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iPad Accessories For Kids Tablet Teddy Bear Review

iPad Accessories For Kids

I have been searching the Internet for iPad accessories for kids, my oldest daughter is 4.5 yrs old and is constantly wanting to play on my iPad.  She hides away in her room under her train table (its her secret fort) and props her hands on her face to watch her movies.  When she comes out of her black hole she has red splotch’s on both cheeks from leaning on her hands.  It has to be uncomfortable for her.  I was so happy to  have the opportunity to work with Tablet Teddy Bears on a review of their new product.  I received their pink swirl tablet teddy bear with backpack.

Ergonomically Designed Products

Ergonomically designed products are so important especially for kids because you don’t want them starting out in life with neck, back and eye strain amoungst other things.  The Tablet Teddy Bear sits up on its own and has flexible arms/legs that wrap around your tablet and hold it securely in place. The anti skid tummy helps to hold the tablet in place. My daughter can view movies hands-free so no more propping herself up on her hands and getting red cheeks!  The backpack that comes with the Tablet Teddy Bear is great for storage of the tablet when you aren’t using it.  It’s fully padded all the way around and has adjustable straps so it can fit on the Teddy Bear or on my daughters back. The backpack attaches into place on the back of the Tablet Teddy Bear and has a very nice carry handle.  This item is perfect for traveling with your kids in and out of the car, plane or at the house.  The Tablet Teddy Bear and backpack are made from the same fabric and is really soft and colorful.  Her new companion “Sprinkles” accompanies her everywhere we go, its nice to know my iPad is protected while its in her young hands (funny how it was supposed to be my iPad but has turned into hers…the things we give up for our kids)!  You can purchase a Tablet Teddy Bear for $49.99.

Tablet Teddy Bears also carries the Tablet Bean Bag which offers storage for your tablet and hands-free viewing.  It comes it several patterns and colors.  Check them out on Facebook!

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