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Indoor And Outdoor Playhouse For Kids From Beezer Playhouses Sweepstakes

Indoor And Outdoor Playhouses For Kids

I have been on the lookout for indoor and outdoor playhouse for kids.  I have had a specific structure in mind, but I just couldn’t find what I wanted.  I didn’t want to spend the money on the outdoor plastic playhouses because I am not sure they are worth the cost.  I tried one of those flimsy cardboard playhouses, but the kids had it bent up and broken in just a few days.  Living in the south, we get some weird weather!  Over the past 2 years, we have had an unusually high number of storms, tornadoes and power outages.  With the weather being so unpredictable, I knew I needed to find a structure that could be moved quickly.  The other reason I wanted to find a suitable structure was for Henry to decompress in.  With his autism, sometimes all the activity in the world is too much for him and he needs a quiet place to re-group.   Have you ever poured vinegar on baking soda and it bubbles up like lava from a volcano?  That is kind of what Henry is like when he gets overstimulated.  If I don’t find a quiet place for him, he is bound to blow and it is not pretty when he does!

Beezer Playhouses is the creation of Ben and Julie who wanted kids to have a place to be creative, imaginative and to have lots of fun.  They knew they wanted something that would not only foster a child’s creativity but was well made as well.  Unlike the thin cardboard playhouses on the market, Ben and Julie designed the Beezer Playhouses with sturdy plastic windows and a working door.  The inside of the house is a blank canvas for your child to decorate to their heart’s content.  Ben and Julie were incredibly intuitive when they made sure the structure could be put together easily so the kids could help mom and dad build their new hideout.  With your Beezer Playhouse, your child has over 200 brightly colored and whimsical stickers to decorate with.  The Beezer Playhouses are 100% recyclable and for every playhouse that is purchased, Ben and Julie contribute $5 to local children’s hospitals in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.  You can double your chances of winning a Beezer Playhouse by visiting their homepage and enter their contest.

Cool Hideouts For Kids

With the Beezer Playhouses, your kids are sure to have one of the cool hideouts for kids in the neighborhood!  When the Beezer Playhouse ($174.99) arrived, the kids could not wait to get started on putting it together.  With the easy to follow instructions, my husband and I were banished from the construction site and were told the kids were in charge!  The playhouse pieces are very sturdy double thickness cardboard and are printed to mimic a real house.  The structure is put together with “Beezerbits”, which are cleverly designed interlocking plastic pieces that keep the playhouse well put together.  The door looks just like a real door and it even has a “lock” for privacy.  The entire set up took only 15 minutes and the kids were ready to go!  The instructions say the playhouse can be taken down in 5 minutes and we were able to test that within a few minutes of having it put together.  It started to rain and we had to take the playhouse down and take it in the house.  Yep…take down is about 5 minutes and to set it back up took less than 10.  The kids have decorated each side; Henry with his boy stickers and Caitlin with her girl stickers.  We have had the playhouse for 3 days now and the kids have spent virtually all their spare time in the playhouse!  They have put a lamp and their art supplies inside and have been working in their “art studio” ever since!  I cannot thank Ben and Julie enough for such a wonderful product.

One reader will win a Beezer Playhouse ($174.99)

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  1. Thank You again for having such an amazing giveaway! I can’t wait till it arrives! Such a neat thing to be able to give to my kids. I can’t thank you enough for helping me do that! Thank YOU!!

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