stylish trendy handbags

If you are a handbag addict, as so many women are, then you will love the stylish trendy handbags created by Inlite Bags.  Having a passion for handbags, and shoes, is a problem all us girls must own up to.  But the way handbags are evolving makes it so hard to resist.  The Inlite Bags are created with revolutionary LED light up designs, which makes these handbags a must have fashion accessory.

Stylish Trendy Handbags

They are incredibly functional with the help of an interior light.  All you do is open the bag, press their logo and the light pops on!  There is no more digging around for keys or your favorite lipstick.  The light functions on AAA batteries so all you need to do is replace the batteries every now and then to keep the lights fully functional.

Handbags with lights inside

Inlite Bags by Shannon Munoz, who is a former Marketing Manager for Hurley, just launched in October 2012 for the Holiday season.  They introduced their company with a collection of bags designed for both women and men.  You can choose from a variety of styles of handbags, as well as a backpack and messenger bag.  All of these styles are very innovative, plus both the backpack and messenger bag offer a padded compartment for a laptop.  You will enjoy their versatility as well since some of their styles can easily carry you through the day or evening.

It seems they are setting themselves up to have a great 2013.  These bags make a great gift for that special someone for the upcoming holidays.  They are on the cutting edge, functional, and stylish. They are affordable as well, but without lacking in quality with prices ranging from $75 to $95.  They currently have a patent pending on the lighting technology.  Also, since they are still so new they are still exploring additional categories.

To shop their store visit the Inlite Bags website.  You can also keep up with their latest news and information by “liking” them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.