meaningful experiences that a kid can have, and sharing in that as a parent is a huge joy. Whether you have acres of trees to choose from or have to build a platform for your project, there’s just something so cool about building your own space high above the ground. While the tree house of your youth may have been rather simple, today, the only limitations are those of your imagination. Maybe you’ve seen the Animal Planet show Treehouse Masters? Pete Nelson’s creations are more miniature works of art in the sky than they are simple play areas for kids. Whatever you are envisioning, we have some amazing tree houses to show you. Maybe they’ll inspire you to build one with your own kids. Or maybe they’ll inspire you to build a tree house for yourself — we won’t judge.

tree house in woods

Rustic Beauty

Nestled among a grove of trees and built with reclaimed wood, this one has a rustic feel. The entrance to this charming abode is made especially inviting with a lighted bridge.

treehouse kids

Stylish Sky-High Playplace

This eclectic Victorian-style design by James Curvan is equipped with everything a kid could possibly want: a sleeping loft, a climbing rope, bridges, and even a slide.

treehouse bridge

All About That View

A rooftop deck creates the perfect place for kids and adults, alike, to bask in the beauty of the natural surroundings and enjoy a picnic, or simply relax and watch the sunset.

Imaginative Design

Built in Denver, Colorado, this rustic design features unique architecture, with hints of Alice In Wonderland. I particularly love the stairs to the loft. Even the living room is a well-appointed retreat.

Unique and Luxurious

Including both slides and a flat screen TV, there is nothing more a person, young or old, could ask for! The thatch-style roof adds a ton of character. Don’t forget to make your tree house a home with comfortable furnishings and decor, like this living room which includes comfy seating and a television.

For more design inspiration, head to To see more treehouses, check out my portfolio.

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