Insect Repellent Gear

Insect Repellent Gear

After living in Florida for more than half my life the need for insect repellent gear is a must!  I have lived mainly on the West Coast of Florida from the center of the state down to South Florida where I have been for about 10 years.  The Everglades is our neighbor, living out in the country bugs come with the territory but the mosquitoes are really bad.  More so in the rainy season than any other time, some are so big they could probably pick me up and carry me off for dinner (slight exaggeration but you get my point).  We are a very active outdoor family we go camping, hunting, fishing and riding ATV’s.  I was so happy to have the chance to review a few products from Insect Shield.

Mosquito Protection

I take mosquito protection for my family very seriously and try to avoid bites at all costs.  Insect Shield is EPA registered and repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, fleas and midges.

“The Insect Shield process uses a proprietary formulation of permethrin in a patent-pending system, and the resulting repellency is so tightly bound to the fabric fibers of each garment that it lasts through 70 launderings.” 

Insect Shield was kind enough to send me several products for review including Insect Shield FTC Work Socks ($16.95), Insect Shield Bandana ($9.95) and Insect Shield Baseball Style Hat ($18.95).  My husband was excited to see the package arrive as it was perfect timing for him to mow the lawn.  He got all dressed up and headed out to mow with peace of mind that he was being protected from the crazy bugs in Southwest Florida!  He was very happy with the socks, hat and bandana saying that they were very comfortable.  He came in free of any bug bites and was one happy guy!  My favorite feature about these products is that they can be washed along with all of our other clothing.

Insect Shield has wonderful variety of apparel and gear for work and play.  They have professional apparel, work wear, flame resistant, casual wear, outer wear and tons of accessories for men, women and youth.  It’s great that they have so many options for insect protection, I look forward to getting some apparel for the whole family so we can be protected while we are camping this summer.  Check them out on Facebook!

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